Thing not even mentioned

He who created this universe said:-

“Man was nothing………..Not even mentioned.”

“We breathed our spirit in him.”

The Most Exalted God said the same to Christ, “And when you makest out of clay a figure of bird by my leave by my will and the knowledge granted by me. And breath (the soul) into it and it becometh a bird,”

When Christ would blow over a figure of a bird made out of clay it would start flying after becoming alive. The born blind and lepers would be healed when he used to touch them. This thing has been revealed upon us that all the existents individually and collectively were created simultaneously after the divine command ‘kun’ (Be!) was pronounced and that the creatures had no awareness except that of their existence. They were in a state of bewilderment. When the Creator of the universe intended to end this lustfulness and the bewilderment he addressed the existents directly saying, “Recognize’: l am your Lord.”

When the voice of the Lord Creator reached the ears of the souls, ability to become attentive with perception and hearing was produced in them. When the souls became attentive towards this voice the sight was produced in them and the sight witnessed the Lord Creator. As soon as the souls beheld the Creator they responded humbly. “Yes, indeed you are our Lord.”

All the knowledge that God, the Omniscient has transferred to His creatures has three categories. These three categories of knowledge are three stages of Attributes of God and these three attributes remain operative and functional in the creatures perpetually but only the human beings, the species that have been entrusted with trust and responsibility, are endowed with the knowledge of these attributes. It is the same knowledge, which has been declared as the “Entrusted Trust” of the Lord Creator. The creatures which have been granted this knowledge are required to fulfill certain duties and the creatures which have not been conferred upon with this knowledge are not obliged to fulfill any responsibility.

As far as consciousness is concerned every existent of the universe is ordained with this faculty. The consciousness means the power to reason, understanding and intelligence. Where the Lord has mentioned the bestowal of the trust reposed in man it has also been declared that no species of creatures, not even a particle of dust, is deprived of this faculty, When Lord Creator offered His Trust before the heavens, the earth and the mountains they all knowing their feebleness and incapability expressed their inability to shoulder this responsibility. Refusal or denial by itself is evident upon the fact that the one who is denying is in possession of understanding and intellect. Acceptance or refusal cannot come under consideration if the reason and intellect is not there. The Trust reposed in man has been mentioned in the Last Book: the Holy Quran, in the following words.

“And we offered our trust to heavens, earth and mountains. All expressed their inability and refused to bear this burden saying that if they accepted to endure it they would perish but man accepted this trust. Indeed man is ignorant and transgressor.”

The last words of this statement, “Indeed he is ignorant and transgressor” demand profound deliberation. The trust which, upon its acceptance renders man the most distinguished and cardinal creature of the universe, the same act at the same time is causing him to be the most ignorant and transgressor of all the species. The Creator did not tell the heavens, the earth and the mountains that they were ignorant and transgressors despite their refusal to accept the responsibility. Contemplation indicates that they were wiser, more intelligent and more sensible than man. If man is oblivious of the trust reposed; the knowledge of Attributes and Appellations of God, then he is the creature of the lowest grade as compared to any other creature existing in the universe. Where the grant of knowledge of Appellations to Adam is mentioned the first thing told is that the knowledge of Appellations is granted to man so that he could act as the vicegerent of God on earth.

Vicegerent is the one who could exercise the powers of his superior or deputize the boss. And, this is only possible when one is aware of the laws concerning the powers and authority granted to him. When the creative activities are defined and explained, the life and death both are to be taken into consideration comprehensively. When someone passes away, in fact, he is born in another zone. When, for instance, a person dies in this material world he is born in Limbo. This chain of life and death continues ceaselessly for all the realms that occur between Eternity and the Final Ending.

Note. Any creation coming into being under the delegated powers of the Lord Creator in fact is a by-creation, that is, any creation, anyhow, comes into existence only by the components created by the Creator or because of the active participation of the creative attributes of the Creator.

In the section of spiritualism concerning the theory of Chromolucis muraqba of La is considered of basic importance. In this muraqba one is required to negate oneself. Negation of the self-purports to one’s negation of all that knowledge, which he enjoys, on individual level about himself, about his surroundings, about the cosmos and the details of the universe.

Now the question is, why should one negate the knowledge? Negation of knowledge is necessary because the whole body of our knowledge, all our ways and manners of knowing, recognizing or identifying a thing in this material realm are based upon fictional and hypothetical senses and unless these fictional and hypothetical senses are not negated we cannot learn to make use of the real and non-fictional senses. The basic difference between reality and fiction are these fictional and hypothetical senses that keep on changing and varying every second.

Whether the senses or the ways of life are based upon fictional senses or the real senses both depend upon knowledge, if a child after his birth is left in a jungle and he is nurtured and reared up there then his life would not be different from those animals amongst which he grew up. Similarly, if we do not know about something or it has never been mentioned then that thing is nonexistent for us and we can never be able to see it.

The example of deaf and dumb people who can neither, hear nor speak can be taken into consideration. Their abilities are proportionate to the Information perceived through the sight only. They feel what they see but they cannot describe and explain it. It is worth considering that deaf and dumb children witness everything of their surroundings but since their level of understanding or ability to accommodate knowledge is limited to sight only, their knowledge, in many aspects, also remains limited.

As a matter of law whether it is seeing, hearing or feeling through touch each one of these senses is instrumental in gathering information and, hence, is a branch of knowledge And, that also is the knowledge which guides us in sighting hearing, feeling actually etc. If someone has never seen a stone in his life and a stone, without any prior information, is placed before him. And, if now he is asked, what is this? He will not be able to tell anything about that stone because his knowledge regarding that stone was non­existing. But, if he already has any knowledge regarding the stone, he would not be required to touch the stone and he would be able to express his information concerning that stone only by looking at it only for once. If prior knowledge about something is not there then it is not possible to see it, to hear it or to feel it tactually To wit, knowledge about something gives it its existence. When this is established that existence of anything is its knowledge only then sight too, is knowledge, hearing is also knowledge, articulation too, is knowledge and all the traits and characteristics of human life, without any exception, are also knowledge. Existents are nothing, save knowledge. Knowledge is reality. All that exists is only knowledge. Nescience is non-existing.

Existence of all the creatures existing in the universe and the programme concerning their lives is all knowledge. The Lord Creator chalked out a programme concerning the universe as He wished. When He wanted to get that programme carried tout, to activate the functioning of the whole system He switched on the programme and the programme started going on air.

             If a hidden relationship had not been there between the individuals of the mankind and the goat then it would not have been possible for them to recognize each other A spiritual associateis bound to contemplate that why do I recognize the goat and how does the goat recognizes me. The Lion recognizes man and man recognizes the lion. Why a person when he happens to look at the sky spontaneously identifies the moon, the sun, and the stars. Not only that he identifies them but feels an awareness of the existence of these heavenly bodies within himself sensually on the basis of knowledge pre-existing in him When someone becomes habitual of contemplating, a very special knowledge: the knowledge of Beatific Vision (Tajjalli,) becomes activated in him and the hidden relationship existing between all the heavenly bodies and the existents of those heavenly bodies is witnessed by him. When the spiritual associate becomes aware of the obscure relationship existing between the members of the cosmic family, the record of the world existing millions of years ago or hence comes before him.

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