Mind……. A Tree

Question: Is it true that most of the students of metaphysical and occult sciences are those who are young and haven’t attained maturity. Whereas the grown-up mature people, scholars and intellectuals, and those who have a rational approach, are extremists cannot learn these sciences’?

Answer: The human mind, one of the most perfect creations of Allah, The Most Exalted, is such a fertile land In which trees or various types and genus grow. Trees that grow on the soil of the mind are denominated as different sciences and these are in such great numbers that their counting is almost impossible. In these sciences, the metaphysical and occult sciences have their own position. The metaphysical sciences are also known as spiritual sciences or spiritualism.

A green branch of a tree can be used for beneficial aims and objectives whereas a dry and worm-eaten wood can’t be used as fuel. Young lads and ladies are like green branches of trees whereas the old and seasoned people are like dry hardwood as far as learning of any science is concerned.

Psychologists and the masters of metaphysical sciences, in the light of their observations and experiences, declaring the basic reason for this, say that for learning spiritual science a soft nature, tender heart and an unencumbered mind are basic requirements. With growth or age alter confining in the shell of his own specific ideologies one grows to be narrow-minded and harsh hearted and declares his self-conceived ideologies as life. Whereas spiritualism does not acknowledge this type of approach altogether.

It is a straightforward fact that no one can learn from one’s teacher unless one is not ready to accept what one’s teacher tells, as the last and final verdict. If a child is not ready to accept ‘a’ as ‘a’ he will never be able to learn the alphabet.

Young students and innocent ladies succeed soon in learning these sciences because they do not have its and buts nor do they adhere to any rigid ideas. They simply accept what they are told to accept and old people despite submitting themselves to a spiritual teacher in the light of their particular ideologies and firm thinking approach try to adjudge the instructions of the teacher and try to analyze a knowledge whose a b c is not known to them in the light of logic and philosophy. This approach spoils their efforts and they cannot advance. This fact remains hidden from them that where the limit of logic and philosophy ends the limits of spiritual and metaphysical sciences begin.

This thing should be kept in mind by all those who are desirous of learning metaphysical sciences that limiting ideologies, extremist approach and considering oneself master of a field with an inflated sense of their abilities are only indicative of their faulty approach which can only hinder in having an undistracted and free mind.

When someone is deprived of the blessing of having a liberal and unbiased approach, doubts and whims swallow up the natural abilities bestowed upon them after gripping the mind in their clutches. This is the same sad situation about which Allah the most exalted has declared in the Holy Quran.

“Allah has put seals on their hearts and ears and there is a veil on their eyes and verily there is severe retribution for them.” (Surah 2 Verse 7)”.

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