The Personal Innate Name

We are deeply connected with the galaxial systems and have an established link with them. Thoughts that keep-on coming to our mind reach us from far off distant inhabiting systems of cosmos through the light waves. Light waves carry the different incalculable pictorial representations of thoughts that are termed fantasy idea imagination and thinking etc. These light waves originate from the subtlest form of light known as Invisible Light (Noor). It is the holy proclamation of God, “O. people! Call Me, I would hear. Ask from Me, I will grant.”

Every Appellation of God is a hidden treasure. Those who manage to learn the art of making use of these treasures; the blessings of God are showered upon them. Ninety-nine Appellations of God are considered more pertinent. Among the common people these ninety-nine Names of God are more famous. Method to have benefits of this remarkable treasure is to recite them in different ways according to their effects. Repeated recitation of a Name fills the mind with the effective radiance of that particular Name. The more electrifying effects of a Name are stored in the mind, the more it helps in having desired results, besides enabling us to do the things in the right way and in a more effective manner.

Just as the effects of good deeds, bear positive results, similarly, the darkness of sinful misdeeds over powers the inner radiance of man. Wrongful deeds, and attitude of transgression pushes us towards darkness, density and pollution. Except for the personal innate name of God, every other Appellation represents an Attribute of God. And, every Attribute of God is kinetic and thriving besides having life and power in it. When an Appellation is recited repeatedly, its effects are bound to take place. If recitation of these Appellations is not yielding the desired results it is only because of man’s defaulting behavior and shortcomings that needs correction. Law:

When we happen to observe something initially that thing becomes the target of our observation, and then the understanding of that thing becomes instrumental in its introduction. We cannot determine meanings or purpose of a thing, unless, it is not allowed to enter our observation i.e., the meaningfulness of that thing is not transferred to our conscious mind by the soul.

When the name of an object is pronounced, the form of that object appears in the mind (soul) of the listener_ When, for instance, the word ‘sun’ is uttered, the listener perceives the sun within himself; only then the meanings or purpose of the sun is determined by the conscious mind. We almost daily see the sun with the help of our physical eyes but the sun existing within (internally) is altogether different from the sun witnessed without (externally). The sun sighted through the inner eye of the soul is opposite to the sun witnessed during the daytime by our physical eyes

Witnessing of sun through physical eyes, gives us the impression that there is heat and warmth in the sun. Heat and warmth of the sun is reaching the earth through rays, waves and radiation. The spiritual eye witnesses the sun in the form of a very bright black disc, which has no light, or color of any sort Similarly, when one observes this planet of ours, the lights present in the outer space of the planet are considered to be those of the sun i.e. the solar light is enveloping this planet whereas the observations of the spiritual eye tell us that every planet by itself is light. The brightness of the sun, appearing before the physical eye, in fact, is a reflection of the lights of the planet earth. The sun appearing before the spiritual eye is such a reality in which there is no variation. We have not seen God but when someone happens to hear the name of God, a reality, which cannot be, anyhow, ignored, is incorporated in the listener.

A person who, for instance, denies the existence of God; now, the question is, what is being negated? Obviously something which exists. Our denial is only a refusal on our part not to acknowledge the existence of something, which very much exists there. It means that God is an Established Reality that makes its way in the mind of a person. A pressure, resulting from this reality is felt by the conscious mind and, if the meaning and purpose of the reality, is not clear enough for the conscious mind, it opts to refuse and denies that reality altogether. What actually he wants to say is that the conscious understanding is not acknowledging, the God, so mentioned.

Masters of spiritual sciences have classified sighting into three categories: to have knowledge, to observe and to know the reality of the certitude. When the case of someone’s looking in the mirror is taken into deliberate consideration this fact transpires that one who is looking at one’s own image formed in the mirror, is only aware of a presence which is similar to him and he is oblivious of the properties and characteristics of the mirror. On the basis of this certitude, he is looking at himself in the mirror.

This state is termed as to have knowledge of the certitude i.e. he has accommodated this knowledge that he is looking at the mirror.

If the viewer has this knowledge that he is viewing his own reflection in the mirror but he is ignorant of the reality of the mirror and that of the reflection then this is the state of viewing the Exact Truth. In contrast to this situation, if the viewer happens to know the reality of the mirror. the reflection and that of himself i.e., he is viewing what the mirror is displaying after accommodating his reflection, then this is the state of having awareness of the true reality of the certitude.


Everything is absorbing the other thing and, after absorbing it in itself, is displaying it to be viewed by the other. Those who know the art of seeing in the inner recesses of their selves, observe that no one is sighting anything at its own, rather everyone is witnessing that, which is sighted by others_ The whole universe is analogous to a mirror. The mirror is the light, a light that is displaying itself in various forms after transforming into different shapes. In every form the light witnesses the other form. This is the reason that when one expires despite having all the organs of sight; the eyes, the brain and other optic organs one cannot see anything because the light, which was acting as mirror, disconnects itself from the physical body.

Pronouncement of the word ‘spirituality’ purports to such a thinking approach, which is different and dissimilar from every ‘body-of ­knowledge’ known and practiced in the material world, whether it is the physical sciences, psychology or the parapsychology. Every ‘body ­of-knowledge’ enlightens us. When we see something consciously, we think that we see it because of our physical eyes. And, when the sighting through the spiritual eye is mentioned, it is said that our material eye is only a medium of sight and we are sighting that which is viewed by the other thing. When we see water, in fact, the water is not sighted directly, rather the reflection of the water is sighted, that is, we are seen by the water and water coveys its sight to us, and we view what the water has seen.

Direct sighting is the cosmic conscious. The point where the cosmic sight or the cosmic conscious displays itself is uniform and unanimous for all. This thing is known by every one of us that every creature witnesses water as water just as man witnesses it. It has never happened that man has seen water as water and the tiger witnesses it as milk. Just as man feels iron hard, similarly, the other creatures like ant and elephant also find it hard, that is, the hardness of iron is uniform for all the creatures and all find it hard unanimously. All the phenomena of the universe uniformly come under this law. A partridge also sees the same shape and form of the moon, which, for man, upon sighting also appear to be the moon. Just as man quenches his thirst by drinking water, similarly, cattle like cow, sheep and goats also drink water to quench their thirst. The roots of a tree also take water only as water. The flowers, too, nourish themselves, just as man and the other animals take water for their growth and nourishment. The milk is taken as milk by snake and calf alike. This is a common sight, which is operative in all the individuals of every species in the universe. All these examples lead us to conclude only one thing, that is, all the individuals of all species enjoy the same one uniform sight.

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