The Sensation

It is an observed fact that when a clot of blood attains human form and the body organs like eyes, ears, nose, brain etc, are formed he hears, sees, feels and articulates. After birth according to a specific system he is nurtured and the growth finally causes him to be a sensible and intelligent person.

Every individual of mankind has his own distinct perception. This very individual perception is the means of identification and recognition of one another. There are two ways of recognition. One, when we see someone other than our own self, first we identify ourselves perceptively and then the other person or the creature before us is recognized. This is the way of cognizing something in this world of manifestations. The other way of recognizing something is to recognize it innately. Every form of God’s command is preserved in our inner and when something is sighted externally it is identified due to our innate knowledge. As a matter of law everything existing externally is a reflection of its inner side. If something does not exist in the inner it cannot be sighted as a manifestation. The basis of recognition of the individuals of the universe is that the whole universe exists in the Preserved Scripturum collectively which means that every individuals of the universe enjoy the innate cognition of every other individual.

If the mind of everyone is considered a mirror then the direct sighting would be that anything witnessed by us is first sighted by our mind and then it is seen by us. We see only that which our mind observes. We are just observing that which is being displayed on the screen of our mind. Human sight is unable to catch anything if its picture is not displayed upon the screen of human mind.

There is a glass of water and we say that we saw a glass of water. According to the theory of Chromolucis observation in this manner is unreal and fictional. The factual position is that the reflection of the glass and the structural formation of water is displayed upon the screen of our mind through sight and in the light of our knowledge, the eye catches it.

According to the theory of Chromolucis looking out is not seeing. Seeing is that which is being shown to us by our soul. This is the reason that after death, despite having eyes, eyeballs, lens of eyes, retina, etc, etc, man cannot see anything. Why? It happens because that thing, which was accepting the reflections of objects existing outside, detaches itself from the physical body. This thing; the inability to see, is experienced even without facing death. For instance, a person is blind. There are various things that are lying in front of him but he cannot see them because the medium of sight: the eye is not there, that is the eye did not play its role in transferring the reflection of an object to the mind. Then this also happens that eyes are in perfect condition but the cells that are responsible for generating senses or the senses which are responsible for perceiving the images, either stop functioning or start malfunctioning. In such a situation man can neither see nor feel.

A person who is bitten by an ant feels the pain resulting from the bite although he didn’t see the ant biting him. The sense, which produces knowledge in any manner, tells the human mind that he has been bitten by something. The sensual knowledge about anything whether it is through touch, smell, hearing, taste or sight, in fact, is the first stage of perception. After hearing or seeing inference of meaning is the second stage of perception.

Another way of classification of senses and perception is that having knowledge about something is the first stage of perception.Viewing or sighting is the second stage of perception. Hearing is the third stage of perception. The fourth stage is when it is smelled to feel the odor. Touch is the fifth stage of perception. Man, in fact, is nothing but knowledge and the knowledge in different stages become the different senses.

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