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The great spiritual scientist; His Divine Grace Qalander Baba Auliya, in defining the thinking approaches, has stated that there are three types of thinking approaches. The first type of thinking approach is that when a person, as a human being, makes use of the individual urges properly. When an individual human uses the urges rightly, his every approach is based upon sincerity for mankind And, when sincerity for mankind becomes a dominating trait of an individual he reaches that point where his thinking, after diverting from the individual urges, starts perceiving and understanding the urges of the whole species i.e., after emerging from the individuality, one enters that level which is collective. His thinking and urges no longer remain focused upon his own person. His thinking approach widens to encircle the whole of mankind. The individual approach turns into a collective approach. When one manages to develop the collective approach, his thinking is directed towards those expanses where he is acquainted with the collective urges of the universe: the sum total of all the species.

Three Approaches:

1.     Individual Approach of thinking

2.     Species’ Thinking Approach

3.     Universal Thinking Approach

When a person, for the sake of collective interest of mankind, overpowers his individual interests and urges, the secrets of cosmic mysteries and the universal realities are revealed upon him. He comes to know that how he is required to behave in the wider perspective of the global and universal interests. When a person manages to transcend all these three approaches of thinking he is acquainted with the transcendental thinking approach, which enables him to grasp and comprehend the ultra-cosmic realities. One starts his journey from the individual thinking and enters the species’ thinking and, from there, he transcends to the universal thinking approach.


When we happen to see a rose. We do not have any other thing in our mind at that very particular moment i.e. there exists only a rose and other things become non-existing. When the existence of rose is mentioned it is only an acknowledgement of its existence. At that particular moment, the rose becomes the focal point for our attention and all other things becomes non-existing, at that fractional unit of time center of our thinking is nothing except that rose. The rose is referred to as an acknowledgement of its existing being. In that particular moment which is no bigger than a microsecond, the whole universe converges into one unit; namely; the rose. We cannot shift to another unit unless we do not dissociate from the first one.

All that is dealt with by human thinking is dealt with in a particular sequence and serial. It is a different issue that what is the measure of moments. It could be equal to a femto-second or a microsecond. But, one thing is certain; our mind can accommodate and perceive only one thing at one time in one moment. One may have this objection that we see and perceive many things in one moment and the things perceived in a moment cannot be perceived separately. The moment referred here, in fact, is so small that it is only a tiny fraction of a moment, somewhat equal to a femto-second. According to the theory of Chromolucis, only one fractional moment is the focus of our attention at one time for something. Because of copiousness of the moments these cannot be studied separately. We cannot feel or perceive an individual object unless all the individuals of the universe, except that one particular thing, are not held back. We perceive only one thing at one moment after negating all the rest of the things existing in the universe.

Apparently, we are in the habit of seeing things forward, backward, upward and downward. It is not possible to see in any direction unless our mind is not focused in only one direction. We are familiar with six directions i.e., left, right, forward, backward, upward and downward. These six directions, according to the spiritual point of view are only a product of conjecture. In actuality the direction is only one in which our mental inclinations remain directed at. Normally it is considered that time keeps on passing, it is not so. Time, in fact is being recorded by us: the members of the cosmic family. A person who is thirty years of age has been traversing in time since his infancy to this day, that is, he has been recording the path of his life.

This very recording of life has been termed as ‘The Written Book’ (kitab-ul-marqoom) by the Holy Scripture the very same ‘Written Book’ is the record, Time or the Knowledge of Elohistic Appellations. God bestowed the knowledge of the Names upon Adam. All that was taught to Adam was made to become a record and the very same record is transferring down to mankind; the descendants of Adam, generation after generation.

The universe is a point which we have to assume, or is to be supposed, in our mind. This is the secret of existence of the universe. A point, according to the mathematicians, has neither any length nor breadth or depth. It is only a product of the Conscious. This very point after traveling from the Conscious becomes the Sensuous Perception. The mechanism, which causes it to become the sensuous perception, is quite simple. But it is important to understand, what this conscious is, in actual fact. The Conscious, besides maintaining itself, remains busy in reminding itself. The conscious keeps on rehearsing the record upon which it is based. Entering of a child into old age, after passing through various stages of life, in fact, is the rehearsing of the record. If the record is not rehearsed by the conscious or is not reminded consciously the child would not be able to enter the adolescence. Adolescence, in fact, is rehearsing of the conscious recording of the period from infancy to adolescence

When the conscious awareness begins in the childhood, the child becomes aware of the celestial bodies of the sun and the moon etc. A child is informed about things. He is told that this is a pen; it is a book. This becomes the conscious record, which is used by him till his death. It never happens that a child calls a tree, a book or, a book is called, a tree. All, which is incorporated in the conscious, is the conscious. The conscious makes use of its record or the pictures and inscriptions of the record in different ways.

Among these different ways of consulting this record, one is the sight, which is common in all species. The conscious consults, beholds and rehearses its record to make use of it through the sight. The sight that is operating in us remains in touch with two centers. Sighting one of these two centers is called the Conscious and the other one is the Unseen. Whether it is the sighting in the Conscious or the Unseen, Individual or collective, in fact, there is only one sight operative in these two levels, or as stated centers.

It is one of our general observations that when we are witnessing an almond tree, we say that it is an almond tree. Then if we ask some other person, he would also be saying the same i.e., it is an almond tree. If we inquire from millions of people, all will say the same that is, it is an almond tree. It is evident from this that the viewing sight in every one is the same_

If there had been two sights, both the sights would have been seeing the same one thing differently. If there had been two angles of sight, each would have been producing a different result than the other one. When we say two, it means that there are two different things, each one dissimilar to the other. So, one sight would have been seeing one thing and the other would have been witnessing the same thing as something else therefore admittedly, one aspect of the conscious mind is the Collective level, which is common for the whole universe.

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