Actions and Pursuits


  1. Being in constant remembrance of Allah through Zikr.
  2. Concentration, pursuit, efforts and contemplation.
  3. Establishing a link with Allah through prayers.
  4. Fasting in order to attain proximity to Allah.
  5. Remaining pious after self-purification.
  6. After being a Muslim, observing the unseen world.
  7. Freeing one’s self from all distractions and with concentration, searching for one’s inner self, or in other words, meditating (Muraqaba).
  8. Controlling anger and bringing forth forgiveness.
  9. Allah Almighty serves His creatures without expectations; in accordance with this attribute of Allah, a Sufi too strives to serve all creatures.
  10. A Sufi witnesses the beauty of the minarets in the sky through his eyes.
  11. There is no fear or grief inside a Sufi and this is a sign of the friends of Allah.
  12. A Sufi frees himself from the atrocities of his ego and recognizes his God.
  13. A Sufi is aware of the formulae of creation of the sky, earth and the universe. Almighty Allah gets him to experience paradise in this sensory world. A Sufi in every moment of his life, strives to free himself from damnation.
  14. A Sufi offers gratitude for every blessing bestowed upon him and does not complain of what he is deprived of.
  15. A Sufi is understanding and does not usurp the rights of others.
  16. A Sufi fearlessly respects all and considers obligatory upon him to be useful to all irrespective of their religion.
  17. A Sufi is unappreciative of lies and himself refrains from resorting to lies.
  18. A Sufi is the first to greet “Salam”.
  19. A Sufi is magnanimous and hospitality is their tradition.
  20. A Sufi acquires, Certitude of knowledge (Ilm-ul-Yakeen), Certitude of sight (Ain-ul-Yakeen) and Absolute certitude (Haq-ul-Yakeen).
  21. With the blessings of one’s Spiritual Mentor (Murshid), establishing connection with the Prophet of God (PBUH), and with the grace of the most Exalted Allah, a Sufi enters the group of those who are enlightened.