Muraqaba is the name of that contemplation (tafakkur) through which man is able to gain the knowledge (ilm), which is the primordial knowledge of his Ego, Self or Soul. After gaining that knowledge, any man can gain access to his Ego or Soul. It appears that the person performing Muraqaba is simply sitting in a pose with his or her eyes closed. However, merely shutting the eyes and assuming a specific pose does not serve the purpose. Muraqaba is in fact an angle of perception (Tarz – e – Fikr) through which the person performing the Muraqaba frees himself or herself from outward (zahir) senses and begins their journey in the inward (batin) senses.


There are eleven thousand generators (latifa, plural lataif) at work inside man. According to Sufism, there are eleven thousand Divine Names as well. Every Divine Name is an Attribute (sifat) and every Divine Attribute is knowledge (llm). This knowledge further expands into more and more spheres to become a manifestation of the Divine Attributes.


All five of senses [Vision, Hearing, Speech, Taste and Touch] have limits within the physical realm but they are limitless in the spiritual realm. The spiritual senses usually remain hidden or dormant. However once they are activated the vision becomes independent of any boundaries or confinement of distance. The ear hears sounds of any wavelength and speech no longer finds itself in need of any words. Without uttering a single word a person could send or receive his or her thoughts to anyone, anytime no matter where the subject is. The truth is that human senses actually come to their peak when spiritual senses are in motion. 


In the human mind the waves of information from the cosmos convert into thoughts. Just as when you throw a stone on a still pond of water, it creates circular waves in the pond; in the same manner, waves of thoughts are created when cosmic information energy enters our mind.


Using Muraqaba, the following are the different methods of absorbing light of any particular color in an individual. 

METHOD-1: Sit in a comfortable position and imagine the waves of color and light and being absorbed by the whole body. 
METHOD-2: During the Muraqaba imagine that from the sky the waves of color and light are falling and are being absorbed into your brain. 
METHOD-3: During the Muraqaba imagine the entire surrounding environment lit with the same light. 
METHOD-4: Imagine that you are immersed in the river of that light. 


Intuition is one of the 11,500 hidden senses that each human has. We can feed our intuition through Muraqaba. (Meditation)


By examining our daily routine of mental occupation, it is evident that our mind is constantly engrossed in the affairs of the surrounding environment and the normal waking period of the day is routinely consumed by the mental hustle and bustle. We are constantly bombarded by the incoming thoughts related to the surroundings and hardly any time is spent when our focus is shifted from the seemingly never-ending thoughts. This throng of thoughts becomes a hurdle for consciousness and because of that it never pays any attention to the esoteric life. Just as it is harder to be inside the pond when the waves are on top of it, the mind is therefore, unable to see the inner reflections.


By Khawaja Shamsuddin Azeemi


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