Laws of Nature

Senses are of two types: one, which helps us to perceive in this worldly life and to theorize a rule. In the other form of the senses, the original root of the senses is dealt with to divulge realities. One who is acquainted with the physical senses attempts to comprehend the inner of an existing thing by giving preference to its physical appearance whereas one versed with the inner senses would always look for them from where they are generating. The physical senses appear in the form of tangible universe after dividing into diversified forms. There are senses that remain undivided. These are the senses, which have not transformed into physical featuring manifestation after undergoing the process of division. These are the divided senses which, after taking the form of temporal time; the time lying between Eternity to Infinity, display themselves in the shape of the universe.

Famous and figures are mandatory for the divided senses. Forms and figures are also of two types. One is the material form and the other one is immaterial. The soul cannot be tracked down through the material forms and figures. But, access to the original roots of the material forms and figures can certainly he have through the soul. Materiality remains intact as long as the soul keeps itself associated with matter and when the soul disunites itself from the matter it disintegrates, perishes and annihilates.

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