When comprehension and understanding of any creative formulae is attempted and creation of any existent of the universe is taken into deliberated consideration, it is found that the universe and the existing individuals of the universe have four levels. The first level of the universe and its existents is the Ultra-unconscious. This level is situated in the extreme depths of the inner most recesses of the universe and its existents. This level is so fathomless and deep that the knowledge about the properties and its characteristic explanation is almost impossible. But there do exist people of such remarkable spiritual abilities, although they are quite few in number, that properties of this most profound level are observed by them only those can acquaint themselves with the properties of this profound level that are subservient to the Divine will of God, in totality. When this first level emerges with a descending movement, under the influence of this descending movement, its properties and characteristics take on an altogether new form. Collection of these newly formed properties is called the Unconscious Diagnosis and identification of the properties of this level is also quite difficult but as compared to the first level it is easier.

When a movement takes place in the unconscious it is encompassed by the conscious of the individual. This very comprehension is termed as the imagination. And, when the imagination, rising above its level, is displayed in front of an individual it is called the Conscious of the individual. This consciousness starts accommodating images and reflections of the objects that are encountered. This is the state, which is responsible for the existence of an object and the object is denominated by different names. In short, every individual of the cosmos has to pass through these four levels. Existence of an object cannot come under discussion if that thing has not crossed these four levels. In the three initial stages warp and weft of an object finalizes and in the fourth stage the object comes into being manifested, in form and features.

Movement of the universe or its existing objects is of two types. One is the Linear Movement and the other is the Rotational Movement. Both the movements, whether it is Linear or Rotational have an inert period. But, the Linear Movement itself is a period. When all the above-cited four Conscious revolve in the linear direction, this circulation is called Moment, Period of Time but, when all these four conscious in their Rotational movements are drawn towards their respective centers, this movement is termed as Space.


Linear and Rotational Movements; the two states of Time and Space, circulate simultaneously, in the linear direction and rotationally. Both these movements jointly, in the conscious, keep on creating continuously. When, for instance, a top is set in motion, by winding string around it and pulling it away, it spins. Spinning of the top is spatial as well as temporal. It spins in rotational movement and advances in linear motion. Linear Advancement is the Space and spinning rotationally around its axis is Time. It means that linear and rotational movements jointly are responsible for the creation of Space and Time.

            In our sensory perception, the rotational movement is reckoned as durations of second, minute, hour, day, month year and century etc. But, at the same time, the linear movement is measured as Space. When, for instance, we happen to look at the sky the measures of duration of time split up within our senses. It is our conscious experience that the range of our visibility is not more than few hundreds of yards but when we look towards the sky, distances of millions of miles are lying before us. Sighting of the celestial bodies; the sun, the moon and stars, is only possible because we are traveling in the linear direction in a rotational form.

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Spiritual Teachings of Hazrat Khawaja Shamsuddin Azeemi

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