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One type of activity of individuals is that which takes place with the help of physical limbs and organs. This activity cannot be pronounced as simple, uncompounded or voluntary movement. This movement, somehow or the other, is dominated by some other movements. All the movements that take place in the physical form are the conscious movements, which constitute the external life. But opposite to this, the latent perception, upon which the movement of the physical being is based, is the internal life or the unconscious of the individual.

An illustration of the internal and the external life is as follows. Water is a need to quench thirst. Thirst is one aspect of this need and the water is the other. The thirst is an embodiment of the soul and the water is that of the physical body. When we happen to mention the thirst there comes two aspects of thirst in our mind. One is its soul or spirit and the other is the body. Both these aspects cannot be separated from each other If the thirst were abolished altogether from the world the water would also be annihilated automatically. Water exists only because its soul; the thirst, exists.

Introduction of life is not possible without form and figures, features and outlines. One portion of life consists of features and outlines and the other is based upon speed When a child is born. He comes into this world with a certain shape and features and lives in this world for sixty or seventy years with his particular shape and features. With the growth in stature and height features and shape also undergo visible changes. The period of sixty or seventy years cannot be seen by means of our physical eyes. The time, upon which life is established and our conscious is recording it in terms of days, the eyes of physical body cannot sight month and years One aspect of life remains before our physical sight and the other remains out of sight. The aspect of life that remains before our eyes and in which we witness the growth and withering of features and shape is all space. And the void in which these features are taking shape, growing and withering and which remains obscure from our eyes, is time.

The place from where, man has come, his advent in this world, his childhood, his boyhood,

his youth and his old-age or the place where he will finally go after passing away from here is all Time. The way man felt and experienced the infancy, childhood, boyhood, youth and old age in shapes and features is Space. When we mention the time then, according to the theory of Chromolucis, the whole universe is correlated with one another in terms of time. And when the universe is mentioned in terms of spatial features then it stands segregated and discriminated as species and individuals.

When the life of sheep, goat, lion, monkey, rat, dog, cat and human beings is discussed it is observed that life and energy is common for all of them. When the universe is studied with reference to species or the spatial peripheries are taken into consideration then the rat, monkey and elephant appear to be in different forms and features. According to the creative formulae, life is based upon two aspects (sides). One of these two sides is time and the other is space, which reduces on one side. increases on the other and is being recorded on the third.

The aspect upon which life is established is all time and the aspect in which the life is reducing, increasing or annihilating is all space. In the peripheries of time every individual of the universe is âcguainted with and recognize one another. Example of the sun, in this respect, is there before us. The sun is serving all the existents of the earth just as it is serving us and when the sun is sighted from a distance of 93 million miles our sight does not feel any deterrence. It only means that when we are correlated with Time and spatial distances cease to exist, our eyes which cannot see beyond a couple of hundred feet. are able to witness a thing at a distance of 93 million miles.

The light responsible for the acquaintance and introduction of the individuals of the universe amongst themselves is unchanging in its nature since Eternity. The soul of all the individuals of the universe is one and the same but they all have different physical forms and features. Wherever the soul is there, the species have things in common. For instance, a sheep, too, feels hungry like any other species experiencing hunger. The experience of hunger is the time. But, when the outlines transform into spatiality on individual level the diets become different. Basis of hunger is temporality (time) and to satiate appetite with various food items is spatiality (space).

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