Muraqaba (Sufi Meditation)

Read the chapters of the Muraqaba Book to learn more about this ancient practice of Sufi Meditation and how the healing power of Muraqaba can bring peace and harmony to you and your loved ones.


By Khawaja Shamsuddin Azeemi


Self and the Cosmos

Mental Concentration

Spiritual Brain

Waves of Thought

Third Eye

Film and Screen

Motions of the Spirit

Electrical System

Generators (Lataif)

Three Layers

Heart of the Cosmos

Concept of Unity

Muraqaba and Religion

Benefits of Muraqa


Subtle Sensations

Spiritual Journey


Classification of Muraqaba

Helpful Exercises

16 Week Program

Spiritual Concept of Healing

Muraqabah of Colored Lights

Station of Ihsan

The Hidden World

Muraqaba of Life after Death

Kashaf ul Qaboor

Dress of Soul

Haatif Ghaybi- Sound of the Unseen

Tassawar Shaykh- Meditation of the Master

Tasawwar Rasul. Meditation of the Prophet

Muraqaba of the Divine Essence

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