Qalander Conscious

By Khawaja Shamsuddin Azeemi

When God desired to materialize the Cosmic Program present in His Mind, He commanded ‘Be!’ and the Cosmic Program came into existence, in the following older and arrangement:

One Book – Open and clearly manifested

The Book contains three hundred million preserved Scripture therein

Each Preserved Scriptorium consists of eighty thousand galaxies.

Each galaxy has more than one hundred billion permanent Inhabited and settled Systems and 1.2 trillion unstable systems.

Each system is composed of a sun (star) and its related planets; averaging 9,12 or 13 planets per Solar system

It is merely a fallacy and speculative consideration that the planet earth of our Solar system is the only planet inhabited by man. There exist colonies and settlements of man and jinns (Giant) in every galaxy: Each and every colony has a similar life pattern as it is there on the earth. Every style of life, every emotion and demand of life resulting thereof; hunger, thirst, sleep, wakefulness, love, anger, sex and reproduction etc., all exist on every inhabited planet. There are more than one hundred billion permanently inhabited and settled systems in one galaxy. The unstable systems are like the store houses for maintenance of the permanent inhabited Systems, that is, the Unstable Systems disintegrate and this disintegration feeds the permanent System. Every system has its own skies planets mountains, animals, plants and minerals just as we observe in our own system.

God created men and jinn’s with His cherishing love and declared the Garden (Paradise) to be their abode and told them, “O, Adam! Dwell thou and thy wife in the Garden and eat of the bountiful things therein as where and when ye will, but approach not this Tree or ye will run into harm and transgression”. (S:II; V:35).

One hundred and twenty four thousand prophets and messenger have been sent by God in this world so far to preach the rules for living the real life and to warn us about Hell. To spread the light of the teachings of prophets, apostles with the prophetic legacy have been following them. All the apostles, saints, sages and Auliya preached monotheism according to the requirements of their environments and ambiance, in their respective languages. They procreates God is One and the Only, Unique, Absolute, insouciant. He is neither procreated nor He procreates and there is none like unto Him. Every religion has preached the same Oneness and the Unity of the God head. There does not exist any religion on the globe, which denies the existence of God.

Friends of God (Auliya) have elucidated many ways and evolved many systems for the understanding and comprehension of the Oneness, the Unity, the Absoluteness and the Reality of God.

Torch of Cognition

To deliver its message, Nature keeps on relaying the torch of cognition of God from one hand to another. Sufies (saints), Walies, Ghouse, Qutub, Majzoobs, saints, Qalandars and Abdals are those hands of Nature which carry forward the torch of light. These holy people not only enlighten themselves from this light but spread it onto others as well. Their legendary deeds are not only indelibly inscribed on the pages of history but on the minds and the hearts of the people as well. Their prayers cause the endowment of life to the dead, health to the sick food for the hungry ones, riches and wealth for the poor, deliverance for the wretched ones, gifts of children to the barren and the bounties for those who are in distress and misery.

Status of a Qalandar

Qalandars, amongst such people, are those persons who enjoy freedom from the ties and bounds of Time and Space. All the living things are given in their charge and command, every bit and part of the universe is at their disposal but these holy persons are far above temptations, greed or lust. When people request them they feel duty-bound to listen and rectify the cause of miseries of people because they have been appointed by Nature for this very purpose. They are the ones about whom God says, “I befriend My servants and become their ears, eyes and tongue in order to make them talk, and touch through Me”.

Due to the teachings of these holy people, are that everyone enjoys a relation of love and affection with God, a relation in which he can whisper to God privately.

Body and Soul

Semblance of Species

Law of Inventions


Creation of Adam and Eve

The Preserved Scripturum

Rule over the Universe

The vicegerency and the deputization

The Spiritual Primer

Science and the Supernatural

Creative Formulae

Role of respiration in our life

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