Mr. Mumtaz Ali from Sangher writes:

I am submitting my experiences resulting from the first exercise. 14th JUNE:

“After the breathing exercise, I sat down to meditate. During meditation, my body is cut open like a sliced melon and few people who were probably angels were throwing black things, which were like snakes after taking them out of my body.”

15th JUNE:

“When I attempted to sink in the ocean of light I was facing considerable resistance from within as if some monstrous creatures have entered into me and are teasing me.”

16th JUNE:

“In a state of drowsiness, I saw a house of green color. A young and beautiful lady is casually walking in it; before I could see further the scene vanished, leaving a sense of success. It is the normal state that even during daytime when I close my eyes I find myself submerged in an ocean of light. I am experiencing strength, vitality, and increased willpower.”

18th JUNE:

“In a dream I found myself in a green world where every thing, houses, orchards, men and women etc. are of green color.”

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