What is Time?

When the human conscious is directed towards Fantasy, Thought and Imagination, it is directed towards the Simple light and when it enters the boundaries of Feelings, after emerging out from the limits of Fantasy, Thought and Imagination, it is encountered with the compound light. Now it could be said that the awareness of variations taking place in the conscious is the existence of the conscious. The soul peregrinates in the moments of Light (Noor) and the conscious mind traverses the moments of light (ordinary light)


Tom is an individual. If it is asked, who is Tom? the answer would be that he is the son of so and so, brother of so and so, is twenty-five, well mannered, educated, intelligent and a smart man He is young, handsome and tolerating person of pleasant disposition This means that Tom is a collection of these qualities. Which are his characteristics, that is, Tom is not the name of a mass of flesh, bones, veins and muscles but he is a collection of certain characteristics. If the life of Tom is pasteurized, it would be said that Tom is a displayed film of these characteristics. The life or the characteristics of the personality of Tom, in fact, is like a film which if rolled will become a moment of Tom’s life. Or, to wit, collective name of numerous moments is Tom. It is the same Tom who is witnessed, felt and perceived by the senses. Tom is the title of a rolled film of countless moments of Tom’s life.

When we happen to see something, the moment of the Non-serial Time imperceptibly measures the intermediatory distance in such a way that neither the light of the object is separated from our mind allowing any gap there, nor it permeates our mind. This is the reason that we can see an object, had our mind lost its contact or entered the object even fractionally, then, we would not have been able to see that object.

Day after tomorrow cannot come, unless, tomorrow is not lived through. Similarly the month of June, if one is talking about it in March, cannot come unless, the months falling between them are passed, that is the Serial Time is continuous and is always sequential. The Non-serial Time, contrary to this, is not always in order and sequence. A dreaming person can suddenly foresee the happenings of ten years or so hence, although the intermediary time has not passed yet. It means that the events, incidents and happenings of an era, irrespective of past, future or present limitations can be sighted in the Non-serial time When we are climbing down the stairs, the record of measurements of the stairs available in the Non-serial conscious guides our steps Therefore, we do not think consciously while we are descending the stairs. Sometimes we happen to miss our steps and stagger or fall down because our mind is distracted from the record, the Non-serial Time and the steering control is shifted to the Serial Time for one or the other reason. And, since the record of the measurements of the stairs is not available in the Serial Time we commit a mistake and stagger on our steps.

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