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All the realms of the universe have three facets. One is the realm of the invisible Light (Alam-e­-Noor). Other is the realm of light. And, the third one is the compositional or the material realm. Basis of all these three facets is Time When we enter the realm of Invisible Lights the Divine will of God is revealed upon us. This revelation helps us in cognizing the Lord.

Percipient of the Animal Soul, in this material world, in the state of Reminiscence, Drowse or Muraqba manages to witness that the Animal soul is a facet encased in space and man is incarcerated in the limiting senses. When man, after getting out of the Animal Soul, enters the Human Soul, he perceives through the faculties of sighting, hearing and other senses that man enjoys that ability which can enable him to be liberated from the spatial restraints. This also comes to his knowledge that man is not only an exhibition of features occupying space but these features are enveloped in a body (covering) of lights and this physical body is weaved from the warp and weft of these lights. He also knows this that man can traverse with the speed of light and his velocity of flight can be equal to the velocity of light.

Both the sides despite being different are not 

separated from each other these are adjoining 

like two pages of a single leaflet. Space is 

founded upon Time.

During wakefulness the Time, remaining in the 

background, makes the space dominating and 

during dreaming the space is in fused in and 

dominated by Time

For proper understanding and comprehension of the cosmic formulae this thing should be remembered carefully that when the features of a phenomenon takes place, time goes into the background and when the illustrations of the existents in the universe rise above features, then space infuses into time. When the cosmos is displayed in the limits of space it is known as the descending movement and when the space goes into the background, it is termed as the ascending movement.

Every detail of Ascending and Descending movement is inscribed upon the Preserved Scripturum. There is a screen between the Preserved Scripturum and the phenomenal world. The screen, which comes between the Preserved Scripturum and the physical world, during the descending movement, is called the Erebus (Burzakh). Illustrations coming from the Preserved Scripturum are manifested in forms and features in the physical world and after manifesting themselves in the physical phenomenal world they revert back and ascend towards the Preserved Scripturum. During this ascending movement they again encounter a screen known as Purgatory (araaf). From Preserved Scripturum to the material world and back, there are seven stages in all that an illustration, after leaving the Preserved Scripturum, passes through. Every descending movement represents a creature

God is all Seeing, Omniscient, and All Knowing. Loving and Affectionate. So very naturally God also has a Mind. It came to the Mind of the Lord Creator that He should create such a creature, which is ordained with memory, thinking, insight and faculties to learn the knowledge so that it could cognize its creatorAllegorically, it could be stated that God is a Being. It came to His Mind that He should be creating a universe, which is complete in every aspect and in this universe there should be such selected people who would be able to cognize Him and have an innate affinity and intimate relationship with Him. When God willed, all that was desired by Him, came into being, as it was there in His Mind. The first phase of this program was ‘The realm of the Souls’. After this, the second phase: ‘The Preserved Scripturum’ came into being. Each and every movement of each and every individual of every species of the universe, moment by moment, was recorded on the Preserved Scripturum in the form of a collective film. Then this program was put into action to appear in a manifested form.

The realm in which the universe was displayed or manifested in the form and features of the species i.e. the unified program of the film was disintegrated in the species’ form, is technically termed as the Illustrated Realm or the Erebus the display of the film from the Illustrated Realm on the individual level is known as the Physical world. In the physical world the species are displayed in the form of individual members of their respective species.


Everything if, on one hand, is descending then on the other, it is ascending. It means that everything of this universe, after emerging from the boundlessness and coming into limitations declares that the Lord is boundless, unlimited. Limitude is the creation and Boundlessness is the Creator. This limitude or the creatures are the universe our universe, which is composed of three rings. The first ring is that of Materiality. The second one is that of the Animality. And, the third one is that of the Humanity. Activities and movements of the phenomenal world and all its components are taking place mechanically and this mechanism is based upon materiality. The mechanism, which is the basis of materiality, is responsible for the production of minerals, in-animates and the plant kingdom.

Formation of animals, including man

1)            All that existed in the mind of the Lord Creator, came into being when the Elohistic Will desired and commanded it to ‘Be!’  The Realm of Souls.

2)            A collective film of every species and its individuals was set to mobilise the creatures of the universe —   – the Preserved Scriptorium

3)            In the next phase of the movement the unified programme of creation splited up for species —-the Eribus / illustrated realm / Astral bodies.

4)            The movements of the Astral relam start displaying upon the screen of the earth in the form of individuals                the phenomenal world or the world of matter.  This phenomenal world, the final limit of descending movement, is the conscious whereas; all the proceeding realms are related to with the unconscious. After reaching its lowest ebb, the descending movement converts into the ascending movement ——- the Purgatory (Alam-e-Akhfa)

Commences from the second limited ring of the universe. All these three rings of the universe are alternating from descent to ascent and from ascent to descent. Every ring, after its dissolution, is transmuting into the other one

    If a person succeeds in having the introduction of the Lord Creator, this could happen in two ways. One is that he is introduced with the Elohistic Attributes and the other is the introduction of the Supreme Being of Godhead. When a person has the introduction of the Elohistic Attributes he witnesses God in His Attributes. Contrary to this, when someone witnesses God in His Being then, in fact, he only perceives the Exalted Presence of God with the help of his intuitive thinking.            Structural formation of the universe, wondrous use of various quantities in the formation of the cosmos, remarkable arrangement of these quantities in the form of species, the distinctive characteristics and features of every species, semblance and interaction of species with one another on the basis of their qualities and properties, segregation of the individuals of every species and the correlation of individuals with one another and their relationship with the members of other species invite a man of intellect to reason that this universe is analogous to a family. A family, which is headed by a chief patron, who is associated and linked with every individual of this cosmic family in such a way that no one can dissociate from Him. An individual might be or might not be having the knowledge of species and the celestial bodies existing in the universe but this mutual and hidden relationship remains intact under every condition and circumstances.

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