This book is dedicated to those lively-hearted

friends who want to reach the pinnacle of

humanity through service to mankind and to

those scientists who would adorn the Earth

anew after 2006 A.D

His Divine Grace Qalander Baba Auliya writes in his valuable work ‘Tazkira Tajuddin Baba” (An Account of Tajuddin Baba Auliya).

“Human beings are conversant with the act of ‘articulation’ from the very beginning. In talking, the sound waves with predetermined meanings convey the information to the listeners. This method is a duplication of that communication style that takes place between the waves of Ego. It is a common observation that a dumb person conveys everything with a slight movement of his lips and those who are versed with lip-reading; understand every thing which he desires to convey. This too is a replica of the same method. Animals convey their feelings to their fellows without producing any sound. In this case, too, the waves of Ego are operative. Trees also converse and communicate with one another regardless of the distance existing between them. This conversation not only takes place amongst the nearby trees, but the trees at far-off distances also take part in it. The same law is valid for the minerals as well. Stones, pebbles, and the dust particles also negotiate with one another exactly in the same style.”


By Khawaja Shamsuddin Azeemi

The Single Unconscious

What is Telepathy?

The Law of Sight

Time and Space

The Galaxial System

The Law of Exchange of Thoughts

Society and Our Beliefs

Deterioration of the Brain Cells

Focusing of Attention

Telepathy Lesson One

Salt and Sugar

Mirror Gazing

Experiences of Lesson One

Ocean of Lights


Goddess of Sleep

Telepathy and Breathing Exercises

The Second Lesson Of Telepathy

Thinking Of Righteousness

On The Threshold Of Grave

Man, Jinni and Angels

Incidents And Experiences Of Lesson Two

Classification Of Knowledge

Mental Turmoil

Third Lesson Of Telepathy

Belief Of Science

Incidents And Experiences Of Lesson Three

The Inner eye

True Definition Of Imagination

The Fourth Lesson Of Telepathy

126 Elements

Incidents And Experiences Resulting From Lesson Four

Domain Of Thoughts

Laws of Nature

Fifth Lesson Of Telepathy

Sixth Lesson Of Telepathy

Experiences During The Course Of Lesson Six

Seventh Lesson Breathing Exercise

Method Of Influencing Telepathically

Eighth Lesson Breathing Exercise

Mind……. A Tree

Spiritual Person

Spirituality And Sorcery

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