Cosmic Speed

Students of mysticism and parapsychology are well aware of this law that this whole universe is based upon the senses. There are two prominent types of senses. One, the senses in which variation keeps on taking place and this variation is responsible for the production of colors. Second, the senses in which there is no variation. Where there is no variation, a state of colorlessness exists. The change or the variation in the senses commences from the state of Ultra-achromatic. When the state of Ultra-achromatic undergoes a change, a state of achromatic (colorlessness) is produced. When the state of achromatic undergoes a change, senses experience the state of mono-chromatic (Unicolor). And, the conglomeration of many colors becomes manifestation, in the form of the cosmos.

Commencement of variation begins from the Fantasy. This variation is perceived in feelings when it descends via thoughts and imaginations. Thoughts, imaginations and feelings are traveling in a circle. The thoughts and imaginations travel to become feelings and then they revert, taking the same course, back. We have to surpass three conscious for having a proper understanding of the stages that are traversed by thought, imagination and feeling and the final place where they appear to be staying. And. where we encounter an invariant state after passing through these three conscious, in terms of Theory of Chromolucis, is known as Unconscious.

When we contemplate, in terms of prophetic knowledge and consult religions seeking the guidance of the sacred books, it is found that besides the commonly known two states of consciousness there exist two more conscious which, because of non-availability of appropriate vocabulary and lack of proper comprehension, have also been termed as Unconscious. One is that Conscious which is known and exercised by the common man, other is the conscious which is in the knowledge of thinkers and scientists and the other remaining two conscious that can only be acceded to through the prophetic knowledge.

When the structural formation of the universe is taken into deliberate consideration it is found that one conscious and three unconsciouses are operative there. The first unconscious is the ‘First Conscious’, the second unconscious is the ‘Second Conscious’, the third unconscious is the ‘Third Conscious’ and the common consciousness, as hereby termed, is the ‘Fourth Conscious’.

            The first of these four conscious, the ‘First Conscious’ is free of any spatiality, hence is space-less and the other three are Space The First Conscious has been called ‘space-less’ due to invariability of its characteristics The remaining three conscious, because of variation associated with them, are spatial In order to have an insight of the ‘space-less-ness’ and the ‘spatiality’, first we have to have the understanding of the rotational revolutions existing in the universe and then the linear revolutions


When, for instance, a glass goblet is sighted, we have to pass through six circles of ascent and descent before it could be recognized Let us examine this process closely. The glass, when sighted, makes its entry into our senses in the form of fantasy. Upon attaining depth, fantasy transforms into thought i.e., when the glass is sighted an outline of the goblet is formed in our mind. This outlined form is devoid of features but still a reflection of the features of the goblet is perceived by our mind. This reflection only causes a feeling of existence of the goblet but cannot produce that image which enables us to see it when this thought further deepens; it takes the form of ‘imagination’ giving rise to the concept of the goblet. As soon as the concept is formed, it takes the form of feelings (sensation) and thus the existence of the goblet is felt physically. At this stage, the feeling converts back into imagination, the imagination into thought and the thought into fantasy. This whole process is completed within a split of a second.

Velocity of this circulation is so great that every object, and in this case the goblet, appears to be stationary. Starting from fantasy, thought, imagination, feelings of an object then again, in reverse order, imagination, thought and fantasy, are the six steps of ascent and descent.

This thing is to be noted carefully that everything existing in this universe is revolving rotationally and linearly. By rotational revolution it is meant that a movement started from a point is concluded on the same point. In fact this very law of the rotational movement is keeping the whole universe kinetic. This complete cycle of ascent and descent is completed in a mille-second and repeated again and again. The speed with which it is repeated is so great that an object appears to be static whereas, in actuality, nothing in this universe is static or stationary. The whole universe will collapse if this chain of movement is brought to a stand still. It is only because of the great cosmic speed that causes it to appear static in our perception.

Man, in general terms, is composed of two conscious. One, which is known by the common people, and the other is not known to the people in general except those who are habitual of thinking and contemplating only they are acquainted with it. In order to identify these two conscious separately, people of knowledge, denominate one of them as ‘the Unconscious’ i.e. about which people are not conscious. Scientists of the modern era have managed to have access to the other conscious existing in man. All the knowledge that has put man on the paths of inventions come within the purview of these two conscious The endless chain of discoveries and inventions was triggered when scientists allowed their Unconscious, the Third Conscious, or as they say, sub-conscious mind, to guide them in their quest to explore and discover the original roots of something.

When the Revealed knowledge is taken into account and the sacred books are pondered upon, an interesting fact attracts our attention, that there were people who did not acquire the knowledge of worldly sciences nor did any teacher, iii mundane ways, provided them any guidance but, still, they left behind a treasure of knowledge concerning realities, for the benefit of mankind.

The most remarkable thing to note, regarding the advancement of sciences and inventions of the modern age is that no discovery and progress lies beyond the worldly resources and material means, to wit, if means and resources are there, the inventions are there, otherwise, there does not exist any concept of inventions or progress. Take any invention it would be found indigenous to material means, that is, the Third Conscious, like the Fourth Conscious, is indigent of resources and means at every step.

In the stage of Second Conscious, during the course of our study we are met with the august personalities of the prophets of God, whose innovative gestures and invented devises transcend the worldly means and material resources Christ, for instance, used to cure the blind, bald persons and the lepers merely by the touch of his hand. Now, this knowledge certainly cannot be termed as invention, progress or advancement by any chance. According to the prevalent terminology, this knowledge is known as miracle. Material means and worldly resources are inevitable when we are talking about the advancement of worldly sciences, whereas, in miracles, the known course of worldly means and resources is not followed.

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