Mirror Gazing

An event regarding mirror-gazing was published in the daily newspaper of England the “Morning Leader” Friday, August 14, 1886. “Last month the dead body of David Thomas, a carpenter working in the estate of Lord Windsor was found in the outskirts of Ferro Weir. He had been shot by someone. Despite the hectic searches and investigations, neither trace of the murderer nor any clue of the cause of the murder could be found. All evidence lead that David was liked by everyone because of his quiet nature. He had pleasant relations at home. He came from a small town of Cardiff shire but was residing in Glamorganshire where he had married a respectable lady.

He was employed as a carpenter in Lord Windsor’s estate and was living, therefore, in St. Fargan; a village near Cardiff. He hadn’t been long in that village when he met this gruesome accident on Saturday night.

On the eve of that accident, he finished his work early so that he could clear the vegetation that had grown in front of his cabin. When in the afternoon becoming tired he went to his cabin, his wife told him to take the kids out. He did not answer. His wife who was busy in the other part of the cabin also did not pay attention she, however, remembers that he had a wash and after changing clothes he left without taking the kids along.

It seems that he met a friend and both went to a pub and had beer, they parted at 10.00 pm. He was walking homewards cheerfully. When he readied a desolate stretch on the road a passerby heard a shot followed by a scream. The passerby, soon after hearing the shot, saw a man walking hurriedly. The man appeared to be very disturbed.

The pedestrian found, some two hundred yards ahead, a dead body which later proved to be that of David. He shouted for help. David had not died instantly. He had attempted to run after he was shot. The trail of blood indicated so.

A girl of 19, who used to practice Mirror gazing, at the request of the Cardiff Psychological Society, revealed certain strange things about that murder with the help of mirror gazing. She was taken to Ferre Weir. She had not been there before. She described all the details of that murder.

The Western Mail also had information about this strange event. Not believing the story they asked the girl to repeat her experiment in the presence of two reporters or the newspaper. The girl accepting the request took all the participants to that pub where the deceased David had taken the last drink of his life. From there the girl accompanied by two reporters of the Western Mail started walking.

She walked silently for some time then she uttered, “I am beholding a pistol, pointing towards me. The pistol is new and shining bright. It has a wide barrel. After heading for forty yards she again said, “I am hearing the footsteps of someone. I see a man.” “Where?” the reporters asked. “Right in front. He is crawling beside the hedge on the roadside. So that he should not be seen by anyone”. “Describe him. How is he clad?” the reporters inquired.

The girl at that time was in a trance, she stepped forward hurriedly. The reporters were holding her when the girl pushed one of them that the man she had seen is pursuing her. Then she screamed. The reporter rushed to hold her otherwise she would have fallen down. This happened exactly where David was first shot.

The girl was now moaning. She was trying to reach below her shoulders in a state of agony. The reporters held her by the arms. She kept on heading staggeringly. Her condition was growing critical. Her eyes had turned white. She appeared to be dying. “Leave her alone.” One of the reporters called out and as the girl was released she fell to the ground, uttering moans of agony. She finally collapsed as if she was dead. “Tell me friend who are you?” a reporter asked. The girl responded in a feeble voice, “I am David Thomas” “What do you want us to do? The reporter asked. “I was shot dead”, the girl said in a masculine voice. “Who shot you?” She was asked. The girl uttered a name. “What can, we do now for you?” The girls’ lips were moving slowly as if she was in pain. “I will avenge my murder.” “From whom?”..they asked “Who shot me?” She said.

After this, the girl told them about the hidden weapon with which David was killed. The girl was lying as if she was dead during this time. Then all of a sudden she called out. “Look! look!” she said in a terrified voice. “Look there is blood!” “Where?” they asked. “Look here, the drops of blood!” she said. The reporters tried to see but could not see the blood.

The girl said trembling “He is here. Take me away from here. And her body grew stiff. She was petrified. Her face had grown pale. “What are you looking at?” asked the reporters. “A ghost” she replied. The reporters returned with a feeling of terror and fright experienced.

Apparently, this incident seems to be an enigmatic and puzzling one. But it is not so. You have studied in this chapter that there are two minds operative in man. When the other mind is activated we start witnessing those things which cannot be explained with the help of intellect confined in Spatio-temporal restrictions.

Any exercise, whether it is mirror-gazing or some other exercise, which after liberating the mind from the onrush of thoughts enables it to concentratively focus on one single point eventually results in witnessing such happenings and incidents which remain obscure from the eyes otherwise. This thing can be briefly stated that when the mind after coming out of the onrush of thoughts is focused on one single thought the sixth sense of man is activated with all its radiance.

It is our routine observation that the network of life is woven with thoughts of various types. Mankind is living its life on segments of thoughts and ideas. For example, we feel an appetite. What is this appetite? Appetite is an urge to maintain the growth of our body. This urge comes to our mind in the form of an idea. And under the influence of this thought, we are compelled to do something. Likewise, all the urges and needs of life are following this law. There is no activity of life that is not initiated by thought and ends on a concluding thought. When the feeling of tiredness is there. We are informed in form of an idea that we should be resting now, and we go to sleep.

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