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During the course of study of theory of Chromolucis, it comes to our knowledge that all the books written on the subject of spiritualism, do contain hints on metaphysical sciences but no considerable attempt is made to disseminate this knowledge on scientific grounds. Many facts have been revealed, but countless are still lying unexplored behind a thick cover of mysteries. The knowledge that deals with more profound realities has not been publicized in the manner befitting this remarkable knowledge.

Experts of spiritual sciences say that since these sciences are handed down in disciplic succession, therefore, they should be guarded and made safe. After learning these sciences, the resulting consequent, especially those of metaphysical nature, should be concealed from common people Why did this happen?

There could be only one possible justification: that people’s ability to understand and assimilate knowledge was limited as compared to today. Before this era of advancement of sciences, transmission of sounds and voices from distant places was considered some trick of magic or wonder working, but today scientists have discovered secrets of controlling the wavelengths of sounds. Transference of thoughts from one place to another was always considered some supernatural phenomenon, but now even the transference of images of any object from thousands of miles is a routine. Only fifty years ago, people tended to ridicule the statement that man is composed of lights. And, today science has proved that man is composed of waves, rather they have practically demonstrated that one can be photographed even after one has left a place.

In olden days, grandparents used to relate the stories and fairy tales to their grand children in which the flying carpets or flying horses were there to carry the prince and princess. These flying carpets and horses of fairy-tails are practically available for our use today, and we can journey to any destination by using them. Questions and problems that were taboos once are now openly discussed.

All this is related to establish that prior to the era of man’s progress in science, man’s conscious was not able to accommodate the preternatural type of secrets. For that very reason, the spiritual Masters selected few people and transferred their knowledge after training them for the purpose; whereas in the modern era, man’s conscious abilities have developed to such an extent where the things once considered as wonder-working and feats of fantasy are now treated as routines of life The conscious developed with man’s advancement in sciences. Abilities of understanding increased. And capacity to know more has considerably enhanced. The conscious mind has become more powerful to penetrate more deeply. Advancement of sciences has its demerits also: with the growing strength of conscious, the certitude has grown weak Weakening of certitude means that man has drawn away from the Lord Creator The basic reason for this is, that the target and aimed object of advancement of modern science is mostly the worldly comforts and luxuries. And, since, the material world is a symbol of uncertainty and nothing more than the fictional and hypothetical senses, therefore, this advancement is proving to be an afflicted distress for mankind. If the basis of this advancement had been the quest to explore the metaphysical abilities besides discovering the material means for development then the certitude would have become strong rather than becoming weak. In spite of this the spreading of modern sciences played an important role in producing a taste for metaphysical sciences in mankind.

The abilities and faculties that could have been activated some fifty or hundred years ago by practicing austere exercises for decades and centuries can now be aroused and activated in months and years by having a believing determination,

Entering the transcendental world does not mean that one should stop taking food, abstain from drinking water, desist from wearing clothes and shouldn’t have any friends or acquaintances. All this is necessary, because the creator of this world wants to see the world flourishing, intends to keep this world existing, wants to see it beautiful and enchanting. The world will on exist till the resources and means exist. The existing resources will keep on generating for the benefit of the earthlings. The theory of Chromolucis preaches that all the works of this world should be attended, living in this world, wholeheartedly, having food of fine quality, and wearing the best available dresses of fashion. Don’t mind if you have to eat plain food.

Do everything, every action and every deed only for the sake of the Creator of the world. Eat because God wants that His creatures should be eating. If the creatures would not be eating, the whole system will collapse and the world will be a desolate place. Drink water because God wants His creatures to drink water, so that this world: the garden planted by God, should be irrigated in order to keep them fertile and green. We should love our spouses and kids because our Lord; God, wants us to love them so that they could be reared and looked after properly and could live a life which is better than the life of animals. The Exalted Being wants us to rear our children in such a way that they should be equipped with human values and a society better than the flocks of sheep and goats could be established The thing, which is the most important of all in the daily routines of our life, is earning the livelihood because without earning livelihood, life cannot advance even a step forward.

Our life passes through various stages. The first phase of our life is in such a closet in which apparently there exists no system of ventilation nor can man have food of his choice and desire. During one’s stay in that closet one does not work hard for earning livelihood but one still gets sustenance and grows. The period of this growth lasts for nine months. A child grows in the womb of a mother gradually and systematically and all his dietary needs are catered for. In nine months, after attaining the form and figure of a complete human being, he comes out of this closet to enter a wider and bigger world. He is still not able to accomplish his needs. At this stage, the Supreme Lord fills the mother’s heart with cherishing love for her baby and the mother’s chest is turned into a fountain of milk for the baby, coming into this world The infant without any struggle or staving gets his food and continues to grow. After the infancy, in childhood and boyhood too, the parents cater for all his needs because it is the divine decree of the Lord Creator.

Upon entering the stage of adulthood and the world of consciousness, a revolution takes place and one starts thinking, that for having sustenance he should be doing something. In this struggle he becomes oblivious of his past life. The Exalted Lord made the loving Mother earth for His creatures and made it binding for the earth to serve the creatures of God. Similarly the sun and the moon too are subjugated for serving the earthlings. If the earth, by exercising its own will, stops producing the grains, and the sun stops providing the sunlight needed for the ripening of grains, then the food requirements will not be accomplished. And, when nothing would grow on earth, the human race and other species would eventually suffer extinction.

In order to have the spiritual approach of thinking, it is necessary that firstly the particular thinking approach of the Most Sublime Being is acknowledged and then a relationship with someone having that approach of thinking is established, which is only possible when the person desirous of having that approach of thinking adopts the habits and thinking pattern of the one who already enjoys it. And the one whose thinking approach is required to be adopted should also grant permission to have his company and should consider the student an Integral part of him.

When an urge is activated, the information regarding its fulfillment is perceived, that is, the body demands something for replenishing its energy and vitality. We perceive this information that our body is in need of food, warmth or some other means of comfort. At this point the features of all these things come into being and these very features provide the basis of physical growth. In this manner, the waves, operative in food and articles of general consumption, start attracting us towards themselves.


We claim that we eat bread. In actual fact the energy waves operative in wheat pulls us towards itself and when we become fully attentive to them the hunger is absorbed by the wheat. Or to say, we do not eat rice or wheat rather they eat us up. In fact, the gravitational pull existing in the wheat attracts us towards it; we do not attract the gravity of wheat. When an urge regarding hunger activates with all its depths, we feet hungry: feeling hungry purports to the state when we cannot remain without having food. Now this is the point where the food and its eating becomes a manifested phenomenon.

One enjoys awareness of rules and regulations of ethics, social laws etc. prevailing in a society for living day to day life; broadly classifiable as physical sciences, to the extent of one’s knowledge. The knowledge next to the physical sciences and higher than the mind of the common man is denominated by the scholars as psychology. Psychology deals with all those things, which are the bases of the conscious or the physical sciences.

Children of every species are born with the typical features of their respective species. A cat, no matter how familiar it is with mankind, will always beget a cat. It has never been seen that a goat has given birth to a calf or a cow has produced a bird. In the womb of a mother, on one hand the concepts of species are transferred to the child and on the other the concepts of the parents transfer to the child. These concepts contain certain fixed quantities.

“Glory to him who created with fixed quantities and bestowed    guidance.”    (Quran)

These are the quantities that determine the different species according to the creative formulae. When these quantities transform into the shape and form of a goat. a goat is produced and when these quantities are molded into the form and features of Adam, a man comes into being.

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