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Svetlana Todorovich:

Question: The theory expounded by you about telepathy suggests that you wish to reserve this knowledge for Muslims only. Do you want to give this impression to the aspiring fans of metaphysical sciences that the metaphysical sciences are the heritage of Muslims and only they could master perfection in these sciences?

Answer: Anyone who really enjoys distinction to any extent in spiritual sciences his thinking approach recedes away from materialism accordingly. And he sees every phenomenon of life engulfed in radiating lights.

It becomes his established belief that every ability solely depends upon the soul. He knows and knows well that the whole of mankind is bestowed with spiritual potentialities and everyone can take advantage of the latent abilities of his soul.

When one contemplates the structural formation of the earth, after emerging from the limiting sphere of mankind, it comes to his knowledge that every nook and comer of the earth is filled with lights and luminescence. It also comes to his knowledge that if some terrific accident takes place the waves of that tragedy leave their lasting impressions. In that place where that accident had occurred.

The accident is recorded on the surface of the earth just as some important event is recorded in the memory and stays fresh. The memories of the tragic events and incidents are left imprinted on the witnessing walls and other inanimate objects.

The awe-inspiring waves of the accident remain lingering and the impression of the accident remains there on the scene of the accident long after the accident itself is forgotten.

Sometimes continuous happening of gruesome and tragic events at one place intensifies this situation and that particular place becomes a symbol of horror and starts appearing haunted. One feels scared or becomes putrefied when such a place is visited by a person who is sensitive or has weak nerves. The Sensation felt because of the influence of the waves emitted by the recorded film of a series of tragic events of the past is declared as the effects felt at a haunted place. People with extra sensory perception can feel the dread inspiring waves more vividly. Thus the formidable feeling like that of the hauntedness of a particular place is not because of the memory of the people but because of the lingering waves of the preserved impressions of the tragic events.

In mystic terms, such formidable feelings are caused because of the lamentations of the place about some awesome and tragic event that happened there.

The mournings of inanimate objects appear to be a poetic statement rather than that of an expression of reality. But those who are endowed with a set of specially refined senses and the ability to cognize the realities of the unseen realm know well that the cosmos is nothing but a fabulous network of the waves. Each and every wave carries a set of certain information.

A small part of this information is perceived through the physical organs of the body but the major part of the information requires the extrasensory perception for their proper cognition.

A spiritual associate is that person who after learning the use of extra refined senses witnesses the world in a much broader perspective and has information of much larger vista. No spiritualist confines any part of any knowledge for any particular nation or for that matter for any class of people. Spiritual sciences are the heritage of the whole of mankind.

Every Individual or every nation has a divine right to acquire the divine knowledge handed down by the prophets. It is particularly sad to note that Muslims have deprived themselves of the valuable treasures of the knowledge explored by their ancestors only because of their noncaring attitude towards their hereditary sciences.

Whereas the non-muslim nations remain in quest of exploring the realities of the metaphysical sciences. And they have succeeded to a great extent. One of such examples is that of experiments of Russian scientists through which they established that telepathy; a branch of metaphysical sciences is a scientific reality. Psychologists and parapsychologists of other nations are worried about their success because they know that if a nation after understanding the working of the brain becomes destructive the whole of mankind would be forced to the yolk of slavery and all the resources of the will be at her disposal.

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