Healing Powers of Allah’s Divine Names

From the Book Spiritual Prayer

by Khawaja Shamsuddin Azeemi


Ism-e-il’a’hi (Allah’s Divine Names)
The law of the Loh-e-Mehfooz conveys to us that the remotest beginning up until now is all the miraculous working of a Word. The present, future and the time in between the very beginning up until now is nothing but the utterance of a Word. This Word is Allah’s Name. It is the various forms of this Name that has caused new creations to come into existence and will continue to do so. It is Allah’s Name that is controlling the entire universe. There are many forms of this Word or Name. For every kind of Name or Word, there exists a leader and it is this leading Name that controls all the Names of its own kind. The leading Name too is a Name of Allah and it is this Name that we call Ism-e-Azam (the Greatest Name).
The existence of Names is nothing but lights. All the lights that each form has and even the Names that controls these lights are all compounded from lights. These Names are the constituents of all the matter that exists in the universe. For example, the Name that sustains all the senses and the desires contained within a human being is the leader of all those Names and it is this Name that we call Ism-e-Azam.

Ism-e-Azam (Greatest Name) for the Jinns
There is a separate Ism-e-Azam (Greatest Name) for the jinns. Mankind is controlled by a different Ism-e-Azam. Similar is the case for the kingdom of vegetation, the mineral kingdom and the angels. All are governed by different Ism-e-Azams. The one versed with the knowledge of the Ism-e-Azam of any species possesses the knowledge of the entire forms, demands and details of that species.

Eleven Thousand Ism-e-il’a’hi (Divine Names)
There are two types of senses operating within man along with all the demands and emotions of life. One type of sense operates during the state of dreaming and the other during the wakeful state. If we gather both of these senses together they amount to eleven thousand states and demands in total. There always remains a dominant Name on these eleven thousand states or demands. It could be said that Allah’s Names which are operating in human life are approximately eleven thousand in total and the Name which is controlling these eleven thousand Names is the Ism-e-Azam. Out of these eleven thousand Names, five and a half thousand Names function during the state of dreaming. Because man is the best of all Allah’s creation, according to Allah’s laws, every Name that operates within a human holds the rank of being an Ism-e-Azam for another species. It is these Names that Allah taught the knowledge of to Hażrat Adam The ones who direct or manage Allah’s administration possess knowledge of these Names according to their ranks and responsibilities.
Each Name of Allah represents an attribute of Allah. Each attribute contains creative laws within it as well as its entire forms. All laws that function in the system of creation are Allah’s laws.

Allah is the Light of the Heavens and the Earth’
(Sūrah Noor, 35)

It is this Noor of Allah’s that produces life and all the movements pertaining to life in vegetation, minerals, animals, humans, jinns and angels in the form of waves. It is nature’s ceaseless benevolence that every individual of the universe is connected and related to one another through these waves of Noor.
There is a very strong relationship between the galactic systems and ourselves. All the thoughts that enter our minds one after another are related to other systems and habitats. These waves of Noor take on the form of light within no time at all. These short and long waves of light come to us bringing lots of picture galleries. It is these picture galleries that we have named impression, thought, imagination and reflection.

Allah has declared:-
‘People! Call to Me, I will listen. Ask from Me, I will give’
To call someone or to ask from someone it is important that we are introduced to or know this being. It is also important for us to know whether this being to whom we are presenting our needs and wants can fulfill them or not. To have faith regarding this point we must understand and recognize an entity from whom we can hope for the fulfillment of our wants, needs, desires and wishes, even if we asked for more than a million a day. Obviously, this entity is none but Allah. Allah has mentioned His attributes using His Names. Allah declares in Sārah Arāf:-
And Allah has Great Names. Invoke Him by them’
(Surah Araf, 180)

In Sūrah Ahzāb Allah declares:-
‘O ye who believe! Remember Allah with much remembrance. And glorify Him day and night’
(Surah Ahzāb, 41)
Each Name of Allah is a hidden treasure. When the ones who are familiar with these treasures mention Allah’s name by their tongue, they are showered with a rain of blessings and grace. Generally there are ninety-nine Names Of Allah that are popular. Each name has a different effect. To benefit from this precious treasure, there exists a separate method to recite each Name. By the consistent repetition of a Name the brain becomes flourished with the divine Lights of that Name.
As Allah’s divine Lights become stored in the brain, depending on the amount of lights, matters that are unresolved are solved and the desired results are manifested. Just as these beneficial effects are accumulated, similarly the darkness resulting from sinning causes the light within one to become faint and vague. Negligence, carelessness and errors draw one closer to darkness and impurity and distant one from Allah’s Noor. When a person knowingly settles his life upon sin and errors, he becomes an example of the following
Quranic verse:-
‘Allah hath sealeth their hearts and their hearing, and put a covering on their eyes. Theirs will be an awful doom’
(Surah Baqara, 7)

Allah’s every Name is an attribute of Allah and Allah’s every attribute is active and mobile and in accordance to the laws of nature. Every attribute contains strength and life within it. When we mention or recite a Name the effect and strength of the Name is manifested. If the desired effects are not achieved we should examine and review our sinful actions, negligence and disobedience. We are all familiar with the fact that during treatment as well as taking medicine it is important to abstain from certain matters. Without abstention the medicine becomes ineffective. To treat the disease of disobedience and sinning it is important to abstain from certain things and have a virtuous character: Lawful earning, hatred of lying and love for the truth, compassion for Allah’s creation, uniformity in the outer and inner self, hatred of hypocrisy, avoidance of arguments and sin, avoidance of pride and arrogance. A person who is a hypocrite, hard-hearted and thinks of Allah’s creation as inferior to him, and himself as superior to others cannot achieve benefit from the qualities and virtues of Allah’s divine
Names. Before starting the recitation of any Name it is necessary for the aforementioned qualities and characteristics to be produced within one. Acting upon the forthcoming stated cures, and the avoidance of the aforementioned characteristics will definitely cause one to benefit from the fruits of Allah’s divine Names, just as our saints have been
seeking favors and still are benefiting from them.

Permission to Practice Cures

The law is that when a spiritualist grants his practice or process to another person the same pattern of belief is produced within that person as the spiritualist. It becomes fixed in that person’s mind that if we do this then this will happen. It is important to keep in mind that the manifested results will be in proportion to the strength of faith within one. The stronger the faith, the better the results.

Before carrying out any practice or recitation it is important for one to receive permission. After performing ablution sit down facing the Holy Kaba and lift the hands as one would when supplicating. Recite يا حَفِيظُ once and blow on the hands and then wipe the hands over the face three times. Repeat this procedure two more times. Then close the eyes and sit down. In the heart recite يا حَفِيظُ ninety-nine times and pray to Allah for success. Donate five and a quarter rupees (or the equivalent in foreign currency in terms of market value) to a needy person. Now you can recite Allah’s divine Names that have been mentioned in this book.

In the name of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) may Allah the Almighty bless us with His mercy. Ameen

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