Ocean of Lights

Experiences of Lesson No. 1

Muneeza Fatimah from Lahore writes: “I wanted to learn telepathy. When the first exercise of telepathy was published in the weekly Magazine. I was overwhelmed and I decided to practice the exercise given by you. I am sending you a detailed account of my experiences and incidents experienced during practicing the exercise.”

9th JUNE:

“I was trying to submerge in the ocean of light when I fell asleep and I saw in my dream that there is the light of Allah which is like the mercury light but it is so bright that when I tried to look at it, it dazzled my eyes then I saw that place where the souls of the martyrs reside.”

“After the Fajar prayer, I again went to sleep and saw it is quite stormy and I am trying to close the windows and doors but to no avail. In the meantime, the milkman named ‘Ilm Deen’ comes and delivers some pure milk and tells me to drink it. I return leaving the door open. I look towards the sky and see a very bright star right above my head. It has a network of hair around it. First I felt scared but then this feeling subsided and I start praising the Almighty Allah.”

10th JUNE:

“I went to sleep when I was imagining my submergence in the river of light. I saw in my dream that a very thin beam of bright light is connecting the earth and the sky. This in fact is a passage towards heaven. When I started following this beam and looked towards the heavens I heard the voice of Allah saying “If you want to walk on this radiant passage, existing between the earth and the Heaven, preach kindness and mercy to people”

11th JUNE:

“During the course of my meditation, I felt as if a dark screen has been removed and an opening appeared before me, when I looked intently I noticed some weird and strange things, like a very high table, a beautiful huge bowl, etc.”

13th JUNE:

“During the meditation exercise, it appeared as if there is a great and limitless ocean of light in which the whole universe is submerged, I found myself empty and saw that my body is a thin leaf-like shell. It occurred to me that I am free to move around as, when, and where I would like so I thought of visiting my teacher. Floating through the vast expanses of the cosmos with the occurrence of this thought, I found myself flying in the air towards Karachi.”

15th JUNE:

“When I managed to submerge in the ocean of light, I noticed a large book, when I opened it I found a painting captioned in Persian. The picture was depicting the ocean of light. There is an ocean of blue rays of lights spreading over the horizon. Excess of blue rays caused fear, the ocean is in the form of huge waves and tides resembling dark clouds. When I turn over the page another painting is there before me. This painting is showing an ocean of very light blue color.

There is a passage of bluish-white light in the center of the ocean. There is a very big tree on the right-hand side of the passage and at the end of the passage, an old man with a very kind and benign expression on his face is standing. His dress is radiant as if made of mercury light. There is so much mercury light that I find it difficult to see that old and gentle person. It appears as if he is standing there to receive people. A strange light coming out from a wall behind him was falling upon him. He is not looking towards the wall. I apprehend that the ocean will swallow the passage and there will be no trace of that old man, but nothing of the sort happens because the ocean just touches the passage and recedes.”

“Ever since I have started these exercises, I feel like smiling all the time. A cheerfulness prevails upon me, God has started appearing merciful and benevolent. The concept of God’s wrath and anger is gradually replaced by his cherishing love and affection.

I want to remain silent and lost in thoughts of my Lord God. A voice comes from within, O, ye; I am close to you but you are far away from me.”

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Spiritual Teachings of Hazrat Khawaja Shamsuddin Azeemi

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