The Galaxial System

The trouble is that the formation of bones, muscles, and tissues is called Man, by us. This is not that man which is considered a man by nature. This body of flesh and bones could be called, at the most, attire of the man. Example:

When we are dead. Our body becomes devoid of any movement of its own, you may cut this body into pieces, drag it along, strike it, cast it aside, do anything to it, it will not offer any defense of its own nor will any movement be initiated by it. There remains not even a slight chance that it could be revived to life.

Now let us put this example in this way:

If it is desired that the shirt which we are wearing could make any movement of its own. It is simply not possible. The shirt moves along with the movements of the body that is wearing it. The sleeve of the shirt moves along with the movement of the arm present in that sleeve. If you want to move your arm without causing any movement in the worn sleeve then this too would be illogical. As long as the sleeve is there on the arm it is bound to move along with the movement of the arm. The same is the case with the material body of man. When the body is called “the dress” it is meant that this material body of flesh and bones is a dress of the soul. As long as the soul is present the body will be moving along but when the soul is not present the dress of the soul (Body) is just like a discarded shirt.

Man is composed of two types of urges and needs. One is instinctive and the other is natural.

We can control the instinctive urges but as far as the natural urges are concerned, we can exercise only partial control over them. We cannot reject them altogether. A mother, for instance, loves her child when the child expires the mother after expressing her grief violently, finally settles down. In ordinary terms mother’s love is considered a natural urge. This urge in fact is instinctive rather than natural. If this urge had been natural, the mother would also die with her child or would lose her senses but it does not happen that way.

When we take the other case of natural urges like hunger and sleep into consideration, we come to know that one can adjust his diet for satiating one’s appetite but one cannot live without taking food or water, similarly, no one can live awake throughout one’s life without sleeping or the other way round.

In the light of these facts, we can say that the emotions or urges whether they are instinctive or natural are however related to thoughts. We would remain oblivious of an urge unless it occurs in the form of thought The senses of sight, hearing, smell, speech, and touch will also remain in obscurity if the thought concerning them is not there.

It is one of the natural urges of man that he should find out that from where and why the thoughts come to him. And how do the small segments of thoughts combinatively construct the final pattern of our life?

In general terms thinking is denominated as “ego”. This ego or thinking pattern is a conglomeration of such conditions that are collectively known as an individual. The stars and the particles are the creation of a similar type. Either it does not occur to us altogether or we are not fully conscious of this fact that exchange of thoughts keeps on taking place between stars, planets, particles, and all the creatures by means of dunking. The waves of thoughts of these creatures contribute a lot to our thinking and the waves of our thinking also contribute to their thoughts. In fact, the whole universe is like a family, busily exchanging thoughts between its individuals. The jinni and angles are more close to us in their thinking patterns and, therefore, they are more habituated with us.

We are connected to the galaxy systems and have an established link with them. The thoughts that keep on emerging in our mind reach us from far off distant inhabiting systems through the light. Light waves carry the different pictorial representations of thoughts that are termed fantasy, idea, imagination, and thinking, etc. We consider them to be our own whims or thoughts but infect it is not so.

Thinking patterns of all the creatures have a common point and the very common point after collecting all the pictorial representations of thoughts inform us about them. This knowledge depends upon the conscious of the individuals and the species. The pictorial representations are molded into that pattern that is adopted by the conscious according to the values of its ego.

Here it would not be out of place to mention that three types of creatures, resemble the most in their behavior and attitude and these have been mentioned as man, angels, and jinni in the Holy Quran. These three species are found in all the galaxy systems of the cosmos. Nature has devised such a system that all these three species have become creative workers.

The waves of creation are dispersed in the universe from their minds and when these waves reach a certain point after covering a specific distance a phenomenon or a manifestation comes into being. Cosmos is the name of Spatio-temporal distances formed by the varying intermingled waves of the ego. Time and Space, in fact, are two different forms of this variation.

Waves of Ego (Thoughts)

This law should be remembered with great consideration that most of the thoughts coming to our minds are not related to our affairs. They belong to the nearby and far away creatures existing somewhere in the universe. The concepts belonging to those creatures come to us through waves and when we try to establish a link between these thoughts with our life, we simply fail.

Few things are worth considering regarding the waves of Ego. According to scientists, light is the only thing that has the maximum velocity but it is not that swift and nimble that it could eliminate the distances of Time and Space. But the Waves of the Ego (thoughts) are present everywhere in the Boundlessness simultaneously gripping the distances of Time and Space. Distances do not exist for those in the distance which the light waves have to cover up, the existence of that distance is not even acknowledged by these waves.

The story of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheeba as stated in the holy books and scriptures also testifies the same. In the grand court of King Solomon jinni and animals besides men, remain present according to ranks and order for attending any assignment entrusted to them. Once when the court of King Solomon was held in all its grandeur and majesty, Solomon noticing the absence of the Hoopoe, said, “Why is it, I see not the hoopoe? or is he among the absentees? I will certainly punish him with a severe penalty or execute him unless he comes up with a clear reason for his absence.

The hoopoe tarried not long, he came up and in reply to the inquiry of King Solomon submitted “I have come up with such an information which will certainly not be in your knowledge, that is, in Yemen, there is a Queen of Sheeba. God has provided her with every requisite and she has a magnificent throne. The Queen and her subject practice the worship of the sun. Satan has misled them and they do not worship the one and the only God.” King Solomon said, “Soon shall we see whether you have told the truth or lied. Take this letter of mine and deliver it to them and see what they have to say about it.”

When hoopoe dropped the letter before the Queen, she was leaving for sun-worshipping. The Queen studied the contents of the letter and said to her courtiers. “Here is a letter delivered to me, it is from Solomon and reads,” “In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Be ye not arrogant against me, but come to me in submission to the True God.”

She said, after reading out the letter, “Ye chiefs advise me in this regard, no affair have I decided without your consultation.” They replied, “There is no need to be afraid as we are endued with strength and given to vehement war but the command is yours, so consider what you decide.” The queen expressed, “keeping in view, the way this letter is delivered to us, we should take a considered step in this regard and I would like to send an embassy to Solomon with gifts and presents“.

When the envoys of Queen of Sheeba reached before Solomon he said, “Take these presents back and tell your Queen if she did not acknowledge my message, I shall come to Sheeba with a great army and they will never be able to defend themselves.” The envoy on their return narrated what they had seen in the court of King Solomon and told her that Solomon is not only a ruler of men but Jinni and animals are also ruled and governed by him. Queen after hearing all this decided to submit and started for King Solomon. Solomon on learning about her decision said to his courtiers “I want before the Queen could reach here, her royal throne present in this court.” A giant jinni said, “I can bring it here before the court is adjourned by you.” A man who possessed the knowledge of the Holy Book, on hearing this, said, “I’ll bring it here before you could wink your eye.” And Solomon turned and saw the throne of the Queen present in the court.

For the man’s conscious incarcerated in Spatio-temporal restraints it is necessary to understand how could the throne of Queen Sheeba reach the grand court of King Solomon within a wink of an eye from the distance of hundreds of miles. In fact, the thought waves of the man with the knowledge of the book became a means of transference of the throne from the far-off distance after infusing into the waves operative in the throne.

Since times immemorial man is versed with communication through conversation and talking. Sound waves with predetermined meanings inform the listener about the thoughts of the speaker. This method is a replica of the method of exchange of thoughts that takes place between the waves of the ego. It has been observed that even a dumb fellow conveys his thoughts by means of a slight movement of his lips and those who can read his lips understand him completely. This method is also a duplication of the first one. Then there are animals who convey their feelings without uttering any sound. In this case, too, the waves of thoughts are exchanged. Trees irrespective of the distance between them communicate with one another. Inanimate objects like stones, pebbles, and rocks also communicate exactly in the same manner.

In fact only one single conscious is operative in the whole universe and because of this commonness, every wave of the seen and unseen realms, even if they are situated on the opposite poles of the universe, understand the meanings of the other wave. Understanding the meanings of the waves of the seen and the unseen realms is the most vital component of the universe. This understanding is equally important for our own existence. We can observe the situations, conditions, and affairs of other planets besides the one of our own planet; earth, activities of man, animals, angels, jinni, and the various stimuli taking place in plants and inanimate objects through attention and contemplation. Regular practice of contemplation transforms our mind into the Cosmic Unconscious enabling us to be liberated from the limiting ties of our ego and we start observing, comprehending, and preserving anything that is intended to be understood.

This is what we call spiritualism. And, telepathy is one branch of this body of divine knowledge. Telepathy is the name of that knowledge which deals with the exchange and transference of thoughts from one mind to another whereas spiritualism or to say, parapsychology is a much wider and deeper study of my creative formula and its implementation in the universe.

In Ghous Ali Shah’s renowned book Tazkira-e-Ghousia, Maulana Gul Hassan reports that once he inquired from Hazrat Ghous Ali Shah “Sir have you ever been in Love? He said when we reached Banaras. My brother Faizul Hassan was there in the police department. It was a very pleasant meeting. He insisted that I should stay with him but I preferred to stay in the mosque by the bank of the River Ganges. There was a thoroughfare nearby. My brother used to visit me there and also send me meals.

One day I was sitting by the wall of the mosque looking at the passerby. When all of a sudden a young Kashmiri brahman girl of 14/15 with extraordinary beauty and enchanting manners came there along with her companions, I was overwhelmed with passion. She proved to be a thunderbolt to me. I retired to my room leaving the instructions for my brother that I was not to be disturbed as I have to remain secluded from the world for a certain period of time. I closed the door and sat down with my eyes closed lost in the imagination of that pretty girl. This state pervaded for a week. I remained so lost in her thoughts that I had become oblivious of my prayers or had even forgotten about taking food. On the eighth day, someone knocked at the door. I opened the door and there she was standing with her husband with a tray of sweets in her hands. Her husband was also young and smart. I asked them the purpose of their visit. They replied, ‘To have your blessings for children.”

I understood then that it was Cupid’s doing otherwise it was not for them to be worried about children at that short span of their marriage. I found her staring at me. I told her husband to leave us alone for a while as I have to ask her something privately. He left the room. In those days I was forty-five years of age. I addressed myself. Now, what do you want? Want to marry her? She’ll be yours, or want to have sisterly affection from her. If yes, then why have you given up your own relations? You were anxious to be with her, she is here. Now decide, say what you have to say. My heart suggested this was a good game and has played it well and now I don’t want to play it any longer. This was a wish which has also been accomplished.

After having this conversation with myself I inquired few things from her and called her husband in, wrote an amulet for them, and bade them goodbye. When they left, it occurred to me that this game of love would certainly have some effects on the other side as well. So after midnight I left the mosque and stayed in a place some twenty miles away from there.

The next day, she also came there accompanied by her husband, wearing a wary expression on her face, totally tired and exhausted. On approaching me she implored me to come with them to Banaras. When I found them both insisting, I told them that I am here for an urgent piece of work and as soon as I am free I’ll join them in a few days. Thus I sent them off to Banaras after consoling them. When they left I went to Lucknow and don’t know what happened to them.”

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