Universal Secrets


The person who cognizes the animal soul, gets to know in drowse, reminiscence, Muraqaba, intuition and revelation that the senses belonging to the animal soul are limited and confined. A person who enters the zone of Human soul, after rising above the level of animal soul, has this realization that man enjoys the innate ability of liberating from.


The composition of the Universe has three aspects Noor, light and matter. Time is the basis of all aspects. Time is the path that is being followed by the Universe in its journey from eternity towards infinity.


Sighting is of two types. One is that we are looking at something externally and the other is that we see an object in its real perspective. In this context, an example of the mirror can be taken into consideration. When we look at our reflection in a mirror, we think that we are looking at ourselves, where as in actual effect, we are not looking at ourselves but rather only witnessing our reflection in the mirror. The mirror absorbed our picture into it and then we see the reflection produced by the mirror. That is, we are not seeing at ourselves but we are seeing what the mirror sees! This goes for all acts and deeds of our life. If we take our mind as a mirror, then the direct approach would be that everything is first seen by our mind and only then we see it. A thought, idea, concept is not acceptable to our sight unless its picture is displayed upon the screen of our mind.


Having knowledge about something, for the first time is at the first stage of perception. Sight is the second stage of perception. Hearing is the third stage. Feeling the fragrance or odor by smelling it is the fourth stage. Feeling something factually is the fifth stage of perception.


Broadly, the spiritual sciences are classified into 3 chapters. The first consists of acts and deeds, set up and the creative formulae pertaining to individual life. The 2nd comprises of creative formulae for the species. The 3rd deals with the will of the creator.


Human life whether it is lived within the confines of time and space or is free from the bondage of time and space constraints, is founded on the basis of thoughts and every thought is a form of knowledge.


When a person intending to write an essay sits down to write, the ingredients and details of the essay are not there in his mind but when he sets to work and starts writing, thoughts start translating into words automatically and the whole gist of the essay is transcribed on a paper.

This suggests 3 eventualities. One, the essay existed somewhere. 2nd, the form in which the essay existed took the shape of words. 3rd, the words appeared upon the paper as a manifestation. The place where the essay existed in the form of an idea, in terms of parapsychology, is called the ultra-unconscious, and where the idea took the shape of the words is called the unconscious and the place where the words took the form of a written inscription upon the paper, is known as the conscious. In spiritual terminology, the ultra-unconscious is known as Sabita, the unconscious is knows a Aayan, and the conscious as Jowiyah.

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