Spiritual Healing

Khawaja Shamsuddin Azeemi

Author’s Note

Remedies of about 200 ailments and problems resulting from traumas of dubiety and uncertainty are presented in this book.

All the suggested solutions of problems and remedies of diseases presented in this book have been bestowed upon me through Silsela-e- Owasia Qalanderia Azeemia and i have been duly empowered to exercise them.

I am publishing this Spiritual Treasure with a passion of service and for the benefit of my fellow beings. And, i pray to God Almighty, seeking kind intercession of the Holy Prophet ( SAW), that God may grant His acceptance to this humble effort of mine and may bestow health upon His people and save them from problems, difficulties and worries. Ameen.

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Therapists and Therapeutics

Permission to use and Thanks giving for Charms and Amulets.

Treatment of a Haunted Person

Method to remain Protected from Clamaties and Catastrophies.

Diseases of Eyes

To Invoke Divine Help


For success in exam




Diseases of Intestines



Stiffness of body organ(s)

Disobedient Children

Inferiority Complex



Children Diseases

Black spots on the body

Relieving from bad habits

Blood Pressure, Nervous Breakdown, Mental disorders

For Getting rid of wet dreams

Body Aches

Weakness after sickness

Treatment of scorpion or Snake bite

Loss of Hearing in old age

For curing deafness

Axillary swellings

To recover from Unconsciousness

Fighting amongst brothers and sister

For prosperity and General well-being

Problems concerning Misfortune


White spots of the skin

Un-diagnosable Diseases

Diagnosis of disease

Diseases of Gallbladder


Pain in ribs/chest/back etc


For obesity and to reduce tummy

Debility of Muscles of legs or calves


Boils, Rashes, Itching, Skin inflammation Psoriasis etc.

Diseases Related to Urinary Track

Cancelation of a Transfer

Transfer to a Desirable Posting

Winning over People

Spleen diseases

Spasmic Convulsion, tetanus, etc.

Tonsillitis & Scrofula


Ailments of Liver

Childlike appearance in youth

Involuntary semen discharge

Deficiency of milk in cattles

For sex-appeal

Termination of illicit Amatory relationship

To Counteract Magic (Sorcery)

Revival of spiritual and physical abilities

Confirmation of demonic or evil spirits effects

For relieving from Kleptomania

For the retrieval of stolen goods

Pain due to injury

Inability of locomotion

For an Attractive and charming face

Gastric Problems

To Guard against animosity of an enemy or a jealous person

Matrimony of Choice

Safety during journey


Back hunch

For Increase in Agricultural yield

Non-willingness to work

Dog Bite

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