Conscious is the Passenger and the Unconscious is the Passage

All the creatures, before coming into being existed, in a state of preservation, in the Holy will of God. They still exist there preserved. Where they are preserved is technically known as the Preserved Scripturum. In a wider context, it could be said that all that is happening in the world is a reflection of the Preserved Scripturum. To wit, the Preserved Scripturum is the prototype; the original version of the universe and the whole universe is the image of this original version. This is the reason that the shape and form of a species remains the same and would remain the same forever. Lion is a lion, sheep is a sheep, monkey is a monkey and man is a man even after lapse of millions and billions of years. It has never happened that with the passage of time man has ever been transformed into a sheep or a sheep has ever been changed into a man. A sheep always remains a sheep. Man always remains a man Sheep, in fact, is a replica of the sheep existing in the Preserved Scripturum. Similarly, jinns, man, angels and every other thing are representing their original version of which they are an image and replica.


We produce a cinematographic film. From this one film, thousands of copies are produced for display at different places. When these thousands of films are exhibited through different projectors, the displayed pictures appear to be similar with the pictures of the original film, although every film is different. Whether there are a thousand films or one million these will be showing the similar scenes because, their origin is one and, if there is no change in the original version, every copy will be displaying the same scenes unaltered. If nose of a character in the original version is elongated and the ears are enlarged then all the films copied from this, will show the elongated nose and the large ears of that character.


Anything is recognized and identified through its silhouette and the phenomenal features. These phenomenal features have one or the other name like stars, sun, moon, earth, sky, celestial creatures; angels earthlings; man, jinn’s, animals, vegetables, in-animates and creatures living in the earth; the insects etc.

Name or the appellation is the physical display of something. When the word ‘moon’ is uttered, the shape and form of the moon appears on the mental screen of the listener. When someone is called by the name of Tom, Dick or Harry, we, in fact, refer to these physical features, which are there before our eyes. But when we attempt to understand something with a more profound insight, this fact is revealed that life no longer remains there when the name or the symbolic representation suffers annihilation or the physical body suffers extinction In other words, when the name of a thing is mentioned, we refer to its body and not to its life or soul. The name or the body is fiction. The life flowing in the fictional body is the reality,

When we say ‘pen’, we do not mean to refer to the symbolic representations of this word, rather the ‘pen’ is based upon that reality which informs our mind about the meanings of the ‘pen’. That is, when we say ‘pen’ our mind perceives the characteristics of the pen, the pen that writes. The thing, which gives shape and form to our thoughts and helps in transferring the ideas in a scriptural form, is called the pen. Pen is indicative of a body and its characteristics are its life. All the species of the existents and all the individuals of these species, likewise, have one or the other name that helps us in its physiognomic study.

For the sake of understanding the individuals of a species and to study the species collectively, let us assume, that every individual is a particle. And, this particle is a movement. One side of this movement is colorful andbright. This bright and colorful side of the movement is the manifestation or the body of the particle. The other side of the movement is an achromatic light, which, in fact, is the life, nature, character and the reality of the particle.

One aspect of the nature is time and the other is space_ Space is manifestation, fiction or the physical body and time is the reality That side of the movement, which is time, is invariant and, the side called space is variable The invariant side is correlated with the Creator and the variable side is the creature.

Exposition of the Theory of Chromolucis discloses that the values (quantities) of creatures, keeps on changing and deteriorating, whereas creativity or creatorship is beyond variation and deterioration.


No matter how greatly a wayfarer is absorbed in himself, he cannot have his existence without the way. A passenger may be oblivious of himself, but he can in no way be unconcerned about the passage. A wayfarer is a wayfarer when he is on the way. A passenger is a passenger because of the passage. When we happen to mention a wayfarer, we imperceptibly acknowledge that there does not exist any distance between the way and the wayfarer, passage and the passenger. All the movements of a wayfarer, his character, styles of life and thoughts cannot exceed the limits of the way only because the passage remains unchanged and invariant whereas, the wayfarer undergoes a change at every step. His every step introduces him to a change.

The principles of the theory of Chromolucis guide us that the Unconscious, in the human life, is the way and the conscious is the wayfarer. Engrossment in the conscious activities takes a person away from the Unconscious. According to this statement, the more time is given to the unconscious, the more passage of the unconscious activity is covered on the paths of life. When the human thinking, diverging from the conscious values, enters the unconscious realm, the conscious mind is suppressed and the unconscious becomes dominating, just as in the material world, the conscious is dominating and the unconscious remains suppressed.

When the articles regarding the Theory of Chromolucis, started appearing in the Monthly Rohani Digest Karachi (Pak) and Rohani Digest International (U.K1 Mr. Tahir Jalil from Gujranwala wrote: –

“You have written in your column: “The Theory of Chromolucis”, that besides the soul, an astral body, a body of lights, is there over the physical body and the movements of this very body are responsible for the movements of the physical bodies of men, animals, etc. The modern science has also proved with the help of ‘Kirlian photography’ and ‘Corona Discharge Photography’ that the physical bodies of men, animals and vegetables are surrounded with a halo of lights or aura. You are requested to enlighten us with the spiritual exposition of the creative process that how the invisible light (Noor) of God transforms into the soul and the soul transforms into the astral body (aura) and then how do the objects of the phenomenal world come into being from the aura.”

The answer given to this query is reproduced here for the interest of the worthy readers.

God; a Hidden Treasure, when desired to be known, in order to accomplish His desire, chalked out a program of creation that was based upon love. For granting existence to all that was finalized in the Holy Mind of God, He commended it, to “Be!” i.e. to move.

All that existed in the Holy will of God was fashioned into a form and thus the souls were brought into being. All the components and the particles of the universe were given shape and form_

After that God addressed the existents and asked them. “Am I not your Lord?”

The souls submitted in affirmation and for expressing their acknowledgement said, “Indeed, Thou art our Lord.”

This conversation proves the transference of the faculties of hearing and sight to the souls, which resulted in realization of their existence, and they witnessed themselves in their respective forms and features.

This perception gave rise to the conscious, which affirmed the Lordship of God positively using the art of articulation.

Following the creative process, the souls descended down to the Preserved Scripturum, the Erebus and from there to this phenomenal world.

When the creative process is witnessed by means of the inner sight, our physical being appear to be encased in six covers, one upon the other, three of them are of the visible lights and the other three are of invisible light (Noor}.

These six covers are of

1 Compound Light

2 Simple Light

3 Absolute Light

4 Compound Noor

5 Simple Noor 6 Absolute Noor

Everything comes from God and then finally returns to Him. When there was nothing, God existed. When God, the Almighty desired it that He be recognized, He thought of a program for the creation and formation of the universe. Thus, all that existed in the Holy Will of God was commanded to move and the movement started.

This thing is to be remembered with great care that, in the universe till the Doomsday and after that eternity of the eternities (the remotest perceivable ending), there exists nothing that does not already exist. The initial epochs, the middle epochs and the last epochs of Hell and Paradise also already exist.

It has been stated by the Lord Creator God Almighty, “I am the Lord of the Preserved Scripturum, I retain what I Will and Repeal what I Will.” (God doth blot out or confirm what He pleaseth, with Him is the Mother of the Book). (S: 13, V:39 Quran)

Upon entering the Compositional Realm, the features of the Preserved Scripturum wear an attire of elementality. As soon as the elementality is taken on the foundations of space are laid. The space is based upon time.

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