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To acquaint ourselves with the laws of life and the rules governing the behavior and flow of life, we have been provided with this information that every created thing, existing in the universe, is based upon two waves. When these two waves are in operation simultaneously, the physical world and the man is created. And, when one of these two waves is operative, the extraterrestrial realms and the world of jinn’s are created.

According to the Theory of Chromolucis everything whether it is material or abstract, corporeal or incorporeal, is being created from dual waves. Existence of anything in this universe is not possible without these bilateral waves. When the corporeal things are sighted, we see their form and features but, at the same time, we are also aware of the fact that some invisible force is there which is responsible for their existence. Both the waves after combining with this invisible force are becoming life and, the life of anything, including the biological functioning, is directly associated with feelings and senses.

The two waves, in actual fact, are a movement; a movement, which is being produced ceaselessly, without any discontinuation, occurring continually, moment by moment. All our movements are related with fixed quantities, which are transmuting into movements.

Space, in fact, is a chain of moments in which such an arrangement is found upon which the spatiality is constructed. Every moment is a space. The moments cohesively trap the spatiality i.e. the space is incarcerated by the moments. As far as movement of the moments is concerned, they all remain in the Elohistic knowledge, so the space automatically comes under the Divine Control of God, in totality. There does not exist even a single moment, which, after becoming a chain of moments by itself, constructs the space and could exist out of Elohistic Knowledge.

Moments, too, have two dimensions. One is the inner of the moments and the other is the manifested one. The inner or the conscious of the moments, which remains obscure from our eyes, is monochromatic. The thing, which we are observing, is the manifestation of the moments and is Omni-chromatic. On one hand, universe is in the grip of the moments and, on the other, the individuals of the universe are in the clutches of the moments.

The gripping clutches of moments indicate that the moments simultaneously move in two ways. One of these movements occurs in every existing thing of the universe separately and, constructs that consciousness which keeps that thing existing within the cycle of its individual and singular life span. The other movement is that which is flowing in all the movements of the universe and constructs that consciousness which is responsible for keeping every existent of the universe present within a circle. In one side of the moments, the cosmic individuals exist severally. Individuals of a species, despite their resemblance in physical features, in their conscious framework are different from one another. In the other side of the moments, conscious of all the individuals are concentrated on one point.

One is the individual conscious and the other is the collective conscious. Every individual, in its individual capacity, is a species and species as the species, is an individual. When the species is in the form of an individual, it is the Conscious and when the species behaves in a collective manner, it becomes the Unconscious of the individual. Every individual remains active in two ways. When an individual is active within its own species, it is the Unconscious and when it is active individually, and then it is the Conscious. If the universe is taken as an individual and all the things existing in the universe as its constituents then, just like in the case of the individual, the cosmic conscious of the universe will be called the Central conscious.

Things exist in the conscious of an individual according to its particular surrounding atmosphere. Every individual, for instance, accepts or rejects something according to his own frame of mind (consciousness). Selection or rejection, acknowledgement or refusal and familiarization of anything by an individual is carried out within the peripheries of his individual conscious, conditioned by typical emotions, states of mind and atmosphere around him. Moments edify and construct the individual conscious at a particular time. Selection or rejection, of something, according to one’s choice, is evident upon the fact that the thing accepted or rejected exists somewhere. And, this existence is accepted, acknowledged, denied or refused on the basis of one’s own individual conscious frame of mind.

When the information regarding life and biological functions are taken into consideration as an individual, we have to admit that the information regarding emotions, urges and needs are perceived in two possible ways i.e. we ascribe meaning to them in two ways. One, meanings are ascribed in individual capacity and the other when the meaning are ascribed in a collective manner.

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