Quest and Research

 For having access to the reality of any kind of knowledge one is required to get to the depth of that science. Superficial thinking cannot take us to the reality of any science. No branch of knowledge exists in this world, which can be exempted from the need of curiosity, exploration, depth, quest for knowledge and research. The more profound is our thinking regarding any branch of knowledge the more points are revealed and when these points are taken into consideration profoundly countless branches of knowledge are produced.

Any branch of knowledge or science excels when more people are there to contribute ideas, put forward theories and conduct researches to establish its authenticity. It becomes a systematic science that has its own philosophy, its own doctrine and its own ways of deduction. The sciences of modern age are true examples of this thing.

A scientist takes up an issue and starts contemplating on it. After reaching some positive conclusion he dies. Some other scientist takes up the lead and contributes few new ideas and points to that branch of knowledge. In this way many people with genius participate in research and an individual status of the body of knowledge is established.

Theoretical presentation of the knowledge supported with doctrines and theories offers a challenge to courageous, tasteful people with brains and guts and the theory of science is put into practice, finally resulting in the form of such an established science which cannot be denied by anyone. For introducing any branch of knowledge and to establish it as an independent science the various points of that knowledge are interpreted and explained in different ways using different examples and metaphors. These explanations keep on coming before the people and the conscious mind gradually becomes familiar with these explanations. Familiarity eventually results in plunging of our mind into depth. When a student enters the depths of the conscious mind the doors of unconscious are opened for him. When a spiritual associate keeps on journeying the paths of the Elohistic knowledge he reaches the depths of the conscious mind and enters the depths of the unconscious mind then the door of the Infra-unconscious opens for him. Upon entering the Infra-unconscious he comes to know that who created this cosmos, why he created, what expediencies are there in the creation of this universe and how it is created, i.e. what is the mechanism of creation?

If one is endowed with the faculty of thinking and contemplation then after surpassing the theory and making it a practice, knowing the universe, cognizing the Creator of the universe and to converse with Him becomes an easy thing.

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