Man: Inhabiting Billions of Worlds

For learning any knowledge or art a teacher is required who could guide us step by step, into the various stages of that art or knowledge which we desire to learn. If his teacher does not guide a student he can never excel in the art of drawing pictures. Guidance of a teacher enables the student to get his ability of drawing the pictures hidden in him activated. The spiritual teacher first arouses the abilities of the disciple and then teaches him the spiritual knowledge. It is important, for finding a spiritual teacher the spiritual associate should seek the company of a spiritual person in order to study his daily routines and should closely observe that how much is the affinity of that person with his own soul. Whether the worldly affairs are riding upon that person’s nerves or he enjoys the tranquil state of detachment. Only that person is worthy of becoming a spiritual mentor in whose

            Company one’s mind remains attentive towards the transcendental realm and as long as one is there one should remain safe from the disturbing thoughts of fears, phobias, anxiety, depression and tension. The diminishing certitude resurges in such a person’s company. The salient features of a spiritual teacher are that neither has he any expectation from anybody nor he has lust or jealousy. One feels one’s mind growing enlarged in the company of a spiritual person, mind gets to explore the cosmic system and the knowledge about the unseen world starts transpiring upon the people present in his company.

The urges operative in man during day and night have been estimated to be eleven thousand. Each and every state is governed by an Elohistic appellation.

Everybody having a soul in the universe has two types of senses operative in him; first, the senses which take us closer to the unseen realm, and the second one are the senses, which act like a wall and hinder man from beholding the unseen.

It is a law that man lives in the confines of spatio-temporal limits when he is in the world of material phenomenon whereas in the unseen realm time and space act according to man’s will. This whole cosmos is traveling in a silhouette of light. The light through which our eyes see has two planes. In one plane, gravity and dimensions both are partaking whereas in the other one, only the dimensions are there. The information given from the upper plane of the light are directly sighted and heard by the senses. Some obstacle hinders the information that we receive from the lower plane because the senses cannot grasp them comprehensively. The information received from the upper plane becomes an obstacle for the information of the lower plane as if a solid wall has come in their way. This wall is so hard that our senses cannot penetrate this wall despite their best efforts. The information of the upper plane is of two types.

1-      Information pertaining to motives. We have partial and biased attitudes towards such information

2-      The information, which are not associated with individual interests. These attract our impartial attitude.

Deliberation, keeping both the types of information in view, reveals the fact that man enjoys two angles of perception; one, which is limited to individuality and the other, which is beyond the limits of individuality. When we observe in individuality, the universe does not partake and when we descry out of individuality the universe partakes in our perception. At this very juncture man finds himself lost in the hypothetical spheres of physical sciences. When a man of understanding analyzes these hypothetical circles, he in fact, ventures on a luminated path. Everyone who travels on this enlightened path appoints a destination in the cosmic perspective and parapsychology helps him covering this distance like a guiding light.

When a member of the cosmic family; the man, gets himself trapped in the limiting physical circles, a hollowness is created in the cosmic system and this hollowness like an infliction deprives mankind from peace of mind. This is the stage when the need of the one versed with the real knowledge of information is desperately felt. This man who possesses a liberal mind takes his students on the paths of metaphysical sciences after liberating them from the quagmire of personal interests and selfishness. With advancement on this path the students gradually adopt a liberal approach of thinking. This free and liberal thinking causes this conscious world to enter into the unconscious sphere.

Man is,simultaneously, existing in two worlds. One is the conscious world. This is a limited world confined in limits and boundaries. The other is the unconscious world; a limitlessly vast world, containing millions of galaxies and each galaxy having billions of worlds (earths) is there. Expert spiritualists, lucubrating their experiences, tell that every earth is inhabited with mankind. Due to gradation in time, features of mankind throughout the whole universe remain unchanged but because of slight.

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