The Earth is Ours

When the structural formation of our earth, the moon, the sun, the galaxial systems and that of the cosmos is taken into consideration it transpires that the whole system is working according to certain rules, regulations and laws enforced so securely that anything existing in the universe cannot defy or avoid them even for a fraction of a second. The earth is rotating around its axis and revolving in its orbit with a particular velocity that never changes. The flow of water, evaporation of water, the breakup of water molecules because of inter collision resulting in lightening and illumination of surroundings is taking place according to definite rules and laws of nature. Similarly, the birth and growth of plants and animals are also following the fixed and appointed laws, the growth and birth in human beings is also according to a system Man grows from infancy to childhood   and   from the youth to old age.It is worth noticing that no one wants to grow old but is constrained to grow old. No one is willing to die but there does not exist even a single precedence when man could have escaped death.

Contemplation leads us to only one conclusion that this coherent and organized system is run by someone. This Deity has been given different names like Baghvan, Yazdan, Eliya, Johova or Nirvana. Sacred Books introduces Him by the name of Allah. No matter what epithet is used to address Him we are, anyhow, constrained to acknowledge that a powerful and boundless Being is supporting us and He governs the whole universe. Those who do not acknowledge existence of any such being, according to them. Nature is responsible for construction and destruction of life. Their denial, in fact, is only another form of their admission of the fact because if something is non-existing question of acknowledgement or denial of its existence does not arise. When someone tries to comprehend this sublime eternal Being and his understanding fails to do so, he tends to deny this deity altogether.

Everything has been created according to a definite program. Nothing has been created useless or for fun sake. Usually man’s all interests remain associated with his carnal body of flesh and bones. This body of flesh and bones is, anyhow, not the actual man. Actual person is the one, who keeps this body moving and protects it. We prepare a dress to protect our material body. No matter of what material the dress is, it moves along with the body. Movements of the dress are directly associated with the movements of the body. The dress does not possess any movement of its own. Similarly, when someone expires, his body, just like a discarded dress, becomes unable to move or to offer any defense or resistance to establish that this carnal body does not enjoy any movement of its own. The body of flesh and bones called man by us is not the actual person rather it is only a robe of the actual person that is wearing it.

As is required by sensibility and reasoning in the theory of Chromolucis the reality of man is explored. It is attempted to find out that from where does man come to prepare the robe of physical body and then where does he go after taking it off.

Nature has taught man various important and effective methods in order to enable him to acquaint with the basis and reality of actual person in man. Every existing creature due to the gifted faculties enjoys consciousness and senses, lives and participates in activities of life Inanimate objects and plants converse and communicate with one another. Intercommunication between vegetables, inanimate objects and other creatures of earth inform us that the earth and everything existing on earth enjoy consciousness. The earth is in possession of creative abilities like those of a mother. Just like a mother who gives birth to her child, the earth after passing through various creative factors displays fabulous and enchanting colors. When water in the presence of the sunlight, moonlight, air and gases of the atmosphere enters the earth, the earth displays incalculable creations. There are millions of would installed in the earth. The water takes the shape of the mould in which it enters. The water that becomes apple in one mould turns to be grapes in another and at places it transforms into flowers. When the seed of banyan which is much smaller than the poppy-seed is put in the soil the earth nurtures it to make it a huge tree; a tree, which can accommodate hundreds of people at one time underneath it. The whole range of material creations, displayed on the earth, invites man’s conscious to think and deliberate that how man is superior to animals, vegetables and inanimate objects. Far beyond the final advancement of science in the fields of physics and psychology lies the knowledge of spirituality. Spirituality, in fact, is a document of formulae for concentration, contemplation and profound understanding. The best method for the perusal of this document is Muraqba.

What is Muraqba?

Before understanding Muraqba, we are required to understand the laws of spirituality pertaining to vision or the sight. When something is sighted, ordinarily, it is considered that we see because something is there before our sight whereas in spirituality we are told that we see something only when its image is formed in our mind we do not see anything directly, rather the screen of mind, where the image of something is formed, is studied. Spirituality is such a mechanism, which has its basis upon the waves When a student of spiritual science focuses his mind on a point concentratively the ability to enter the unseen realm is activated in him. Apparently it seems that the spiritual associate is sitting silently, with closed eyes but, in actuality, he peregrinates the unseen realm using the innate senses.

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