Why is Man Superior to Animals?


Millions and billions of people inhabits the world. Every person is ignorant of the life of the other person. Life of every person is such a secret that is not known to the others. This secrecy causes everyone to hide one’s mistakes and shortcomings and to try to present oneself better than what one is in actuality. A person attempts to present himself as a man of ideal nature and if his mistakes would have been in the knowledge of the other people, he would never have dared to do so, and the evolution of life would not have taken place at all. This very characteristics of human nature, distinctively distinguishes man from animals.

Animals have predictable actions and the other animals know these actions of animal life and they, therefore, do not try to pose to be, what they are not. Since there is no veil to hide the actions and activities of one animal from the other and every animal is fully aware of the actions of the other animal, therefore, no animal attempts to present itself in an exemplary manner.


Urge to hide and to cover the mistakes, distinguishes man from the other creatures. This very conscious distinction of man is the source and origin of all sciences and arts. Man’s wish and desire to present himself in an exemplary manner is responsible for his quest to explore new ways and paths. Man’s attempts to invent new things and quest to explore, is the secret of man’s advancement and evolution. This struggle and striving enables him, on one hand, to stand out in the multitudes of creatures and, on the other, to enter the paranormal realms surpassing the physical sciences. This very struggle and striving enables man to discover new paths, to theorize new philosophies, to lay foundations of new sciences and to contribute in evolving new branches of sciences and arts. All these are important factors of evolution of man. Although the evolutionary process is the means of acquiring physical knowledge, all the inventions and innovations resulting from the physical sciences are based upon conjectures and suppositions.

The renowned sadhoo Kabirdas says: “A colorful thing is called colorless (narangi=orange) and the found thing is called the lost one (khooya=condensed milk). The moving thing is named as the nailed one (garri=vehicle). Seeing all this makes me cry”.

Narangi’s (orange fruit) covering, skin, its juicy parts, its seeds all have different colors but still it is called narangi (colorless in literal meanings). The best part of the milk after condensing it, is termed as khooya (literally, the lost thing). Bhagat Kabir says that what a misrule and injustice it is that things have been given the names, which they are not. Who do they intent to deceive?

When the structural formation of life and its evolution is taken into deliberate consideration and life is studied in the wider perspective of the cosmic system, it is found that every man is oblivious of the life of the other person.

Every one is aware of this fact that no one knows anything about his life except himself. This obscurity, which does not exist in animals, gives man an edge over animals.

This whole discussion leads us to conclude that it is man’s distinguished characteristics that he hides his mistakes and shortcomings and is boastful of his virtues. This very distinctive characteristic of man’s conscious life makes him to heed towards the sciences and arts.

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