Adam, a Void or Soul

Present and future, in this universe are only fictional phenomena the whole universe is nothing but the past.

Speed of light according to the scientists of this era is 186,282 miles or 3 x 10= km per second, i.e. the speed of the functions and activities or the incidents taking place within the spatiality of a second is 186,282 miles per second. The space occupied by 186,282 miles radius is the jurisdiction of one second and all the incidents that are taking place in this space would be called the incidents happening within one second. If somehow all the incidents happening in the radius of one second could be counted then it would be possible to determine the actual-length of one second and that how vast is the space occupied by one second.

It is worth noticing that when the space of one second, as we now acknowledge, is a radius of 186,282 miles then it is simply not possible that all the cosmic events, incidents, functions and activities taking place in one second could be brought into written account.

Universe is familiar with three kinds of time

1)      Real Time

2)      Non-Serial Time

3)      Serial Time

Any step taken by the universe is subservient to one moment. The whole universe is enclosed in moments. It is one moment or the other they both have to remain within a moment. They are displayed in the form of moments. Every moment of the universe is kinetic; the universe remains in motion every moment. It is never at rest any time, the universe is traversing from one point to another and from that to yet another. Every moment in this universe is a variation. Every moment has its own, individual existence. The incidents of every moment are separate units of time, each separated from one another.

It is the holy proclamation of the Lord God, “I breathed. My soul into the Mould of Adam. Granted him the knowledge of things.” i.e. Adam was created from a void and in this void God breathed His Soul.

After breathing the soul into Adam he was given the knowledge of things. Thus, Adam is ordained with two things. One is the Soul and the other is the knowledge of the things this knowledge enabled man to know what the things are, what is their formation and purpose. And, what this knowledge of things is in itself


Eloshistic Soul- knowledge of things -Phenomenal realm- Soul Administration of the universe =Adam.

Soul + Knowledge of things =Adam


          Adam is the resounding clay i.e. a void or an empty space. To fill this void, soul is breathed into it. The breathing of soul resulted in grant of knowledge of things. Exploration of Laws of Nature, in the light of the granted knowledge concerning Administration of the universe and to live this life, is the Phenomenal Realm: the World of Nature. It is man’s nature that he longs to enter the soul after getting out of the void and have the knowledge of Things, making use of the spiritual potentialities and thus discover the Unseen. Adam is Void. The void is filled with soul. The soul enjoys the knowledge of things. The knowledge of things is encompassing the World of Nature. The World of Nature is the Serial time. The Serial time is based upon the non-serial time and this non serial time is the unseen.

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