Unification of Being and Unification of Observation

When the sight functions indirectly it finds itself incarcerated in spatio-temporal restrictions. The more the establishment of indirect sighting the more variety of plurality is created there.

The terms of unification of observation, the Unification of the Being or simply the Oneness are the artifice of human mind. All that a man states, in the perspective of his limited understanding, remains in the confines of his thinking abilities. Acclaiming that Unification of the Being is the Unification or the Oneness of the Lord God is not correct, because the human conscious has not been granted the ability to cognize oneness of the Lord Creator or any of His Attributes. It is simply not possible that any word could express any Attribute of God comprehensively.

                All that permeates the limited and confined thinking of man regarding the Attributes of God, the Gracious he names this limitude as limitlessness. It means that when the unification of God is mentioned, in fact, we are mentioning the unification of our own thinking only, that is, we say that the Attributes of God, the Almighty have been understood by us to this extent only.

When the Knowledge of God descends the first state of this descent is called perception. When the knowledge of God, after becoming perception, stays on a point for some time it starts attaining depth. This depth finally results in the form of sight.

Thinking does not take place unless the perception attains depth. If there is depth in perception and it exists in the form of an idea then there does not come anything before the vision only a sensation or feeling is there, that is, when the perception is in the stage of an idea it causes a light reflection in our inner and this reflection causes feeling about existence of that thing. In the stage of idea, the sensations do partake but it is only in the form of imagination. When this sensation or feeling remains focused on a point the form, outline, features and dimensions are produced in that point, which can be sighted by the inner eye. If these features remain the focus of attention for some time the thing to which these features belong becomes conversant. If the focusing of attention could persist the feelings and thoughts become colorful. At this stage a rush of colors surrounds the point.

Any creature including man comes into being after descending down step-by-step, and its soul creates a carnal body of flesh and bones to exhibit itself. After which the process is inverted. The descending waves of thought start ascending and the perception starts receding from the senses so produced. Recession means that when a day old baby enters the second day of its life the first day is the reaction of the descending life. This very reaction is responsible for causing the feeling of time and space, All the qualities, all the organs, all the senses of the newborn baby enter from one moment into the other this very change is the basis of time and space.

The baby, consciously or unconsciously has this comprehension or this thing is inscribed in his conscious that he has entered into the world of another moment after passing through one. Hours, days, months and years keep on replacing one after the other for the baby. Journey of the senses, stage by stage, step by step, in a state of consciousness is the Time and Space.

Passing of minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years of a baby after his birth means that, the point in its capacity of knower and the knowledge is getting away from the descending knowledge. So much so that death is encountered after death the soul learns a new type of knowledge that cannot be learnt remaining confined in the spatio-temporal confines. In this modern knowledge man learns to be active without the physical body of flesh and bones, or to say, man is liberated from the carnal body. Contemplation about the structural form of the universe, including man, leads us to conclude that they are nothing but light. And this light is circulating permanently in three circles one over the other All the Information pertaining to the universe and the secret policies concerning the creation of the cosmos are inscribed in the first ring of the light. The knowledge of expediencies and mysteries of micro and macro-cosmos is inscribed in the first ring of light found in man.

When a student of metaphysical science reaches that position whence he can see the first ring of light this enables him to witness the Beatific Visions. The sighting of Beatific Visions brings the hidden cosmic record of unseen affairs of thy universe before him.

The second ring also comprises of lights. Those commands are inscribed in this ring, which, after the knowledge plays an important role in life.

The third ring regarding the creation is also composed of lights. Every activity of life is recorded in this ring of light. This record of activities is not specific for men and Jinn’s but it covers all the activities of all the creatures existing in the universe.

When the rings of light are mentioned it appears that these three rings are separate from one another with distinct demarcative boundaries, but it is not the case. It is just a figure of speech, an attempt to understand that, that cannot be described properly because of insufficient vocabulary and improper diction of human languages. Lack of proper words and phrases does not allow us to explain the record of life. All these three rings are infused into one another like three leaves each having two pages,

The first of these three rings is to produce energy. The second one determines the ways of life by using this energy and the third ring exhibits manifestations after uniting all the constituents and characteristics.

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