Deterioration of the Brain Cells

It is unfortunate on man’s part that he evaluates the knowledge and sciences granted to him by Allah, on the basis of self-made and false principles and refuses to acknowledge them as such. Light has been declared by Allah as the basis of each and every knowledge. Man was required to explore the maximum types and kinds of lights and their functions but he never paid proper attention to this and this thing always remained in obscurity. Man didn’t try to lift this veil because either such a veil never existed for him or he never paid attention to it. He never attempted to explore rules and principles governing the composition of lights.

If this approach had been adopted by him the deterioration of the brain cells would have been the minimum and he would have advanced towards the belief and the doubts would not have bothered him as much as they are troubling him now. The hindrances and obstructions in his practical activities would also have been the minimum but it didn’t happen thus, he didn’t explore the types of lights nor did he try to discover the nature of the lights.

He doesn’t even know that lights also have their: specific structural formations and natures, they even have the trends and tendencies of particular characteristics.

He also doesn’t know that the very lights are his life and they protect him as well. He is only familiar with the effigy of the clay and dust which doesn’t possess any life of its own. The effigy made from the rotten clay by Allah has no reality of its own. The reality is that which has been breamed in him by Allah in the form of the Soul. Ignorance of the actions of lights causes aversion from the saying of Allah in this regard. The more the aversion, the more increased will be the doubts and whims and faith and belief would also be shattered accordingly.

The spiritualists define faith as a belief in which there is no doubt.

The actual cause of the weakness in the determination or that of faith is doubt. As long as reluctance and hesitation in thoughts are there, firmness of faith is not possible. A thought after acquiring the lights of faith and firm belief becomes a manifested phenomenon.

To check the deterioration of the brain cells we have to have developed willpower. The exercises designed by the parapsychologists to improve willpower are basically aimed for a better pattern of certitude.

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