The Paranormal Wave

 The theory of Chromolucis holds that the universe and the spectacular colorfulness of the universe is created so that man could enjoy them It is not commendable that one should go into seclusion after abandoning the delights of the world, Mysticism has always been a target of criticism in this regard.

Man and jinn’s enjoy their relationship with the Lord Creator in two ways. One, when someone is attracted by God towards Himself and the thinking approach of such a person firmly holds the awareness of attributes and the Exalted Being of God, the Gracious when he, intentionally or unintentionally, attends to anything, his mind is attracted automatically towards the Lord God. The other way is that man should have a pragmatic belief about the omnipresence of God.

Manifested feature upon the screen
(The Pictures Seen by the physical eyes)

A. Represents Akhfa. 

B. Is the part of film facing the light of projector

C. Represents the rotational movement that creates space.

 D. Represents Preserved Scripturum 

E. The zone of light waves (lines) where the features of pictures are existing intrinsically in the form of nasma

 F. The screen upon which the features are displayed is the earth.

The basis of cosmos witnessed and identified by the material eye, is light: a light, which has fluidity in it. The sciences of the present era have named it as gases. Fluidity of lights purports to formation of shapes and figures due to conglomeration of various gases. A close example of this is throwing of a glass of water on a well forcefully. This water will appear, after spreading on the wall, in various shapes and forms. Just like the spreading water, which start depicting various shapes on the wall. When the flowing lights descend on the earth; a cosmic screen, due to spreading of lights, the shapes of the individuals of the cosmic family are formed. Mercury is the basic material, which is formed after the flowing lights strike against the screen of the earth. The lights of mercury after mixing with the flowing lights and their fluidity constitute the bodies known as animals, vegetables and inanimate.

The initial form of the gases, in terms of parapsychology, is called the ‘astral’ body. Astral body is the name of those basic waves or the rays of light, which are responsible for the commencement of a being. The descending rays can be exemplified as lines of pictures

Example: –

Anyone who has ever experienced watching a movie film in a cinema knows that lights flow from a projector towards a screen and after falling on the screen are displayed in the forms of different shapes and figures When lights coming from the projector are attempted to be seen, we perceive continuously moving waves or lines. These lines are neither apart from each other nor are infusing in one another. Each line is carrying one or the other feature of the picture displayed. Just as the light coming out of the projector forms pictures on a screen similarly, the waves or the subtle cosmic lines after passing through the empty space are transformed into material bodies. This is the reason that these metaphysical lines are the basic medium of the material bodies. The lights coming out of the projector can be perceived by the material eyes whereas these paranormal lines can only be sighted by that observing sight which is the sight-of-the-soul. No detective machine has been invented so far which could help us seeing these paranormal waves, although, the effects of these lines can be observed with the help of modern inventions of science in the form of material manifestation. These paranormal waves are studied closely now a day. Researchers have succeeded in taking photographs of the reflections of these paranormal waves. These photographs do not show the lines or waves directly but they only show the reflection of the lines and the waves. Since this reflection is in a form of a material manifestation therefore, it becomes visible.

The rays or the lines responsible for the formation of the physical features are of two types.

 1. Simple waves.

2 Compound waves.

The waves: whether simple or compound, are permeating the space in such a way that these are neither apart from, nor infused in one another. These lines on one hand are responsible for the formation of the features in the material bodies and on the other they reflect the features of one individual upon the other. Senses are produced from the impressions of the very same lines or the waves. When these lines or waves fall upon the mind, the mind comes under a mild pressure. It is so mild that it does not come in the purview of senses. This mild pressure, called fantasy, could be related to anything, any activity or any life of the past, present or the future. When this pressure increases slightly enough to produce vibrations in the senses, a dim sketch of the picture, produced on the mental screen because of these waves, enters the perception. This state of perception is termed as ‘idea’. Further deepening of the impressions of the waves elucidate the features and outlines of something. When profile of something starts taking a definite shape and the thought of some particular thing start attracting the mind then this state is termed as ‘concept’.

Deepening of concept results in sensation or feeling sensually Density and color fullness of senses consequently brings the gradually developing states of fantasy. Idea concept and sensation in the form of a manifestation along with all its features and characteristics before our material eyes.

        In terms of worldly sciences these incorporeal paranormal waves or lines can be exemplified with the lines drawn on a graph for drawing pictures.

1)  Fantasy is the resulting pressure of information descending upon the mind, it remains incomprehensible for the conscious.

2)  Increase in pressure causes a slight vibration in the senses and an outline is formed by the waves. At this stage it is called thought.

3)  Depth in thought, gives prominence to the features, which start attracting the mind. This state is termed as concept.

4)  Depth in the concept produces sensation or feeling

5)  When the feelings are intoned with colors, the object becomes manifestation

Example: –

There is a paper with straight unidirectional lines upon it. A shape is depicted in these straight lines in the form of a picture. The other possible case is that of a graphic pattern made on a paper in which straight lines are crossing one another at right angles so that small squares are made on the paper. When a picture is drawn on this graph paper the small squares are used as the basic scale for the pictures. The size and number of these squares are used to determine the symmetry of organs and limbs of the drawn picture.

Singular and compound lines are the basis of pictures. Species are the resulting pictures of the multiplication and division of these lines and they are responsible for the variety of features in various species.

Features become manifested when senses are toned with colors. This also is a fact that these lines, waves or rays cannot be attributed to any color unless there is depth and colorfulness in the feelings and sensation. Paranormal lines or the achromatic rays are the activities of the universe and the individuals of the universe.

Arrangement of our senses is directly related with the concentration of these colorless lines, waves or achromatic rays and, is according to their spreading on the mental screen or their multiplication and division thereof, we perceive something through our senses. Multiplication and division of the very same lines is responsible for the production of gravity. The movements, linear and rotational, of these very rays, waves or paranormal lines become the periods of time.

Concentration and accumulation of the waves on one hand, introduces us with space and, on the other, they create time. These waves transform into something feasible according to their needs and natural urges. The word ‘feasible’, in the theory of Chromolucis is used for that thing which in its last stage of existence can be sighted by the material eyes.

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