Masters of spiritual science have classified sighting into three categories; 
1. To have knowledge
2. To observe 
3. To know the reality of certitude. 

When we contemplate upon the process of looking in the mirror, one realizes that the person who is looking at his reflection in the mirror, is only aware of the presence of an image that is similar to him. However, he is oblivious of the properties and characteristics of the mirror. He, on the basis of this certitude, is looking at himself in the mirror. This state is termed as to have knowledge of the certitude i.e. he has accommodated this knowledge that he is looking at the mirror.

If the viewer has the knowledge that he is viewing his own reflection in the mirror but is ignorant of the reality of the mirror and that of the reflection then this is the state of viewing the Exact Truth. 

In contrast to this situation, if the viewer happens to know the reality of the mirror, the reflection and that of himself i.e., he is viewing what the mirror is displaying after accommodating his reflection within it; then this is a state of awareness of the reality of certitude.


The brain on the left side is the conscious mind and the brain on the right, is the unconscious mind. As long as something is in the conscious mind, though it exists, it cannot be preserved for long and tends to slip into oblivion. But when something surpassing the conscious mind enters into the unconscious mind it is registered in the memory by the support of understanding and sagacity.


When the creative process is witnessed through the inner sight, our physical being appears to been encased in six covers of light, layered one upon the other. Three of these are made up of visible lights (Roshni) and the other three are of invisible Divine light (Noor).
These six layers of light are,

1. Compound Light
2. Simple Light
3. Absolute Light
4. Compound Noor 
5. Simple Noor
6. Absolute Noor


1. Child’s Conscious + Parent’s Conscious + Conscious of ambient surrounding = Individual Conscious
2. IndividuaI’s Conscious + Consciousness of Historic Events and happenings = Ancestral Conscious.
3. Ancestral Conscious + National Conscious = Adam’s Conscious.

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