Time; its three states

We e have dealt at length, in the context of Conscious and Unconscious, that man is composed of Light and Nasma, that is, man is constituted from Light (Noor) and Nasma, which are the measures of conscious and unconscious mind. Acquaintance with the Unseen, remaining in the conscious world, is not possible. When a person manages to enter the unconscious world or the state of non-serial time after emerging from the conscious world or the state of serial time, the Unseen is revealed upon him, enabling him to witness the Angelic Realm.

There are two agencies that exist before the conscious mind. One is the Invisible Unseen and the other is the Unseen. The former of the two is the Simple Light and the latter is the Compound Light. Before delving into these two, it seems necessary to define that ‘Light’ (capitalized L)

(Noor) is to be taken as that most subtle form of light, which is invisible to ordinary perception and is the basis of ordinary light.

Human mind has three levels each one having two facets. These six facets can be termed as

1)     Compound light

2)     Simple light

3)     Absolute light

4)     Compound Light (Noor)

5)     Simple Light (Noor)

6)     Absolute Light (Noor)

The compound light (un-capitalized I) meaning ordinary light is the conscious world. The Simple light is the unconscious world and belongs to the world of jinn’s. The Absolute light is the world of angels. The compound Light is the world of heavens and celestial angels. The Simple Light is the world of Exalted Angels including the High Throne (arch), The Seat of Power (kursi) and the Inhabited Dwelling (baitul mamoor). The Absolute Light is the area beyond the Inhabited Dwelling known as Veils and is the Real Time. After surpassing the boundaries of the non-serial time man can enter the Real Time. The remaining five facets of human mind have also been denominated as Fantasy, Thoughts, Imagination, Feeling and Observation. The world of Nature, confronting these five facets of mind purports to Information which are provided to every creature and every creature receive them remaining within their own limits and do not alter or induce any change in them at their own. The universe is ordained with three states of Time: The Real Time, the Non-serial Time and the Serial Time.

Real Time:

Real Time or Timelessness does not contain any features only a state of perception is found there.

 Non-serial Time:

The time in which a species is only a species having awareness of its existence as a species is called the Non-serial Time.

Serial Time:

All the phenomenal realms, existing on this planet earth, constituting the worlds of individuals of species and remain in the clutches of temporal time is called the Serial Time.

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