All the existents of the universe, corporeal or incorporeal, have two sides, two aspects or to say, are bi-folded creatures. Corporeal existents besides their material body have an immaterial body, which is infused with their material body. This immaterial body resembles the material body in every aspect. The other side of the carnal body of man is a body of lights. Just as the corporeal things have two sides; the carnal body and the body of lights, similarly, the incorporeal things also have two sides; one, the body of lights and other the body of noor (the invisible Light) Combination of these two sides is formed into an existing structure or a function displayed in the universe. Body of anything remains incomplete if these two sides are not joined together. According to the creative formulae anything existing in the universe, whether it is corporeal or incorporeal, cannot be without a form and shape.

It is altogether a different issue that the eyes of carnal body can see it or not, but the eyes of the soul do see it just as the physical eyes behold and perceive a material body. In this context, it should be remembered that incorporeal bodies have features and outlines just as the corporeal bodies have

Any corporeal thing has its initial existence in the form of a silhouette (Hiola) and then it displays itself in the form of a physical body. As long as the shape and form of anything remains in the form of a silhouette it is the incorporeal existence or to say, it is a single-fold wave and, when the incorporeal body exhibits itself in a physical form, its movements become bi-folded and take the form of a compound of two waves. As long as the single folded movement remains flowing uni-directionally and, this unidirectional wave contains features, the creatures resulting from this movement are the jinn’s and the world of jinn’s. When the movement becomes bi-folded and traverses in the form of dual waves and contains the features and impressions then this is the creation of the world of human beings that is, the single folded wave is the world of jinn’s and the dual or the compounded wave is the world of man.

The whole cosmic structure, all celestial and extra-celestial system of the universe including the worlds of jinn’s and human beings is based upon a comprehensive network of waves. Its material example is that figure of a tiger that is portrayed on a carpet. All the limbs and features of the tiger are drawn on, in the warp and well of the carpet in such a way that by looking at these designed lines on the carpet one unmistakably identifies them as tiger. The cosmic system has quite a similar formula to this.

The waves operative in human creation resemble the warp and well of weaved cloth. One thread running length-wise is crossed over and under by the one running breadth-wise. Each string without merging into the other coalesces into a uniform form. The strings of warp and well despite uniting together remain separated in other words the strings of warp and well join together in the form of squares generally known as ‘graph’.

All this is stated in order to establish that how the world of human beings is weaved from the strings or the waves of light and all the activities and functions of life are founded on these very rays of light. The other thing that is required to be considered carefully is that just as the longitudinal length of these strings or the waves has specific measures similarly the characteristics and properties of each wave are also specific and particular. And, each particular property” and specific characteristics is represented by one or the other feature or designed outline. When, for instance, the lines to sketch a human face are drawn on a graph we observe that the features start 

We the nasma whether it is Simple or Compound cannot be sighted by means of material physical eyes similarly the body formed from the simple nasma can also be not sighted by  the physical eyes, whereas, the body produced by the compounded nasma can he witnessed by the physical eyes.  Singular movement is called the simple nasma.
Dual movement is called the compounded nasma.  Any movement whether it is singular or dual is associated with the source of information. A movement before its display in the form of physical body, is singular in its nature and when it became bifolded, in order to display itself in matter, it takes the form and features.

Start appearing on the paper with the movement of pencil along with the x and y-axes. All the lines, whether longitudinal or latitudinal, when they appear in the form of features and outlines have their specific and particular functions. Similarly all that exists in the universe, all the forms and colors, all the species and all the individuals of these species have fixed wavelengths for each one of them; combination of these very wavelengths, in a specific ratio, result in the form of an individual of a species. If the waves are in compounded form i.e. are operative in the form of warp and weft then the features and outlines appearing on this ‘graph’ of waves is the world of human beings. But if there is a figure drawn on the uncompounded waves i.e. the unidirectional waves or the simple waves then this is the world of angels and jinn’s.

It has been stated in the Last Holy Book; Quran, “We created everything in pairs of twos so that you may understand the Lordship and Creativity of the Lord Creator”

Movement is only a stimulus. This, too, has two sides: one that traverses towards the inner side and the other, which remains operative in the outer. To have a better idea think of a sheet of cloth woven from the strings of light or the warp and weft of the cloth-sheet that of light waves instead of threads of cotton or wool. A picture is portrayed upon that cloth.  This   figure has    two aspects. One is the figure or the pattern by itself and the other is the basis of the pattern and figure. One aspect of the picture is the sense of its own existence and the other is that of its canvas (base) upon which the picture is made. This makes two folds of stimulus (sense). One is, that man is feeling that he exists and the other is, that man knows that he has a base. For exploring the secret of Time and Space the more appropriate approach would be to journey in downward direction rather than trying to travel in the upward direction. It is easier to understand descending activities through the ascending movements.

According to the theory of Chromolucis and as per observations of the inner eye, in the realm of the souls, existence of the universe is in such a manner that there is neither any classification of senses nor any sight or any other means of introduction with each other. For having the self-awareness the Lord Creator endowed the universe first with hearing, then with sight and then with the power of articulation.

In the light of this law creation of the universe is governed by the formula that everything worthy of its existence in the universe is composed of two apparently opposite but factually adjoining sides. As long as the members of the cosmic family were not granted dimensions, time and space were non-existing. In the realm of the souls only existence of an object (thing) is there. Movement is not there in it. When the dimensions were produced in the universe, movement was also produced. It is the movement that produces time and space

Mystics and parapsychologists have said that the formation of the universe is taking place in four stages. In the first stage existence of the universe is not related with resources. The second stage commences when forms, shapes and measures of movements appear in the existents and the life is initiated in phases. In the third stage all the activities of existents’ life and time and space are arranged in an orderly sequence. In the last stage the members of the universe, according to the administrative arrangements, are subjugated to the predestined decisions, incorporated by the appointed fate and destiny.

In the universe man is the only creature who, in his capacity of vicegerent of God manages the administrative affairs of the cosmos, created by the Lord Creator, using the powers granted to him. God Almighty has granted sovereign powers to man over the universe. It is the power of His sovereignty that demands him to fulfill his duties as the vicegerent and deputy of the Lord Creator. Just like the system of the worldly administration the administrative system of the universe also has various departments, all headed by the independent departmental chiefs, responsible for the smooth functioning of their respective cosmic department.

The universe is being created continuously”, the masters of spiritual sciences conclude in the light of their analyses based upon spiritual observations. Every moment new planets are coming into being and the old ones mixing into the cosmic dust after suffering disintegration. When the Creator of the universe intends to create something new, He informs His demiurges about His intentions that this type of planet is suitable for inhabitation of this kind of creatures therefore it be created. After finalizing the proposals about the ways of life, resources, forms and shapes of the existents these are submitted to the Lord Creator, for favor of approval, by the appointed vicegerents. After approval of the suggested proposals the new world is created. After its coming into existence other countless individuals associated with the administrative duties come into action and start running the system according to the policies given to them. All the various departments and divisions of this system are called the Cosmic Administration.

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