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You must have seen such patients who have developed this fear that they will encounter an accident if they leave the house. This thought overpowers them to such an extent that they stop going out. Similarly, some develop a dread of lizards or cats resulting in a complex. Although there is no apparent reason for this fear. Just a hypothetical idea causes fear in their minds.

Once a patient was brought to me. She had this whimsical thought that she had been made a victim of black magic because of which she had pain in her stomach after every meal. Her husband regarded it as a baseless thing. I too diagnosed it as a freakish whim only, so she was suggested some medicines to improve her digestive system but the symptoms aggravated causing mental fits. She was hospitalized and despite the expenses of many thousands of rupees the symptoms persisted. Then she was taken to a mental hospital. After one month of psychotherapy, spiritual healers were also consulted. When nothing improved the situation, she was again brought to me.

I listened to her very complacently and told her to see me after two or three days so that I could check what type of magic is affecting her. She kept on visiting me for a fortnight and I kept on apologizing that because of my other commitments, I could not spare time for her case. Finally, when I assessed that she has developed this faith that nobody can cure her except me I told her that she has been really a victim of very strong magic.

And to treat her it was necessary that she should get up early in the morning at such and such hour and should try to concentrate with closed eyes, that I am liberating her from the evil influence of the magic by my spiritual power. The patient told me later.

“I kept awake the whole night lest I may fall asleep at the given time. At the appointed hour I closed my eyes and started imagining you. I felt that your brain waves are flowing towards me. With the impact of your brain waves, I found myself in an old graveyard. There I dug the earth between two graves. A doll was unearthed there. My name was written on the chest of that doll. I dropped that doll in the well of the graveyard and with that my stomach aches vanished.”

At the appointed time all that I had done was that I relayed this thought to the patient that she had been exorcised of the evil influence of any black magic which was affecting her.

According to the laws of creation, man is a collection of three folds. One fold is the attributive fold, the other in is the fold of the Self and the third one separates the former ones from each other. This third fold is the material body of man.

Each fold has its own set of feelings. The self feels, comprehends, and observes the thoughts and fantasies very closely. The attributive fold conveys the fantasies and thoughts to the material body in the form of concepts. After ascribing meanings to the concepts, it indicates the feelings of joy or grief. If it is supplied with information about a beautiful garden there surges colorful waves, lights, fragrances, and aesthetic feelings. And if it is supplied with information pertaining to an accident, colorful bright lights are replaced with darkness, bad-smell replaces fragrance, beauty is replaced by ugliness, grief replaces joy, and dismay replaces hope and love by hatred.

The fold which is made neutral by nature has two types of impressions. One is the innate impression which is stored with subtle lights and has no interaction of time and space. The other is the manifested impression. The emotions of narrow-mindedness, meanness, inferiority complex, selfishness, jealousy, and mental perversion are produced in this side. The actual thing is ascribing meanings to the thoughts. The meaning described to thoughts becomes the ideas and concepts. And these very concepts after taking the shape of manifested features determine the ways of our life-cither a life full of joy and comforts or a life full of sorrows and miseries. If the concepts are complex and complicated it results in anxiety, uneasiness, and worries and this causes scratches in the innate impression.

These very scratches are the basic reason for moral corruption and the very same scratches are responsible for diseases like epilepsy, melancholia, depression, schizophrenia, anxiety, cancer, fistula, consumption, and T.B., etc. As long as our basic urges remain unsatisfied we feel sad. This frustration results in feelings of uneasiness and distress. It is an important aspect of life that we remain in pursuit of those things which could give us pleasure. But since we are otherwise oblivious of the laws governing a sorrowful or pleasant life, we, in search of happiness, usually keep on heading in the wrong direction, and due to our ignorance; we often select a path that ends in darkness.

When we analyze life we come to the conclusion that more than half of our life is spent in dismay and distress. This happens because we do not know about that path which is illuminated with the candles of joy, what makes the dewdrop a pearl, which atmosphere is fragrant and tranquil, and which perfume enlightens our conscious. We remain unhappy and frustrated because our urges are not properly exposed to our conscious and we remain neglectful of the needs operative in the background of our urges.

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