About K.S.A.


A Spiritual Scholar of world repute, whose sole aim in life is to serve humanity and steer mankind to the platform of oneness and love for the Divine. To support this, he has presented spirituality in approachable ways for wider acceptance of the concept. K.S.A. has authored numerous books on spirituality, parapsychology, metaphysics, telepathy, meditation, color therapy and spiritual healing. Some of these books have been translated into other languages such as English, Hindi, Chinese, Sindhi, Arabic, Persian, Thai, and Russian. He has elucidated his writing by conducting seminars, conferences, lectures as well as yearly workshops to discuss the various topics on spirituality and Tasawuf.

English Translated Books authored by K.S.A

  • Qalandar-Baba-Aulia
  • Learn Telepathy
  • Lectures on Parapsychology
  • Lectures on Loh-O-Qalam
  • Muhammad Rasool-Allah Vol.1
  • Muhammad Rasool-Allah Vol.2
  • Qalander Conscious
  • Spiritual Prayer
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Theory-of-Chromolucis
  • Color Therapy
  • Dazzling Sparkles (Tajaliyaat)
  • Muraqaba – The Art & Science of Sufi Meditation
  • Salat- Spiritual Prayer: Islamic Thoughts and Modern Science
  • Sufism – Ahsan o Tasawwuf.
  • Journey Towards Instigt By Sufi Teacher

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