According to the holy books, the best way to obtain peace is not to become angry and not to become vexed over anything. Do not fall short in your efforts and do not keep an eye on the results. Study the laws of life in which the nations on earth live. There are no defects in the laws of nature. Everything is totally dependent on time. Things work and act as time impels them to do and act. As soon as time detaches itself from the object, the energy in the object ends. All parts of the body remain, but energy does not. Time is the display of power. Power is energy and the center, and this center is introduced as “nature” in the holy books. Nature is such a central point that all people in the universe are attached to it. Existence and non-existence are both swallowed up in it. When a human finds his relationship with this central point and the relationship with God, then all his expectations concerning this world vanish. When this happens, then the cheerful and happy life starts around him, and the eye of death looks at him as loving mother and asks his permission before coming closer to him.

  • ATOM

It has been said that this world has been destroyed a number of times, specifically it has been said that it has been destroyed sixteen times and then repopulated afterwards. Beautiful, colorful, and decorated with gardens, attractive snowy mountains, and crystalline waterfalls, this world, which is the home of the beautiful sun and rays of the moon, is now under the threat of forty thousand atomic bombs and stands breathless at the edge of death. What kind of development is this, that we have made a volcano our destination? In the end, the enchantment of this kind of development will vanish. This has happened before. Those nations that were unaware of the formulae of existence and non-existence were removed from the earth and now no one even knows about them. Just think of it! Destruction is perusing us, and we are all too happy to give the name of development to this destruction. One day the people who are responsible for this development must realize that atomic weapons are not development but instead are the blazing kiln of mankind. The billions that could have been used for the betterment of mankind, have been wasted in the hands of these hostile scientists to develop nuclear weapons. Now one will come who will give us freedom and he will convert this deadly enchantment into ashes so that human beings can live a happy and peaceful life.


The waves that work in the conscious mind are triangular in shape whereas those that work in the subconscious mind are circular. The movement of earth depends on two types of motion. The motion on one side is called linear movement, and the movement on the other side is called rotational movement. Thus, when the earth moves in its orbit, it does so linearly at an angle, but in rotational motion it moves like a top. The linear motion is triangle whereas the rotational motion is a circle. There are three types of higher creatures on our earth: Humans, Jinns, and elementary Angels. In the creation of man, in terms of the fleshly body, the triangle is predominant; in the creation of Jinns the circle is more important, and in Angels the circle is even more predominant than in the case of Jinns. Humans have two aspects: the predominant triangle and the subdued circle. When the circle overcomes the triangle in a person, then that person becomes aware of Jinns, Angles and other creation settled on other plants. Not only this, but he can also communicate with them. The linear motion only occurs in an east and west direction, whereas the rotational movement is always in north and south direction.


Some Astronauts have gone into space. They report that at an altitude over a hundred miles you feel weightless. But if you want to know the reality and truth, you will see that three and a half billion people along with quadruped animals are all hanging by their feet from earth. Humans say that they are walking on their feet on earth, now if you think deeply about it, you will see how wrong this perception is! Since people are present on earth, they are all unaware of the reality of their situation. They say and believe that humans walk on the earth by their feet. But the question is, if they are hanging from earth by their feet, then how can they also walk on them? The condition of hanging is totally compelling, and in the state of compelling human intention has no meaning, which means that humans do not have movement of their own. This can be understood by realizing that the wires that are tied around human ankles move and cause the feet to move. These wires have nothing to do with human intention, for human are not even aware of them. Yet despite these blunders of understanding, people claim that their head is elevated and their feet are below and that they walk about on them. The truth is that in making this claim they make themselves into a banwa, a denier of reality, yet they insist that this banwa is real.

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