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Jan Mohammad from Karachi writes:

I would like to have the answers to a few questions of mine, in the light of the Holy Quran. I understand that answers to these questions will throw light on those aspects of spiritualism that had remained unexplored and people having similar questions will also benefit from your reply.

If we could relay our thoughts and can receive the thoughts of others, as it is claimed in telepathy, then why is it not used in investigations of crimes and detection of criminals to catch the culprits by reading their minds?

The second question is that if by performing Muraqbah when the inner sight could be activated then why can’t we find that why and when the pyramids of Egypt were constructed and how were such heavy stones carried there for their building?

Answer: Before we dwell on the answer to this question, it would be more appropriate to see how many types of knowledge are available for study. If all the arts and sciences taught and studied in the world are examined we can classify them into three main categories.

Physical sciences; Psychological sciences, and Para-psychological sciences.

All the deeds and actions that are performed and studied in a limited sphere and are related with matter and the material world only are classified as physical sciences, or to say, all the sciences that remain confirmed in the material shell and focused only on the matter and the material world are the physical sciences.

Psychology is that knowledge that is operative at the sub-level or the background of the physical phenomena. This knowledge is composed of the study of thoughts, imaginations, concepts, and sentiments. When the thoughts keep on transferring smoothly to the sphere of the physical realm, man remains a symbol of healthy thoughts and if some obstruction or breakage takes place in the flow of this chain of thoughts one becomes a psychological patient and the physical realm encircles the thoughts of such person.

Para-psychology is the name of that basis of the knowledge which could very rightly be called the actual source of information. Technically it is that agency that is operative in the background of the unconscious.

Now, this could be said that the whole body of the man’s knowledge is composed of three circles; conscious, unconscious, and ultra-unconscious.

When we happen to come in contact with any phenomenal existence we have to cross these three circles, that is, first of all, we receive information about something then imagination constructs its features, and then that thing is finally displayed before our eyes as a manifested item. To explain this thing we can say that when we ponder about various manifestations of the cosmos we conclude that the information or the thought is the common factor in every existent. For instance, every man, animal, plant, and inanimate thing considers water as water and treats it as water.

No one takes it for anything else. Similarly, fire is fire for every creature, and just as man tries to avoid the burning from fire every other creature like goat, birds, beasts, and insects also try to avoid the fire alike. If one likes the sweet things the other may not be in agreement with him and might be in favor of salty things but both will be calling the salt as salt and sugar as sugar, No one will mistake the salt for sugar.

Now, this also is a fact that on the one hand man has a semblance of thoughts and imaginations and on the other, he has the divine right of ascribing meanings of his choice to the thoughts perceived. This right of ascribing meaning to the perceived thoughts is that action which either renders someone liable for reward or punishment. The action of fire, for instance, is to bum. When it is used for the welfare of people; cooking food, etc. it is considered a virtuous act.

And, if this fire is used for some destructive purpose; for putting the houses of the people on fire then it is an evil and punishable act.

According to the spiritualist, transference of thoughts amongst creatures is life. We recognize and acknowledge the existence of the other creatures only because the thoughts associated with other persons are transferring to us. If the thoughts of Tom are not displayed on the screen of Dick’s mind, Dick will never be able to identify and recognize Tom. Similarly, if the waves active in a tree and responsible for the existence of the tree do not transfer to man, man cannot recognize the tree nor can he acknowledge the existence of the tree.

Recognition or acknowledgment of one’s existence by the other is based upon the act of seeing. Seeing and understanding are also of two types. One is direct and the other is indirect. Indirect seeing is that when we appoint two beings; the object and the subject, the observer and the observed. When a man is looking at a goat he understands that he is seeing the goat. This seeing is indirect seeing. The other type of seeing is that the goat is looking at us and we are observing the sight of the goat. Or to say, the waves responsible for the existence or the goat’s life are reflected upon the screen of our mind in the form of information.

Mind transfers these waves into certain features and when these features are perceived by the conscious we start seeing the goat. We do not see the goat but in fact, we see the picture of the goat formed on the screen of our own mind by the waves transferred there from the goat. Now, this is the direct seeing.

According to the spiritual sciences, only direct seeing is real and indirect seeing is fiction. This statement of Allah in the Holy Quran demands ponderous contemplation where Allah is telling the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) “And you are seeing them looking at you but they are not seeing anything.” Contemplation on this holy verse reveals that Allah is telling that though the people are looking towards the Holy Prophet (PBUH) they cannot see the Divine and holy waves functional in the august person of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Therefore their seeing is altogether refuted by Allah. Their ignorance about the divine waves of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) amounts to not seeing anything.

Or in Other words, Allah is telling us that indirect seeing is not commendable and, therefore, we should strive to learn seeing directly.

In telepathy, too, it is desired that one should strive and struggle to acquaint himself with the method of direct seeing. When one learns to see directly, that is, he starts seeing the things on the screen of his mind, he starts seeing the things which are not even present before his eyes because after learning to transfer the waves into features one can perceive the waves of anything which he desires so. This is the basic principle of all the divine and metaphysical sciences that the waves which are responsible for the production of thoughts should be conceived.

It is the secret and a very strange one indeed that all the individuals of the universe have a hidden affinity and relationship with one another because of their thoughts and information contained therein. But ascribing meanings to the information and thoughts perceived is different for everyone. Lion and goat both feel the hunger but for one it means eating the meat and for the other, it means eating the grass.

Hypnotism and telepathy appear to be two different sciences but the basic principle of both is the same i.e. the control over the thoughts. This control over thought is the science that enables us to transmit and receive thoughts.

Now coming back to the question asked, that is why telepathy is not used in detecting and investigating crimes.

In reply, it is stated that those who are expert in telepathy basically they have a liberal mind and they are not interested in catching thieves or spies and to act police. They think that they are not supposed to interfere in the work of others. They are only interested in minding their own business.

This fact is also experienced by those who happened to see a spiritualist that whatever was there in their minus was hinted directly or indirectly by that spiritual person.

Why and when were the pyramids built with three million cut stones of seventy tones each, installed at a height of 30 to 40 feet from the ground level. The minimum distance between the two pyramids is 15 miles and the maximum is 500 miles. It clearly means that the stones used in the construction of these pyramids were brought at least from a distance of 500 miles.

Dear brother, for the one who is versed with Muraqbah, it is not at all difficult to find out about such things but they have much higher and more sublime secrets to explore and they always remain busy in discovering the secrets and each discovery which they make forces them to advance further and further.

A sage named Rampa was versed with the transference of thought. When he was asked by the archaeologists, he revealed that people of twenty thousand years ago were more advanced than the scientists of this age.

They had succeeded in inventing such inventions through which the effect of the gravitational pull on a stone could be abolished making the stones of 50-100 tones as light as a pillow of feathers.

Similarly, according to Mr. Edgar Casey; a man from the world of science, these stones were installed after making, they float in the air.

All that is stated by these scholars regarding the pyramids are in strict accordance with the laws of transference of waves which we are studying as telepathy.

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