The best of all creators, Lord God, is such a Creator who is not constrained to use means and resources for any of his creations When He intends to create something He simply commands it to be, and the creation existing in His Mind comes into being as is willed by Him.

The notion “Best of creators” means that there are creators besides God Almighty; creations other than those of God require means and resources for their creation. When scientists attempted to create by-creations of electricity they were able to produce countless things.

It is one of the attributes of God Almighty that made the existence of electricity possible only by uttering a -word, ‘kun’ (Be!). When man contemplated in this regard he was able to develop and create many things. All those things that are made to operate by electrical energy are the creations of man. According to the spiritual point of view emergence of other creations from the creation of God, in fact, is because of man’s influence exercised upon that creation for the changed usage. This is the very same knowledge that was taught to Adam by God, the Gracious. God taught Adam that knowledge which comprises of creative formulae. When man manages to equip himself with this knowledge and makes use of this knowledge new inventions come into being.

What do we know about this Universe?

Universe is the knowledge; knowledge whose basis and reality is made known to mankind by God, the Gracious. For having this gnosis, cogitation regarding soul is compulsory. God has said in the Holy Scriptures, ‘We bestowed iron and there are inestimable benefits for mankind in it’.

Those who cared to contemplate, upon the properties of iron, were able to discover endless potentials of iron. And, when in order to use these potentials the iron was utilized it became the most important means of inventions for mankind. All the advancement of present era in one way or the other is related with iron Just as the iron is an existing being, the light is also existent. When a person, after surpassing the knowledge of the limiting resources, learns the knowledge of lights, he can bring many creations into being God is not dependent upon anybody or anything for His creations. When He creates all the resources required for any creation come into being automatically. Man’s creative ability is limited to inducing changes in the creation of God. There are two ways to induce change. One is to create remaining within the confines of material resources and by reshaping the available resources and, the other is, to produce something by influencing the lights to take a desired form. That is, to create something by activating those lights upon which that thing is founded. In terms of spirituality these tights are called ‘nasma’ and in scientific terms it is called ‘aura’. When someone manages to learn this knowledge concerning lights the creative formulae start transpiring upon him. Man is that wonderful creation of God who has been granted the power to conduct influence in the other creations of God. And, God Almighty has granted this knowledge to him. God, the Lord Creator calls Himself ‘The Best of All Creators’ because it is in His knowledge that man would also be partaking in creating various things.

Human life is divided into three circles; material, mental and ultra-mental. The material life is related to Physics. The mental activities are associated with Psychology and the Ultra-mental circle is related to Parapsychology According to the theory of Chromolucis, in Parapsychology, those agencies are dealt with which are operative at  the   preternatural    level of the universe and are encompassing the pragmatic laws of nature. Theory of Chromolucis describes the extent to which man can familiarize himself with the formulae operative in the creation of the universe. And, whether these formulae come within the purview of manor not and if they do, to what extent, what is their utility for man and how can he enjoy a pleasant and successful life by making good use of them.

It is an undeniable fact that joy and grief both are directly related with thoughts and ideas perceived some thoughts are delightful and some are grave for us. According to the theory of Chromolucis, every existing thing has two sides. Brain is also a two-sided object. One is towards the right hand side of the skull and the other is towards the left. Both the portions or the sides of the brain remain always in operation, Working of one side is responsible for the production of diurnal senses and that of the other side produces the nocturnal senses.

The brain on the left hand side is the conscious mind and brain on the right hand side is the unconscious mind. As long as something is in the conscious mind it is there but it cannot be preserved for long and tends to slip into oblivion. But when something surpassing the conscious mind enters into the unconscious mind it is registered in the memory by the support of understanding and sagacity.

When something is studied superficially or is crammed up without serious study, it does not pass the limits of the conscious mind, but when the same thing is studied seriously by paying attention to its meaning and purpose, it gets into the limits of the unconscious mind leaving a lasting impression of its gist and substance. God appointed Adam His vicegerent. This vicegerency was conferred upon Adam when Adam learnt the knowledge of Divine Appellations from God, the Omniscient. Understanding the organizational affairs concerning the universe and administration of these affairs in the light of knowledge of Elohistic Appellations comes in the purview of vicegerency. God taught man raison d’etre of Elohistic Appellations and secrets of administrative policy so that he could participate in creation by contributing his new and fresh inventions being His vicegerent.

God has formulated formulae for the creation of everything and every formula is functioning under specific quantities. It has been declared in the Holy Book of God, “We created everything in fixed quantities”.

It has been stated earlier that the actual man is the soul. The most significant characteristics of the soul are that it is free from anxiety, depression, bereavement and diseases. Soul makes an invisible body, which acts as a medium between the material body and the soul. This incorporeal body of man also has the power to ascribe meanings according to its desires to the information supplied by the soul. Just as other creations exist because of specific formulae, the invisible body operative between the physical body and the soul is also functioning actively because of certain formulae. There are billions of such formulae, which can be broadly classified under the following four headings.

1)    Water Energy  

2)    Electric Energy

3)    Heat Energy

4)    Wind Energy

The more a student of spirituality excels in learning this knowledge, the more peaceful he grows. Fears and sorrows are replaced by peace of mind, deprivations are substituted by achievements and the activities of metaphysical realm are witnessed after emerging from the limiting confines of the conscious mind.

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