Destruction and Construction

Basis of the universe is the Beatific Vision. Universe commences from the Beatific Vision. This Beatific Vision keeps on circulating through every particle of the cosmos. It circulates in such a way that it is routed through the most confined center of an object All the creatures are associated with the current of this Beatific Vision. The Beatific Vision is the source of continuous and perpetual movement of the components, constituents and every particle of the universe. If this current of flowing movement experiences an unpleasant incident during its passage through the particles of the universe it becomes agitated. This state of excitement results in unbalancing of the movement. This imbalanced state produces changes in the fixed quantities of objects. Since the changes resulting from the imbalance affect a comprehensive system devised by God, the Lord Creator, it entails one or the other destructive effects.

Under normal circumstances the blood keeps on circulating in the human body This thing has also been established that flesh and blood are directly affected by human thoughts and thinking If the thoughts of a person have pollution, confusion and irritation then they will not have a healthy effect upon the blood circulation. If someone uses rotten food or lives in such perverted thoughts, which invoke reprimand of the conscience then his physical system and the conscious activities get affected. Boils, eruptions, inflammations and other un­diagnosable diseases start showing up. If destructiveness is also included in the human intentions then his powers start working against the good. Since the Beatific Vision is good and dislikes destruction therefore, it expresses aversion, which suspends the effectiveness of ‘good’

Ablution or ceremonious bathing prior to worship is ordered almost by every religion. It is worth considering that worship is related with the mind and not with the physical organs of the body and its primary aim is to develop the concentrative abilities of the worshipper then, why the ablution or the bathing is declared obligatory. When, before worshiping, ablution is performed or bath is taken it helps in having a feeling of cleanliness and causes an overall refreshing effect. This refreshing effect helps in concentrating during worshipping rites and rituals.

Every species is produced and created by fixed quantities. It lives with fixed quantities and annihilates with fixed quantities. When the lives of individuals are studied and the urges of species are analyzed it is observed that emotions, sentiments, physical urges and life activities are common in every species, but, every species and its individuals are living separate individual lives when it comes to their shapes, forms, figures and instinctive urges. Every living being has its own distinct shape and features, which are different from the other living beings of the same species.

This also is our observation that animals like lion, sheep or goat feel thirsty and quench their thirst by drinking water just as man does. We also notice that the physical needs of a goat are altogether different from the needs and urges of a lion. But at the same time this also is in our knowledge that urges like hunger, thirst, anger, rage and sexual desires are commonly present in all the individuals of all the species.

Commonness of urges and uniformity in their needs is sufficient to prove that the whole universe is confined in one point. All the individuals of all the species of the universe are linked with this one single point. Despite the uniformity of urges and impulsive desires, difference of shapes, forms and appearance is indicative of the fact that every individual enjoys a particular disposition and possesses a particular set of abilities. When the fixed quantities are functional on the species level, the individuals of every species experience a feeling of closeness identify one another and share pain and woe with one another. But, when an individual of a species is thirsty his action becomes uniform with other individuals of all other species because they experience thirst and all quench their thirst by taking water. Every individual of every species commonly shares the knowledge, that taking water quenches thirst, whether it is a lion, sheep, goat, bird, jinn or any other creature.

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00= Cosmic Conscious. The quantities of all the urges and needs like thirst. Hunger sex, etal of the individuals of the universe are common. 01 to 05= are the species conscious this is the circle of instinctive urges. Creation of individuals from the respective pieces is continues and is the individual conscious,

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