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Milieu constructs human mind and his thinking approach. Mind accommodates, more or less, the same features, which exist in the surroundings. Construction of the thinking approach is directly related to with the lightness or sharpness of the featuring impressions of the environments. If a child grows in such an atmosphere, where his parents and other people living in the surroundings have complexes, dishonesty and other similar disgusting and intolerable habits, then the child is bound to have the same traits and thinking approach. Similarly, if a child has chastity in his ambient environment, he will be virtuous and chaste.

It is our common observation that the child speaks the same language, which his parents speak, learns the same habits and customs, which are transferred to him from his parents. Fifty percent of a child’s personality is contributed by the parents’ traits and the surrounding atmosphere contributes the remaining fifty percent. This is not only true for the children but is equally valid for the nations and individuals. All that has happened since the Eternity, is taking place or would ever happen is the heritage of mankind and the very same is being transferring to the nations and the individuals.


When the child is born, his conscious is just like the plain paper. Foundations of the conscious are already laid in him by the conscious of his parents i.e. the conscious of a child is formed when the conscious of the mother and father combine. This conscious keeps on multiplying with the urges of life and the alteration of the circumstances.

1       Child’s Conscious + Parents’ Conscious + Conscious of ambient surrounding = Individual


2       Individual’s Conscious + Consciousness of Historic Events and happenings =Ancestral Conscious.

3    Ancestral Conscious + National Conscious =Adam’s Conscious.

Conscious of Adam is included in our conscious and by adding together it is taking an evolutionary shape. It is the law, when two things mix together and merge into each other a third thing is produced eventually mixing syrup in water produces a drink. When water is heated steam is produced, and when the chill of ice is included in water, the water will have the properties close to ice. Similarly when the conscious of mother and father infuse together, a third conscious which is called a baby, comes into being.

Human evolution is the name of regular, continuous and successive transfer of the consciousness. There was a time when people used to live in caves. Then the people saw the Stone Age. After that the articles of stone, implements and instruments of Stone Age kept on transforming into other metals.

Mankind, in the same manner, is living upon that heritage which has descended down from Adam. Adam committed disobedience; the children of Adam have the heritage of disobedience. Adam implored for forgiveness, this approach is also transferred to the children of Adam.

According to the theory of Chromolucis, sighting is of two types; direct sighting and indirect sighting. Direct sighting purports to behold an object without involving any medium. And, indirect sighting means to see an object through a medium all that ever existed, presently exists or will ever exist in the universe is a record. It means that all our senses are also a record. The urges of thirst and hunger are information. When meanings are ascribed to the information it becomes an indirect approach of thinking. This thing can be explained with the help of a very simple example. There is a person who does not use spectacles; all that he sees is direct sighting. Another person uses spectacles, whatever he sees, is seen through the medium of glasses. For more elaborate explanation of this example it could be said that if the glasses of the spectacles are of red colour, then everything would appear red. If the glasses are blue everything seen through them would appear to be blue although the object is neither red nor blue, When a coloured glass is used as a medium of sight, only that would be seen which the glass would show.Thinking approach and this law of sight is one and the same. One type of thinking approach is indirect and the other is direct When someone as a medium adopts the thinking pattern of a person who has the direct approach of thinking, the same direct approach of thinking is transferred to him as well Transference of direct approach of thinking to a student is a continuous process. All the prophets of God unequivocally had this approach of thinking that we all have a direct affinity with the most Exalted Being And the very same relationship is the basis of the universe- All the messengers of God struggled that it should be instilled into people that man enjoys a direct relationship with the Lord God. To strengthen and incorporate this approach, the concept of good and bad, vice and virtue was given to mankind by the prophets. If the concept of good and evil is made non­existent, the right and wrong will automatically be wiped out.

The Lord Creator created Satan too. Devil cannot be termed anything else but a creation of God, It indicates that version of life, which is not liked by the Lord Creator, and the quality of obedience in contrast with the devilish one is liked by the Lord God.

When a student who is intelligent and enjoys masterly skills and knowledge of sciences other than spirituality, wants to learn this knowledge, he has to behave like a child; because in the field of spiritual sciences he is not more than a child.

Imam Ghazali, the renowned scholar of his times, conceived the idea of learning the science of spiritual associability; He traveled far and wide in search of a spiritual academy but in vain. Someone asked him, if he had seen Abu Bakar Shibly, he responded, that he had not left anyone reputed in this regard but he has been constrained to conclude that these are all mere stories without any solid foundation or substance. Then it occurred to him that why to leave this one untried. And in order to satiate his quest, he went to see Hazrat Abubakar Shibly. When he

 reached there, he was in the robe of honour, And, Shibly was sewing his tattered gown with his back towards the entrance. When Ghazali approached. Shibly without turning around said, ‘Well, you have come. Ghazali. You wasted enough of your time. For learning this knowledge you have to act first. If you are ready to act before learning then you may stay with me otherwise you better go back’. Ghazali considered the proposal for a moment then said, ‘I would stay with you, ‘ upon hearing this Shibly told him to go to the corner of the mosque and stay there. Ghazali did as he was told. After a while Shibly took him along to his residence. Ghazali was happy to have such a hospitable mentor who was taking every care of his comfort and well-being. After a few days, Shibly said, well, let us get to work, Ghazali! And to begin with, take this bag containing dates to the market and sell these dates for a slap each. Imam Ghazali did as his mentor commanded him. This continued for three years. Imam Ghazali would take a bag full of dates to the market and whoever slapped him would have a date for each rebuff On completion of three years Abu Bakar Shibly transferred that sublime knowledge to Ghazali for which he had so earnestly searched so long.

When Ghazali returned to Baghdad, he was wearing an ordinary dress and the only thing, which he had, was a bucket tied to a piece of rope. When the people of the city came to know about his return, they gathered to welcome him. When they saw him in that tattered and torn dress they asked him in bewilderment “what caused you to be in this state.” Imam Ghazali replied, “By God, my life would have been wasted if I hadn’t been through this ” the reply of Imam Ghazali is worth considering, A learned, celebrated scholar of his times says that, “if the knowledge about soul had not been explored by him his life would have been wasted.” If he had started debating the reasonability of distributing dates in that odd manner he would not have had that knowledge. If a student is egoistic and is conscious of knowledge possessed by hiM, then he cannot learn the celestial knowledge When Muslims recite the First Creed (kalimah tayyabah), first they negate every god and then acknowledge God. There is no god (la illaha)Except Allah (Illallah). General description of this creed given is that in the times of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) people used to worship idols considering them gods. La illaha purports that the idols are not God but Allah. But according to the direct approach and profound deliberation its explanation would be that La illaha means that we repudiate our conscious knowledge about Allah and, acknowledge Allah as He Himself proclaims to be through His messenger Muhammad (PBUH). We acknowledge and recognize Allah as is known and introduced by Muhammad: the Prophet of God. To wit, first we negate our knowledge and then affirm its existence Negation of our knowledge is the self-denial and when the self is denied there remains nothing except Allah: the Supreme God.

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