Universe is a Point

Universe is a point; a point, which keeps on reduplicating itself. Ensuing this repetition one single point is divided into two and, then each one of the two is again divided into two. It is happening since eternity. Incalculable points are producing because of repetition of the conscious. This multiplication or the geometrical progression of the points is taking place perpetually. These countless points are arranging themselves in the form of a circle. Each of these points, at its own place, is also a circle and, thus, these countless circles, or the cycles, join to form a bigger circle. This big circle is no other thing than the universe. When we happen to mention a circle, the reference to the triangle is inevitable. Point reduplicates itself and a circle is formed. This large circle; the whole universe, in actual fact, is based upon the individuals of the universe. The individuals of the universe, on one hand, are the circles and, on the other, they behave like a triangle all that is there in the human perception is divided into two parts one of these two portions is related with the nocturnal senses and the other one belongs to the diurnal senses. One, in terms of the Holy Scriptures, is the Night and the other one is the Day. One, in general terms, is dreaming and the other one is the wakefulness. Nocturnal senses are generally, considered unreal by calling them darkness, slumber or sleep. In actual fact it is not so. There does not exist anything, which is unreal in this universe. If we could take the trouble and contemplate it would be disclosed that although the diurnal senses are backed by collective evidence and the nocturnal senses are only experienced individually. This fact cannot be overlooked that collective evidence is prone to many mistakes.

When an individual is introduced with another one, since both the individuals are existing in Time and have a common relationship, therefore, the self stays on this single point for a while, causing an inertness. This inert state of the self is seeing or sighting. Man associates the God gifted hearing or seeing faculties to be his own and claims that he sees, he hears whereas, in actual fact, these faculties belong to God Almighty and man hears and sees through the hearing and the sight of God. When some one attributes the hearing and sight of God to himself, a chain of endless mistakes is triggered He is errant in ascribing meanings to what he witnesses.

                        “He is the One Who made you from one self.” (7:189 Quran)

The mankind is created according to a secret scheme. This secret scheme cannot be seen or observed through limited senses because this secret scheme is operative at the background of the manifestations. This secret scheme is responsible for the creation of those impressions, which are felt and observed by us sensually.

This has been stated in the Holy Scripture, “We send the Revelation for Mary.”

Revelation upon Mary is evident upon the fact that people other than prophets or messengers of God can also have revelations because Mary was not a prophet of God. Revelation or Intuition is related with hearing and sight that has been granted to man by God. The hearing and sight granted to man by God, is the hearing and sight exercised by the people in general. Every person enjoys this faculty. This characteristic is termed as conscience and decides in the light of this inner voice. This voice of the conscience, actually, is the voice of the Lord Creator God; the most Gracious. When the conscience provides guidance, the self-starts criticizing. This criticism either puts one’s intentions morally right or, corrupts them.

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