When the individual consciousness is dissolved into the consciousness of the species, it makes contact with the collective consciousness of the human species and one can send their thoughts to any person without the help of any external medium; no matter how far away the other person lives. They can receive thoughts as well. This discipline is commonly referred as telepathy.


Man is at par with animals, birds and insects if he is not aware of the use of the power, granted to him by nature. The only quality, which enables him to be a cardinal member of nature is the willpower in him. Man’s willpower is the only distinction that helps him rise over the level of an animal.


Man is composed of three tiers. The first level is his individual conscious. The second is the unconscious of the individual which forms the conscious of the mankind. The third is the unconscious of the mankind which becomes the conscious of the universe and is referred to as the cosmic conscious.


There is only one method to stop the deterioration of thoughts, and that is to refrain from dubiety and uncertainty and to not allow doubts and suspicions to enter into our minds.


Just as one man can communicate with another after having established a telepathic connection with him, similarly the diseases can also be contacted telepathically and requested to release the patient. All the diseases respond positively and the patients get cured too. For instance, if someone has a headache, and you with high levels of concentration focus your attention on the headache, one of the two things will possibly happen, either the shape of headache or its silhouette will appear before your vision. If you suggest to it to disappear, it will disappear after having accepted your suggestion. In this way you can treat any disease and cure patients provided the disease is not one of the authoritative diseases. 
Yes, diseases are also authoritative, and one of such is cancer.

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