What is Light?

It is stated that the actual source of the rainbow is located about 90 million miles away from our planet earth.

It means that our sight is capable of seeing even at a distance of 90 million miles.

It was stated in the ‘Light and Color therapy’ a book published by the author in March 1978.

“The smallest particle of waves of light and colors that reaches us form the sun is called photon. It is one of the characteristics of photon that it does not have any space i.e. it does not have any length, breadth or width. Therefore when they scatter in the form of waves neither they collide with one another nor they replace one another. In other words they do not occupy space unless encountered with colors of other type.”  What did we understand about the spatiality of light and color?

All the elements existing in the atmosphere become spatial when any one of them encounters with photon. It is in our knowledge that our gaiaxial system has many suns (stars). Somehow or the other they are radiating light. The least interstellar distance has been estimated to five light years. Wherever the lights of these suns (stars) collide and overlap, they form loops. Since these lights comprise of quantities of different types therefore their interaction results in loops like our earth and other planets. This means that wherever the lights of stars of our galaxy; estimated to be two hundred billion, collide; a loop is formed. These loops, which have been estimated to be millions of billions, are called planets.

The smallest particle that occupies space is called electron. Wherever the electrons and protons collide with each other the sight see them as light or color. When colors are manifested in light the doctrines of physical sciences came into being.

Those interested in physics must have studied about the theory of Relativity. Generally this theory is considered a difficult theory to understand. The wider perspective of this theory makes it understand difficult. Summary of this theory is that: –

1-      Time and space have no absolute significance (value) in this universe.

2-       The universe is not limitless.

3-      The universe has curve in it justas the earth is curved.

4-      When the rays of sunlight pass near planet they bend towards the planet due to its gravitational pull.

When a student of parapsychology surpassing the Relativity of Physics focuses his attention on the Relativity of Chromolucis he finds himself facing cosmoses comprising of millions of billions earths (worlds). The great spiritual scientist, His Divine Grace Qalander BabaAuliya in his book: “Loh-o-Qalam”, writes:-

 “Universe has two facets if one is called the Internal Self the other would be termed as Personal Ego. Internal Self is the base line of huge celestial bodies like moon, mars and sun and the smallest particle that we can find in the universe All those lights which are responsible to produce the tiniest particle and the greatest heavenly body existing in the cosmos are component parts of the Internal Self. If we could see these lights these will be observed in the form of imaginations and concepts. These very imaginations are passed on to Personal Ego from the Internal Self Their transference depends upon the Internal Self. Personal Ego is constrained to accept the imaginations and concepts passed over to it by the Internal Self For instance. Internal Self passes on only those concepts to a rose, which are to be exhibited in the form of a rose. Similarly, man receives only those thoughts (concepts) from the Internal Self, which are to be manifested in the form of a human being.

The Internal Self is the Unconscious of man. And, it is the unconscious that constructs a body for itself, that which is ordinarily called ‘matter’ (substance) is the product of the machine of the Unconscious. Normally it is considered that the diet taken from the outside is responsible for the making of blood and the body. This is an unfounded conjecture. In fact, man’s Unconscious converts the concepts existing in the form of light into matter, which makes its existence known in the form and figure of physical body having certain shape and features Death occurs when for any reason the Unconscious (Internal Self) does not arrange to convert the concepts into matter.

The light is a screen drawn between the Internal Self and the Personal Ego. The concepts relayed by the Internal Self are carried to the Personal Ego through this light. Information supplied to the Personal Ego by the Internal Self are carried over to the Personal Ego by this light after giving them shape, color and dimensions.

Time and space are not two separate things. The plane of Information received from the light, which is hidden from our eyes, is denominated as Time and that existing before our eyes is called Space.

The structure of the universe is not very complicated one but the human intellect due to its inability to comprehend properly considers it something complex and intricate. From the state of Boundlessness perception is distributed to all the galaxial systems of the cosmos. This perception passes through countless moments; these very moments take the form of galaxial systems when time and Space is mentioned with special reference to Theory of Relativity, in fact, these very moments are mentioned. What is this moment? This moment is a point. And the whole cosmos is encased in this one point. The unraveling of the movement of this point is the perception. It is the perception which liberates us from the restraints of time and space and that, also is the perception that confines us in spatio­temporal restrictions. The movement takes place in the perception of the cosmos and the Boundlessness does not move by itself. This movement is a unit having two planes. One is called time and the other is known as space. Time is the base of the cosmos and the space is the features of the universe.

The doors of advancement and progress are open for the nations who bother to deliberate on the cosmic system. In the present era the science have reached that advanced stage that if the developing nations want to compete with the developed nations through learning modern sciences and participating in inventions, their chances of success are remote because by the time they will reach the present condition of the developed nations the scientists of those nations will have advanced further ahead by centuries. The developing nations in order to liberate themselves from the spatio-temporal restraints are required to turn collectively towards the prophetic approach of thinking. All the sacred books contain sciences about cosmos. If we deliberate and ponder upon the contents of the divine scriptures we can overtake and surpass the scientists of modern age in a very short time. The most important issue faced by the physical scientists is to have control over the maximum speed by negating time. The formula to negate time and enter into the state of timelessness is very much there in the sacred books. When the last holy book is studied with contemplation it is observed that the whole universe is nothing but light. The scientist of present era have successfully explored that everything existing on the earth is enveloped and encased in a shell of lights. Man too is covered with a covering of lights, which is called nasma (Aura). Scientists have succeeded in proving it by means of Kirlian photography.

If the developing nations could deliberate and contemplate on the story of Queen of Sheba as stated in the last divine book and learn the knowledge contained in the Book they will be able to use time and space according to their wishes.


The universe can be sighted in two ways. One is to just look at it and the other is to see it in order to find out which formulae are operative in its composition. Sighting the universe or the manifestations displayed around us come with in the parameter of conscious activity. Observing the inner of the cosmos is beholding the Unconscious. The Unconscious of a man knows pretty well that what are the form, shape, activities and intrinsic senses of every particle of the universe. This knowledge does not enter the conscious of the person because man does not know the method of perusing his unconscious. If the abilities required for studying the unconscious can be activated then it becomes easy to study the form, shape, functions and innate qualities of every particle of the universe.

All that as and when in whatsoever arrangement was to come into being since Eternity to Infinity, it all came into existence when the most Exalted and Supreme Being commanded ‘kun’ (Bel). This thing has been elaborately described in the sacred Books that the program concerning the cosmos along with all the related formulae and constituents with their placement in past, present and future came into existence, as was desired by the Supreme Being, when the ‘Be?’ (Kurt) was pronounced. Anything that had or would ever come into being at any time, whether it is a million years ago or hence, would be only a manifestation of that which has come into existence after the command `Be’ was pronounced. There does not exist, in millions and billions of worlds, anything, which is not preexisting.

For proper comprehension of anything one is required to be impartial. If one is not exercising impartiality many expediencies are included in the process of ascribing meanings to anything. Every one enjoys two angles of thinking approach. One, in which a person thinks about anything with reference to his own self and the other one is, in which one’s own self is not involved when anything is taken into consideration. Facts and realities remain obscure for the one who tries to resolve things by involving his personal liking or disliking and the one who contemplates impartially enjoys the knowledge based upon real facts.

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