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Question: According to you a telepathist can read the thoughts of others and can understand any language of the world. How is it possible? Because it is our common observation that when we are thinking, we think in our own mother tongue. Or to say the language of one’s thinking is always one’s own mother tongue. For instance; if we want to write an essay in English and our mother tongue is Urdu. Now the ideas to be stated in that article the outlines and the sketch of the article would come to our mind in Urdu. Only then is translated into English.

Answer: Science believes that everything worthy of its existence on this planet earth is based upon waves of light When everything is a conglomeration of waves or rays then how do we identify water as water, and a stone as stone, a tree as a tree without seeing or comprehending waves or rays.

It can be experienced that when one sees a flower from a distance the impact of the beauty, fragrance, and pleasantness associated with the flower is felt spontaneously though we have not touched or smelt the flower. Similarly, when we happen to come across a person having a destructive nature or some animosity-towards us we immediately feel a reaction within ourselves. And when we see a person who has friendly sentiments for us we also experience the feeling of friendliness towards him, though both have not talked or dealt with us.

Thousand of languages are spoken in my world but water is considered to be water by everyone no matter which language he speaks. Irrespective of the words ascribed to water, water remains water. It does not make any difference whether it is called Ma, Jail, Aab, Pani, or water the thing remains the same. The same is true for everything like trees or fire. In a nutshell, a thing is known by its characteristics, formation, properties, and actions. What its name does not matter much. In fact, everything is based upon waves and this fact is the basis of telepathy just as the water is a collection of waves and rays the thoughts also flow in the form of waves. When we are attentive towards something the waves operative in our thoughts is transferred in that thing. This also happens that when we are thirsty and we want to tell someone to give us water. The other person understands it before we could have said that we are thirsty or give us water.

Trees also Converse

For understanding and comprehension of thoughts, the thoughts are expressed through words with predetermined meanings. If we could study the cosmic unconscious it would be resolved that for conveying thoughts, support of words is not necessary. The life of plants, quadrupeds, beasts, birds, and insects is evident of this fact They all converse they all exchange thoughts mutually without any obligation of words and phrases of speech and narration.

It has been duly established in the modem era of progress and advancement that trees and plants also negotiate and converse with one another. The influence of music on plants has also been proved experimentally. Plants express their delight when a good-natured person approaches them and feels unhappy in the company of a person having complicated thoughts and a destructive approach. I am writing this in light of my own observations. I have witnessed such houses whose inhabitants had backward and perverted minds. The leaves and branches of the trees of those houses also reflected the same backwardness and perversion. The sight of those trees caused disgust.

The purpose of relating all this is, that language is an instrument to express thoughts and the thoughts keep on interchanging in their true senses and meanings between mankind and all other species. Relying upon words in fact is indicative of the weakness of the conscious.

Consciousness cannot understand a thing without the support of words and when someone acquaints himself with the science of transference of thoughts according to the laws and principles of telepathy then both these things become equipollent for him that whether the thoughts are conveyed through words and phrases or relayed through waves.

There is such an in-built computer in everyone which sense our thoughts after ascribing meanings and sense to the thoughts perceived and after cognizing the sense and meaning either rejects or accepts those thoughts.

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