Any discussion about the universe the species existing in the universe and the individuals of the species would remain incomplete if in this discourse three stations are left out. The stations which are three stages of that creative process which, in fact, is the basis of existence of the universe and is responsible for the Occurrence and Effects of life in the universe.This thing is required to be remembered carefully that when a person wants to live an individual life or wants to understand life remaining in a circle of individuality, he exercises a limited approach of thinking, which is devoid of sincerity and selflessness.

Having sincerity by an individual means that he should be having the thinking approach of the species, rising above the level of individual thinking. When a person manages to have the thinking approach of the species after liberating himself from the individuality, sincerity springs up in him and his wisdom and intellect changes into a collective one rather than that of individual nature. Then this sincerity is further boasted up when the same person rises above his own species level and contemplates about all the species of the universe: in this case the limits of the species’ thinking approach, enlarges to become a universal thinking approach and this helps him to have an established link with the universe, which eventually results in having a distinguished position in the universe.

The human body is called the physical body,  that which is ordinarily called matter is the product of the Unconscious machine. Normally it is considered that the diet taken in from the outer world is responsible for the creation of blood and flesh of physical body_ But the question is that the very same body is rent asunder at a particular time despite having the supply of food from without and then the same body at times despite non-consumption of food does not perish, rather it remains, though it becomes weak and feeble. It would be an altogether wrong conjecture to think that the food supplied to the body is responsible for the creation and formation of the physical body, in fact, man’s unconscious (Internal Self) transforms the lights into material form the great spiritual scientist: Qalander Baba Auliya explains this thing by giving an example.

Man, he says, in his lifetime usually suffers sometimes more than once. Fatal and protracted diseases and his diet is reduced to the minimum or is altogether forbidden but still he does not expire. One would eventually conclude that this physical machine is not responsible for keeping life functional. These observations also confirm that whatever the human body gets from without is not responsible for life. The skill of Unconscious and the lights transferred from the Internal Self are responsible for life and its functioning. After birth and then infancy, man attains an age of sixty or sometimes even ninety or more. His body, his thoughts, his knowledge and activities keep on changing all the time.

Every bit and part of his physical body, knowledge, thoughts and habits are replaced and changed but the person remains the very same person who was born some sixty or ninety years ago. If his name were Tom, he would always be addressed by that name of Torn and, will be remembered as Tom. This thing clearly establishes that the concepts and images transferred to the human conscious by the

Internal Self remains the same and unchanged even if  the physical body deteriorates or decomposes

What is Tom? When the basis of Tom is taken into consideration, it would be eventually concluded that Tom is nothing but the Internal Self. The changes are not taking place in the internal Self but in the Personal Ego (the Conscious). It has been stated in the Holy Scriptures,

‘Verily He is the One who is encompassing everything.”

The knowledge of the universe is not possessed by the personal Ego. This issue is to be resolved that when Tom is the Internal Self then why does he not possess the knowledge of the universe. The answer is quite simple He remains absorbed within his own self i.e., he is a self-centered person and is unconcerned with the internal self. He does not want to come out of his narrow self. Now, as a matter of law, if someone remaining in his own limits thinks about himself then his thinking remains limited and his confined thinking does not allow him to exercise sincerity.

Limiting individual thinking is the limited senses and the species approach of thinking is the unlimited senses. The unlimited senses become the guiding light for the Internal Self when depth is produced in the thinking if all the interests of a person are limited to his family, his thinking will remain confined to his family only and accordingly, his observations and, views will also be limited. Or to say, he has confined his understanding within the confines of his family. Therefore, he is unable to see beyond the limits of his family. It is the law that eyes and ears of a person see and hear within the perimeter of the understanding and the intellectual peripheries of that person, these cannot see or hear anything beyond the range of his understanding.

A person who is self-centered and his thinking approach is limited to his own self then he cannot advance on the paths of metaphysics. For traveling on the paths of metaphysical realms, it is necessary that one should be able to liberate oneself from the individual thinking and, the collective thinking should replace the individual thinking. This also clarifies the need of religion for the human life because; the religions tempt a person to have the collective approach as a way of life and, to behave as a collective entity after emerging from the limiting individuality.

Every religion teaches to love one another, in order to exercise fraternity. Teachings of every religion are to avoid dissension and discord and to stand united. Religions teach us to wish the same for others that we like for ourselves. This is what makes a religion inevitable for human life. A person cannot have sincerity for the universe if the religious values are not observed and practiced by him.

A nation remains devoid of sincerity if certitude and faith is not there. A nation having a selfish and individual approach of thinking cannot manage to rise to the universal values this type of a nation would remain in infancy even if it exists for many thousand years.

The light, which is felt by our eyes, is a veil drawn between the internal self and the personal ego. This light is responsible for conveying the concepts and imaginations of the Internal Self to the Personal Ego Information given to the Personal Ego by the Internal Self, in other words, are carried over to the Personal Ego by this very light after giving them color, form, shape and dimensions. Television could be referred to as an example in this regard. All that is telecast from the television station can be seen and heard on the screen of the television receiving apparatus but, when the communication is switched off, nothing can be heard or sighted. Similar is the case of Information relayed by the Internal Self. Man’s observations and knowledge is in accordance with the Information received from the Internal Self. Individuals of mankind see and hear only that about which they manage to receive Information. It has been stated in the Holy Scripture,

“We have created everything in fixed quantities”

When we take this thing into consideration and deliberate upon it, it is found that this law is prevalent in the whole universe. Everything, every species has specific quantities and these fixed quantities are specific for every species and are transferred down generation after generation. Cat, for instance, cannot be a dog a goat cannot give birth to a lion and man can procreate no other species but man. As a matter of law every species has its own individual identification due to the very same fixed quantities operative in it and transference of the same fixed quantities is responsible for maintaining the specific features and characteristics of each species, generation after generation.

What are these fixed quantities?

These fixed quantities, in actual fact, are the lights, which after interchanging in a particular ratio create a specific species. Great spiritual scientist; Qalander Baba Auliya has denominated these creative lights as the compound nasma. This reality is stated in the Holy Scripture in these words:

“God is the Light of the heavens and the earth.” Christ told, ‘God said, “Light” and there it was’.

V. Kirlian and S.D. Kirlian, inventors of Kirlian Type Photography, after taking photographs of the surrounding body of lights of various objects proved the existence of body of lights and called it aura. It is only the parapsychology, which tells us that how, do these fixed quantities display themselves. These fixed quantities manifested as electrons, protons and neutrons are functioning in living organisms as chromosomes. Various examples can be cited to elucidate this thing. Every element has a specific atomic number and a particular atomic weight. What is this atomic number?

Atomic Number indicates the number of electrons or protons present in an element that is atomic number is indicative of specific numbers of electrons or protons existing in an element. If somehow the number of protons of an element are increased or decreased then the element would become altogether a different element, according to the change so induced. Fixed quantities of light, according to the theory of Chromolucis, display themselves in the form of chromosomes, in the living organisms. This fact is well known to the experts of Genetics that every species has specific number of chromosomes in its cells. The number of chromosomes in cat, goat, sheep, lion and human beings are specific for each of them.

There are 23 pairs of chromosomes i.e., 46 chromosomes in the human beings. Particular ratio of the lights or the fixed quantities, in fact, are the creative formula of a species which not only control the particular inherited characteristics of a species but the individuality of a species is also maintained by them How is the specific quantity of chromosomes in every species maintained? For having understanding in this regard we are required to examine the process of creation.

Deterioration and cell division keeps on taking place in the human body and the multi-cellular organisms new cells are formed in the human body and the multi-cellular organisms resulting from this cell division. The cell division is of two types Scientists have called them as Mitosis and Meiosis.

Mitosis is the process of cell division, which takes place in all the cells of the human body except the cells taking part in fertilization. In mitosis, the number of chromosomes, in newly formed cells, remains the same as are there in the parent cells, i.e. if there are 46 chromosomes in the parent cells then the daughter-cells will also have 46 chromosomes. In this process first the number of chromosomes is doubled and then equally divide into two nuclei. But, in the reproductive system, where the sperms and ova are produced, the number of chromosomes is reduced to half. In this process diploid number of chromosomes is halved, to combine with another half-set at fertilization. It is known as Meiosis.

God’s creative work has been recapitulated in the Holy Scriptures in the following manner.

“We did create man from a quintessence of clay, then we placed him as a drop of sperm in a place of rest, the womb, firmly fixed. Then. We made the sperm into a clot of congealed blood (Zygote). Then of that clot we made an Embryo. In that Embryo We produced bones and clothed the bones with flesh. Thus we developed another creature. So blessed be God, the best of creators,”

(V: 13-14, 5:23)

Sperm and ovum combine to produce zygote. Resulting the cell division, after 7 or 8 days. Zygote transforms into Blastocyst and occupies a firm place in the womb. The place in the womb where the blastocyst sticks to the walls of the womb gives rise to a capillaries network of veins and arteries through which the food is supplied to the embryo. A bone structure is produced in the blastocyst and then this is encased in flesh. Thus an embryo is formed in the womb. The embryo grows into fetus. This whole creative process takes place within the womb of the mother.

Creation-wise, in females, the blue color is predominating and in males, the pink color is dominant.

When the structure of chromosomes is taken into consideration, it is observed that the chromosomes are diploid i.e., the chromosomes are in homologous pairs. One part of these chromosomes comes from the father and the other comes from the mother’s side. Chromosomes are produced from DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) and protein. Unit of DNA is called gene. Conscious of parents and their habits are transferred to the child though the very same genes. All that which is learnt from the surrounding atmosphere is also stored in these genes. Hereditary traits, diseases, abilities, nature, characteristics, complexion, blood group, form and structure, et al are found in genes in a form of record. Gene, in fact, is the record of the species.

Half of the child’s conscious comes from the parents and the ambient society and environments contribute the other half. A thought is perceived by the nasma and then it reaches the genes. The genes then instruct the cells to act upon the instructions perceived. The instructions of genes are carried out, throughout the whole life, by the body cells.

It has been established, in the era of modern sciences, that the thoughts of mother affect the genes of the baby. If, for instance, mother remains worried and suffering from anxiety during pregnancy then the begotten child is mentally weak once an English lady gave birth to a child who was Black in all respects. Black skin, woolly hair, flat nose and strong built. The father of the child refused to acknowledge this child as his son but the mother insisted that it was his son. When the situation grew very tense and investigations were carried out. It was found that the room, where the mother used to live during her pregnancy, had a photograph of a Black child. The board of doctors, psychologists and scholars concluded that the picture of the Black child was responsible for a Black child. The mother during her pregnancy had developed an association with the child in the picture and she repeatedly saw the picture. This resulted depth in her feelings and the conceptualized feelings were transferred to the child in the womb.

So, when she again conceived, she was directed to look at a picture of a beautiful child. Consequent to this experiment, the lady gave birth to a child who had almost the same features and complexion as that of the child in the picture. This example has been cited to establish that how the concepts and thoughts have bearing upon matter and the material world.

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