By giving the example of Abraham, in the Holy Scriptures. God has elucidated that for having cognition and access to the Lord God, negation of the non-lords is necessary. Besides negation of non-lords, it has been mentioned in the story of Abraham that he contemplated after renouncing the conscious senses and entering the unconscious senses.

“And, so also did We show Abraham the power and the laws of the heavens and the earth that he might with understanding have certitude. When the night covered him over he saw a star: he said, ‘This is my Lord!’ But when the moon set, he said. ‘Unless my Lord guide me, I shall surely be among those who go astray’. When he saw the sun rising in splendor, he said, This is my Lord, ‘0 my people! I am indeed free from giving partners.’ He also said. One that sets cannot be Lord and I turn my face towards the Lord who is the Lord creator of the heavens and the earth”.

The main point described above is that anything that declines or decreases no matter how huge. bright or powerful it is not worthy of worship, because there exists a still greater and larger power that is responsible for its hiding and display. The act of contemplation by Abraham also establishes that man enjoys this inborn faculty of distinguishing between the Lord and non-lords. This very ability has been termed as ‘Self by the Holy Prophet and ‘The Jugular Vein’ by the Lord Creator, in the Holy Scriptures. If a person loses the ability of recognizing his own self then such a person cannot be introduced with his Lord God When man and human life are analyzed critically, resources and means inevitably come under discussion We see that life is reviving ceaselessly. Every minute of the hour life is reviving God has produced material resources to maintain this revival. These material means include gases, light, air, water, food et al. Despite the availability of these material resources, there comes a time upon man when food, air and water fail to revive his life and no change takes place in the physical structure and formation In the material world of ours this state is known as Death. When one dies physical organs and limbs like eyes, ears. nose, mouth, hands and feet all remain there, the material resources for their maintenance also remain existing but diet of any type, air or water of any kind do not and cannot restore anyone to life. Had the life been depending upon the diet, air and water then it would have been possible to restore the dead to life with the help of these things This fact has been established that the material resources cannot revive anything to life When the life is not depending upon the air, water and food only then there must be one upon whom we are constrained to depend. It is that being who has created all these means and resources for man.

“Glory to him who created all things in pairs of two.” For understanding the duplicity referred to in this verse we have to comprehend the conscious and unconscious senses operative in man. When the conscious means and resources are discussed we encounter a non-lord at every step and for living this life we establish our relationship with so many things other than the Lord. Analytical study of life reveals that life is led in two portions of conscious and unconscious senses or to be more precise, major portion of life is spent under the influence of the unconscious senses.


After . one’s birth one lives a life of unconsciousness in the first decade of one’s life. Major portion of the remaining life is also spent in an unconscious state: especially when the duration of the sleeping hours is included in it.

If a man, living in the state of consciousness, could manage to spend more time in the unconscious state of mind then he can enjoy the spiritual awakening.

The period in which man remains active with conscious senses is known as wakefulness. Time and Space remain dominating in this state of wakefulness or the conscious senses, that is, we find ourselves confined and incarcerated in the limiting senses on every step. In the other phase of life, the state of unconscious senses known as dreaming, the spatio-temporal restraints are relaxed. Relaxation of the restraints enables us to enter that realm where the limiting restrictions of this worldly spatio­temporal system do not exist.

Conscious negation of the non-lords enables us to enjoy freedom from the limiting restraints of Time and Space and we can enter the world of Unseen Realm after equipping ourselves with spiritual potentialities. When the spiritual sciences are taken into consideration we have to rely upon the scared books revealed upon prophets of God The last revealed Book: the Holy Quran, on one hand is a spiritual heritage for mankind and on the other it is such a document of the metaphysical sciences in which everything has been described in detail. This thing has been explained in the initial verses of the second Sura in the following manner.

“This is the Book; in it is guidance for sure, without any doubt, to those who are prudent about God and in exercising prudence they believe in the Unseen.”

Scholars, with enlightened mind and soul, explaining these words of Quran have stated that if there is dubiety and uncertainty in a person then this book is of no use to him. It only provides guidance to those who are not hypocrites. According to the Holy Scripture, the quality of the people having prudence is that they believe in the Unseen, which purports to all those things, all those factors, all those situations and all those realms, which are obscured from the physical eyes. Now, as a matter of law, for having acquaintance with the Unseen, believing the unseen is necessary. This is an established fact that one cannot have unmitigated certitude regarding the things unseen unless these are not witnessed. And, one has to develop the ability to see the unseen for having certitude. This law is not only valid for the unseen realms but is equally valid for our day-to-day life in this material world Every sphere of man’s life comes within the purview of this law. When life is analyzed in the light of this law or when our activities and character is taken into account we conclude that if we are not attentive with certitude towards something then we can neither see it nor comprehend it.

Example: –

If a person standing under a tree, inspite of having his eyes open is not attentive towards the tree then he would remain oblivious of the existence of the tree_ Although the tree, in such a case, definitely exists there, his mind remains ignorant of the tree_ He neither sees the structure of the tree nor the leaves or flowers attract his attention. But contrary to this is the case when one looks attentively towards a tree. Details of the structural formation of the tree, its genus, its circumference, its height, its colour, leaves and flowers all come to one’s notice when it is believed with certitude that there exists a tree before our eyes. We know that a tree exists. It is our perceptual awareness that there are thousand of trees existing in the world but we cannot see the tree if the tree is not observed after acknowledging its reality in terms of the above stated law. For sighting the tree we have to have an idea of its existence before looking at it. And, for acquainting with the tree we have to observe it after stepping out of our self-oriented perception. The same is the case of the observations of the unseen realms.

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The movements that take place in Diurnal
senses are orderly, sequential and step by step
i.e., one moment second moment and then, the
third moment.
In nocturnal senses one remains free from the
sequential movement i.e., the 10th or 20th
a moment can follow the 1st or 5th
During wakefulness, nobody can reach from A
to B unless all the intermediatory points are not
covered one by one.
Whereas during dreaming for reaching points
D from C, one may skip over the intermediatory


We travel from one city towards the other. We undertake this journey because we are sure of the existence of that city. When we advance in the light of our certitude we manage to see the city. Basis of the certitude, about the existence of a city yet to be seen, is that we have already seen one or the other city. It is in our knowledge that there are streets and lanes in a city It has houses inhabited by human beings. There are trees around its buildings. Similar is the case of the Unseen world. Just as there are thousands of cities and towns in this world similarly there are millions of worlds existing beyond the space. This number could exceed billions and trillions. If there does not already exist any record of the observation of any unseen world in us then we cannot enter any realm of the unseen nor can we reach that Supreme Being who is beyond the limits of the invisible limits of the unseen. This is the law, which is valid for both the worlds of matter and spirit.


Every child makes use of the things told to him by his parents, after acknowledging them as factual reality. Training of children is based upon this very thing that the children believe what their parents tell them to believe. Students of parapsychology and the spiritual associates know that flow of life is based upon certitude. The laws of cosmic Administration are valid for both material and spiritual worlds.

It is our observation that every child has this inborn ability to get his dietary requirements fulfilled. He expresses his needs by crying for food. After this. this ability is produced in a baby that he starts recognizing the person closest to him, which normally is his mother. The main source of a child’s recognition is the smelling power, i.e. he recognizes his mother because of her aroma. With the growth of age his conscious also develops. The state that establishes after making its room in the conscious of a child, with continuous growth of the conscious, is known as certitude.

If parents call water as water the child also pronounces it water. And, the child accepts the names and properties of all that exists in the ambiance of the child exactly as they are found in the minds of his parents. When the child enters that stage of the conscious life, which is known as the time of learning knowledge, certitude plays the most vital role. Teacher tells him to call a particular letter ‘aye’ and the child because of the belief transferred to him from his society, following his teacher. calls it ‘aye’. And, this belief encompasses his whole life in such a way that no one, even in his last age. can dare to negate that ‘aye’ is not an ‘aye’

So the law would be that just as for entering the world of consciousness certitude is important similarly for having the acquaintance of the unconscious world, certitude plays the basic role.

Where can this certitude be found? Wherever it is. that place is termed as Internal Ego. Basis of the Ego, Self of Internal Ego are the Attributes of the Lord Creator. All the individuals of the universe and their senses enjoy a mutual relationship because of the Attributes of the Lord Creator.


There is a pond. If a pebble is thrown in this pond. ripples would be formed in the pond. These rippling circles, starting from a point, enlarge and spread up to the banks of the pond. These circles of ripples are countless in numbers.

Each wave produced in the pond represents a species in its structural form, which, on one hand, is called the species, and, on the other, it is the individual. When the pebble was thrown in the pond countless waves got activated in the circular form, that is, the waves always existed intrinsically in the pond. This existence surfaced when the pebble struck the water of the pond. Display of a wave, from within the pond, is the conscious of the individual. As long as the wave is in the water of the pond, it is the unconscious of the individual. The pond in this example is representing the collective conscious of the cosmos. After acknowledging the emerging waves on the surface of the pond as the individuals of universe, we have to admit, that the whole universe is associated in a hidden relationship and in this case water of the pond is the hidden relationship.


When man sights the sun it is felt by him that he is familiar with the sun and he knows it. This also comes to his mind that the sun is also a member of the cosmic family just like himself. Apparently, there appears no immediate relationship of the sun with a man but when a man looks at the sun he experiences a sense of closeness or association with the sun. it does not come to his mind that there is no relation of the sun with him. This very relationship or mutual association is that latent feeling which is found in every individual of the universe. And, because of the very same affinity, every particle of the universe is aware of the existence of the other.

When the system of reproduction is taken into consideration it is found that all the species of flora and fauna of every epoch, animal, and in-animates closely resemble human beings. In the light of such observations and experiences, it becomes inevitable to acknowledge that there is someone who is encompassing everything and. all the members of the universe remain active and kinetic just as is the wish and command of that Encompassing Being. Since that actual base and the root cause of man is the fathomless ocean of light, therefore, after acquainting with his root cause, he manages to see the universe. When any activity takes place in the ocean of the light, the person knows it because he is the source of the sea or the pond..

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