In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

To become a Sufi is Sufism and what does it mean to become a Sufi? The one who cares for his inner self (Soul) more than his manifested self (Body). A sufi is one who isolates himself in order to belong to Allah. He is driven by firm dedication and employs the most refined abilities of discernment (idrak) to comprehend the facts. A sufi upholds his faith that Allah reveals His message upon the person Himself and man is in constant contact with Him.

A sufi after dedicated strives, desires to witness his beloved. Through concentration and meditation, he is instilled with the conviction that the purpose of life is only to attain God realization. Sufism is a knowledge, that fosters the development of a soul and brings the creatures closer to God Almighty. The travelers of the path of spirituality and Sufism through their spiritual observations and experiences, witnesses Allah and are bestowed with the blessing of conversing with Allah.

Abdale Haq Hazoor Qalandar Baba Auliya (RA) has declared that apart from performing ones daily physical routine, the efforts to attain the wisdom and cognition of the soul is Sufism. The religious practices (Tareeqat) and Divine laws (Shariyat) in Islam also points out to the same, that man maintaining his purity in body and action and through contemplation, must gain awareness of his true self so that he observes that the soul within each human being is a gateway to the unseen realm within. As the soul is a part of Allah, in other words as it is a part of a whole, when the part is observed, he realizes the whole reality.

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